Difference Between Step Sibling and Half Sibling

The two relations step siblings and half siblings are widely confused by major. The word “sibling” signifies a relationship shared between two or more people who share a common parent among themselves.


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Step Sibling vs Half Sibling

The difference between step-sibling and half-sibling is that half-siblings are biologically related to each other and they share 25% of their genes whereas step-siblings do not share any sort of biological reaction. In the case of half-sibling there is a case of a common parent, where one of the parent is related to the other sibling and in case of step-sibling has no blood relation, both the parents married each other with a kid of their own.

Step sibling vs Half sibling

Step siblings are not related to each other through the blood. The parents in this relationship got married to each other with kids of their own.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonStep SiblingHalf Sibling
MeaningStep sibling is a sibling relationship where two parents are married to each other and have kids from before.Half sibling is a sibling relationship where two siblings share one common parent and another different parent.
RelationThere is no blood relationThey are related by blood as they share one parent
GeneticsThey are not biologically relatedThey share 25% of their dna as they share
ConnectionRelated by the law of marriageThey are related by marriage
Legal RightThe siblings in this relationship do not have rights to each other’s money or property.The siblings in this relationship have legal rights to each other’s money and property.
BondStep siblings do not have the best relationship among themselvesHalf siblings may or may not have a good relation among themselves


What is Step Sibling?

In the relationship of step siblings, the siblings are related to each other purely as their parents got married to each other.

According to societal norms, a sibling from a previous marriage does not account as a real sibling, it is considered as a step sibling. In case of a property right, the step siblings do not have any right to each other’s property or money.

Often step siblings are not at the best of their relationship with each other as they get to know each other in the later stages and hence the bond between the siblings is yet to be formed.

step sibling

What is Half Sibling?

In the relation of half sibling, one of the sibling is related to the other sibling and they share a common parent between themselves. They have one similar biological parent.

Half siblings are blood relatives and a sibling who shares a parent. Half siblings usually with one as a common parent shares 25% dna. Half sibling is related to the other sibling as one of the parent they married each other.

The bond shared between the half siblings can vary from relationship to relationship, some half siblings share close bonds whereas other half siblings can share a very closed-off relationship and might not be equally fond of each other.

half sibling

Main Differences Between Step Sibling and Half Sibling

  1. They are linked to each other by the laws as they share a parent who are legally married to each other. Half siblings are linked to each other based on blood relations.
  2. The step siblings do not have a right to each other’s property or money as they are not biologically linked to each other.


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