Difference Between Sparrow and Finch (With Table)

Finches and Sparrows are some of the very small species of birds. It is very difficult to differentiate them as they are similar in appearance. It is very difficult to differentiate them. However, they have some unique features that set them apart. Finches are kept as home pets by bird lovers. On the other hand, Sparrows can be seen regularly outside the households.

Sparrow vs Finch

The difference between Sparrow and Finch is that Finches beaks are very sharp and pointed. They are also very delicate in nature. Meanwhile, Sparrows have a slightly long beak, often considered to be bulky in nature. Sparrows’ beaks are also referred to as cone or triangle shaped. In terms of appearance, Sparrows are a bit larger than finches.

One can witness sparrows regularly outside their households. Sparrows are small birds (Larger when compared with Finches). They have fat and long beaks that help them to drink the nectar from a flower. Also, sparrows tend to eat big seeds. The tails of the sparrow are also longer when compared to a Fincher.

Finches are one of the very small birds of the bird species. They have sharp and small pointed beaks. Their tail length is also short. They prefer to eat only small seeds. Finches come in a wide variety of colours. Finches tend to live a socialized life but only with their own species.

Comparison Table Between Sparrow and Finch

Parameters of ComparisonSparrowFinch
DetailsSparrow belongs to the Emberizidae.Finches belong to the Fringillidae.
ColoursHouse sparrows come in brown feathers, dull grey heads and black beaks.Zebra finches come in grey bodies, dull orange cheeks and white spots.
AppearanceThey are a bit large and have slightly bulky beaks.Their body is very small with pointed beaks.
Choice of foodHouse sparrow consumes seeds and grains.Finches also consume grains and pellets.
Other informationMarch 20 is recognized as World sparrow day.Finches tend to socialize with their own species.

What is Sparrow?

Sparrows belong to the family of Emberizidae. They largely feed on the seeds of plants, grains, and even household foods such as bread. The most common type of sparrow that one witnesses are the house sparrow. Apart from house sparrows, there are other varieties of a sparrow which includes Eurasian tree sparrow, tree sparrows, rock sparrows, yellow-throated sparrow, and so on.

One of the most important roles of sparrows is that they keep the balance of the environment in check. Some may consider house sparrows as a nuisance as they easily get inside the nook and corners of the house. Sparrows come in a variety of colours. The most common house sparrow comes in the colour of brown feathers, white cheeks and black bib.

The male sparrows are bright in colour, while females tend to have a dark brown and grey colour all over their bodies. Their voice can be described as a mild and soft chirping tone. Some even find it monotonous. Interestingly, the sparrows or the most common house sparrows try to hop instead of flying on the ground. Speaking of cons, the sparrows, especially the one that lives in India, are currently on the verge of extinction. However, they are not completely extinct.

What is Finch?

Finches are one of the smallest bird species. They belong to the family of Fringillidae. They have small and sharp beaks, which helps them to eat their food or drink the nectar of the flower. Finches are popular house pets across India. The most common type of finches that are kept as pets is the Zebra finches.

The zebra finches come in a mix of colours such as light grey feathers, white spots on the sides of the feather, cone-like bright orange beak, and white and black underbody. Another common type of finches is the white coloured one. These finches are pure white in colour and have no markings on any parts of their body. One interesting fact about finches is that they are socializing birds.

They do not socialize with humans, but they are friendly with their own species, so it makes them very hard to train. Finches feed on certain kinds of grains, seeds of plants, pellets, fruits, and vegetables. Some of the types of finches include European goldfinch, Atlantic canary, house finch, common chaffinch, purple finch, hawfinch, American goldfinch, Eurasian bullfinch, desert finch, brambling and so on. All these finches come in different varieties of colours.

Main Differences Between Sparrow and Finch

  1. Sparrows belong to the Emberizidae family. On the other hand, Finches belong to the family of Fringillidae.
  2. Sparrows come in different colours, such as purple and gold. The regular sparrow comes in a mix of the brown body, grey head with black bill. On the other hand, Finches also comes in different colours.
  3. In terms of appearance, Sparrows are comparatively large than Finches. Sparrows have big beaks and large bodies. On the other hand, Finches have a sharp bill with a small body.
  4. Sparrows consume a variety of food that includes bread, seeds, grains, whereas Finches also consumes seeds and pellets.
  5. Finches are socializing birds; they tend to be friendly with their own species. March 20 is recognized as World Sparrow Day.


There are different varieties of birds found on our planet, out of which Finches and Sparrow belong to the smallest species of birds. Both are adored by people and appreciated for their interesting behaviours. Although the finch and the sparrow share a similar appearance, they have distinguishing features that set them apart.

Sparrows have a large body when compared to finches. They have bulky beaks. On the other hand, finches have a short body and sharp beaks. They are very delicate in nature. The weight of a finch will be around eight and twelve grams, whereas the weight of a house sparrow will start around twenty-five grams. 


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