Difference Between Speed Post and Courier

Communication services have drastically evolved over time. Initially, messengers were appointed to carry letters and messages.

Eventually, communication services such as postal services came into existence that became important for the transfer of letters.

However, digitalization of communication has made letters obsolete, as internet expansion has evolved across the globe. What hasn’t changed completely is people’s dependence on services such as postal services for the delivery of goods and items.

Products, gifts, documents are packed and shipped through such services to our homes regularly.

Speed Post vs Courier

The main difference between speed post and courier is that speed post is a specialized service provided by the Postal Services Department of a country while courier services run by private companies.

Speed post vs Courier


Comparison Table Between Speed Post and Courier (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonSpeed PostCourier
DefinitionSpeed post is a high-speed delivery service provided by the postal department.Courier service is a transportation and delivery service run by employees or individuals of a company.
SpreadServices are provided across nations.Spread depends on the network of the company. It might be smaller or even bigger than postal services.
OwnershipPostal services are run by the government of a country. It comes under the central/federal governmentCourier services are either privately or publicly owned.
AvailabilityNot available on SundaysAvailable throughout the year including Sundays.
Tracking serviceExcellent tracking service provided on all parcels.Provided by some companies.


What is Speed Post?

Speed post service is a specialised delivery service provided by the postal department of several countries. It is one of the multiple types of delivery services that the department provides.

Speed post provides timely smooth delivery of parcels up to approximately 35kg. This service is particularly cheap with tariff rates as usually many folds lower than other delivery services.

Postal agencies also provide insurance on their packages up to an upper limit which usually varies from country to country.

Speed posts are usually considered to be safer and a more transparent system of delivery. Additionally, the postal departments often have provisions for compensation in case of delay, loss or damage of the parcel.

Speed post services are not only used by individuals but are often the first choice of companies and organisations. Corporate bodies get additional benefits such as delivery pick up services in case of bulk or routine consignments.

Such organisations may also be entitled to volume-based discounts and benefits.  Some e-commerce websites have permanently shifted to speed post services for their package deliveries.

The department has extended cash on delivery service for such companies.

An overarching benefit of the speed post service is the extensive area of coverage it caters to. Speed post services have a very vast network that often reaches to areas, especially rural spaces that most private organisations are not connected with.

People can track their speed post consignments online as the department has enabled real-time tracking services of parcels.

Speed Post

What is Courier?

Courier services are privately owned transportation and delivery services. Courier services specialise in timely and quick deliveries.

Any individual or organisation can book a consignment with a courier company of their choice. There are several courier companies, both local and multinational that deliver parcels from one location to another.

Courier services providers offer pick-up services to all customers at nominal charges. The parcel can also be dropped off to the nearest courier office.

Courier services initially gained popularity for their high-speed deliveries and state of the art tracking facilities.

However since courier services are not owned by one single organisation, services may vary from company to company. Courier services are usually costlier than postal services.

However, the expanding market has enabled companies to provide services at much cheaper rates. A majority of online shopping services rely on courier services for their consignments.

Many companies have permanent tie-ups with certain delivery companies.

The courier network is usually limited to urban and suburban areas.  However, courier services are available round the year 24*7. Some courier services provide international consignment as well.


Main Differences Between Speed Post and Courier

  1. Speed Post is a high-speed delivery service provided by the Postal Department of the country, while courier services are transportation and delivery services provided by private companies.
  2. Speed post services have an expansive network with extensive grassroots as well as international coverage, while courier services highly depend o the reach of the specific company.
  3. Speed post services are owned by the Department of Post that is usually run by federal or the central government of a country while Courier services are privately owned by companies and individuals.
  4. Speed posts have centralized tracking systems that provide real-time tracking while the tracking services provided by courier services vary according to the specific company you choose.
Difference Between Speed Post and Courier



Communication is an important service in the modern globalised world. Communication services have expanded and evolved extensively over the past two decades and are rapidly changing since the onset of digital services.

Transportation and delivery services remain important, as many people still need to send their products, documents and parcels from one location to another. Most countries have both government-owned and privately owned delivery services.

Speed Post is a term reserved for the service of high-speed delivery of products provided by the Postal Department, usually run by the government. Other than the speed post individuals can choose to send items via Courier services that are privately owned networks of delivery service.


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