Steel vs Fiberglass Doors: Difference and Comparison

For the security of the house, different types of doors are used. They work as the home security system. There are various types of doors available in the market, from the cheaper to the most expensive.

The look of a door can be simple or tempting, and both Steel and Fiberglass Doors are used for this purpose.

Key Takeaways

  1. Steel doors are more durable and secure than fiberglass doors, providing better protection against break-ins and weather conditions.
  2. Fiberglass doors offer better insulation and energy efficiency than steel doors, resulting in lower energy costs.
  3. Steel doors require more maintenance due to susceptibility to rust and dents, while fiberglass doors are more resistant to wear and tear and need less upkeep.

Steel vs Fiberglass Doors

Steel doors are known for their strength, durability, and security. They are made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. Fibreglass doors are made of a composite material that is reinforced with fibreglass. They have energy efficiency and a higher R-value than steel doors.

Steel vs Fiberglass Doors

The doors made from steel are known as steel doors. Steel doors are used by lots of people because of their material strength and durability. Steel doors are a premium selection among all types of doors.


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The insulated foam is filled in the steel doors. Steel entry doors are strong and can be broken easily.

Fibreglass doors are made of fibres, a type of reinforced plastic made with resin material. Traditional wooden doors get damaged easily, while fibreglass entry doors provide more resistance to damage.

Doors are used to protect the house from intruders, and they should be strong fibreglass doors are the perfect answer to this concern.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonSteel DoorsFiberglass Doors
SkinThe outer skin of steel entry doors is made of steel.The outer skin of fiberglass entry doors is made of fiberglass.
MaterialThe iron, that is mined from the earth is used to manufacture the steel used in steel doors.Several resin materials and molten glass are used to manufacture the fiberglass entry doors.
FeaturesSteel doors are very easy to paint and they are sturdy as well.Fiberglass doors are strong and do not get rusty like steel doors.
LookThe steel doors give a metallic look, but by some particular process, it is possible to give them a wooden look.When a person installs a fiberglass entry door, it looks a natural wood.
QualitySteel doors are made of a hard surface that can be easily painted or clean.Fiberglass doors have a smooth surface and if they get stained, they can only remove by painting over it.

What is Steel Door?

A steel door is not a door made from pure steel, although it is called a steel door. A solid steel gate would be very heavy to handle, and it would tear at the hinges.

Also, steel is a good conductor of heat and electricity, which is not a quality to be considered good in a door when it is installed. So, It is made from a polystyrene core with a steel skin over it.

The core of polystyrene or polyurethane provides a thermal barrier to the door. Steel between 16 to 24 gauge is used for coating the door. A steel door is installed in commercial buildings.

Mostly it is used as an entry gate between the interior and exterior area of a building or a house because of the need for security.

A steel door has several merits, like a strong outer shell, fire-proof and weather-proof, which means no rusting. But along with these merits, steel doors have certain demerits also.

These doors are very heavy, and fixing any dents or scratches on them is hard.

While building a steel door, we have to make sure that it includes everything we need, like a pet door or a window, because it is hard to cut steel doors after it is built.

What is Fiberglass Door?

Fibreglass doors are the best alternative to replace wooden doors. A fibreglass door is made up of fibreglass, which is a reinforced plastic embedded in a resin matrix.

This material has been used in pipes, boats, body parts of automobiles, etc. Fibreglass doors almost feel like they are made up of actual wood, but these doors do not rust, rot, shrink or swell.

The core of fibreglass is filled with polyurethane. It helps in insulation and also is soundproof. There are no risks of scratches or dents on Fibreglass doors.

These doors are lighter and easy to handle as compared to other doors. Fibreglass doors can also be cut to make a window or a pet door in them.

That is why fibreglass doors can be built with various modern designs to make them look more stylish and attractive. These doors work well in almost every season resulting in a long duration.

In summer, these doors do not swell or get jammed in summers, or they won’t let cool winds in your house in winter.

Due to their lightweight, these fibreglass doors don’t tear up from hinges and also open or close smoothly without sticking. Fibreglass doors are efficient and long-lasting, which means these don’t need regular maintenance to be in top shape.

Main Differences Between Steel and Fiberglass Doors

  1. Steel doors are strong, so if someone hits them, they won’t break, while a heavy blow to fibreglass doors can cause a serious crack.
  2. Steel entry doors come in limited designs compared to fibreglass doors because there is a wide range of beautiful fibreglass doors available.
  3. Since steel doors come in limited designs, the cost is not so high. On the other hand, fibreglass doors are more expensive than steel doors.
  4. The maintenance of steel doors can be expensive since they get rusty, while the maintenance of fibreglass doors is little to none.
  5. Steel doors are normally looking when installed, while fibreglass entry doors give a classical look to the house.
Difference Between Steel and Fiberglass Doors

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