Studio vs Apartment: Difference and Comparison

Studio apartment and apartment has a different architecture, and the plan of the project is different. The studio apartment is favourable for one person who is in search of a place to stay, but the apartment is more spacious than a studio apartment.

The rooms are made differently from each other, but the Studio apartment has all the rooms combined in a large-good space.

Key Takeaways

  1. Studios combine living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into one open space, offering an efficient use of space.
  2. Apartments contain separate rooms for living, sleeping, and cooking, providing more privacy and distinct spaces.
  3. Studios have lower rental rates than apartments due to their smaller size and limited amenities.

Studio vs Apartment

The difference between Studio and Apartment is Studio has all equipment combined with a kitchen and bathroom, but Apartment has a division between every room, kitchen, and bathroom. The studio is fully furnished and has no space for extra furniture. An apartment has space for extra furniture as it is not fully furnished.

Studio vs Apartment

The studio is very favourable for a single person. This type of house is fully furnished. All the furniture is fixed, and there is no space for any extra furniture.


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The rooms and kitchen are all combined except for the bathroom. The studio is a large space for a single person. This can be costly for a single person as the studio has everything in it.

The apartment has basic facilities, and this is not fully furnished. It has spaces for extra furniture. It fully depends on the person who is going to stay in the apartment.

The rooms, kitchen, and bathroom are divided into parts. It has several division walls in the apartment. This does not cost so much.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonStudioApartment
ComfortableYesLess compared to the studio
PlanCombined room, kitchen, and bathroomThe kitchen, room, and bathroom are divided
Division wallsOnly for bathroomKitchen. room and bathroom
Extra furnitureNoYes

What is Studio?

Studio apartments are very suitable for one person. It has everything combined and has no division walls, due to which the space does not look small, and it is big for the person staying in the studio apartments.

The studio apartments are fully furnished and have all kinds of basic facilities required for the person who wants to stay in the studio.

This studio does not have any extra spaces for any kind of extra kinds of stuff or furniture. The size of these studio apartments may vary from place to place and city to city. The prices depend on the size of the studio and its location.

If the studio is in high connectivity location, then it may be costly for one person, but if it is in little far away from posh locations, then it may be reasonable and favourable for the person who wants to stay in the studio.

Studio apartments may be smaller than the apartments. The size varies, and it has no particular square feet.

Studio apartments can give personal space and privacy for the single person, but if couples want to stay in studios, then personal space might not be there as everything is combined and there are no division walls.


What is Apartment?

The apartment is favourable for one person or even a small family. It has division walls and all the rooms, bathroom and the kitchen are divided. The space can be small as the rooms are divided.

These apartments are not fully furnished but have basic facilities. The tenant can bring the furniture of their own as per their requirements.

These places can sometimes be very small as division walls make the full apartment look smaller. The cost of an apartment is favourable for one person and may not be costly as compared to studio apartments.

The prices can vary from location to location, depending on the connectivity of the location.

The apartment provides great personal space if the tenants are a couple. The rooms are divided, and it gives you personal space.

The apartment size can also vary depending on the status of the location. The apartments can be smaller or bigger. The apartments do not have any fixed square feet.

Everything depends on what type of location the apartment is situated. The apartments in the posh area can be costlier than the apartments in remote locations or far away from the main city area.

Apartments can be decorated with extra kinds of stuff or any kind of furniture as it is not fully furnished and gives space to extra stuff.


Main Differences Between Studio and Apartment

  1. The studio is more affordable as compared to the apartment for a single person.
  2. The studio has a combined kitchen, room, and bedroom, so it is a large space, but the Apartment is divided into kitchen, bathroom, and rooms, due to which the apartment is not so big.
  3. The studio has no division wall, but the Apartment has division walls.
  4. The studio is made up of full furniture, but the Apartment is just a room, and furniture depends on the buyer.
  5. The studio has no space for extra furniture, but the Apartment has space for extra furniture.
  6. The studio is less costly as compared to the apartment.
Difference Between Studio and Apartment

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