Difference Between Summary and Analysis

Writing a text in any form requires a lot of research. The research shall pave the way for you with a lot of content.


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Summary vs Analysis

The difference between Summary and Analysis lies in the context of the expression through writing. The summary presents the ideas and facts that are arrived at as an inference, while Analysis discusses the ideas and facts to substantiate them vividly. More importantly, the summary is concise, while Analysis is elaborate.

Summary vs Analysis

The summary helps in the identification of the ideas in a crisp fashion. A summary usually negates or omits details of the discussion.

It normally involves arguments and helps to arrive at an optimal conclusion. The meaning, as well as the significance of the topic, is substantiated as a writer analyses a topic.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSummaryAnalysis
DefinitionIt helps in knowing the main ideas, plots or theme.It helps to discuss the ideas, plots or theme.
UsageClear identification of factsIt breaks the facts and investigates the same.
Text SizeConcise and short.Elaborate and Vivid
ConclusionIt does not make or arrive at a conclusion.It helps in optimal as well as substantial-conclusion
InterpretationGives only the factsClearly explain each fact and questions every instance of the fact.

What is Summary?

The summary is a short description of the context that enables the reader to understand the topic or the plots in relatively less time.

It is generally written in one’s own words. The summary gives the whole idea of the article or the thesis or any other form of text in a cutthroat style.

Summary normally is written at the beginning of the text as well as in every paragraph if there are sections and subsections. Every section or the subsection shall offer the gist at the beginning itself.

The main points are then connected to form sentences. It is a part of the text that requires less research than the analysis part of the text.


What is Analysis?

An analysis is that block or series of blocks of text that shall explain and discuss every fact or idea in detail. The analysis is normally drafted elaborately. It describes every event and happening. It also discusses the inference of a particular action in the main idea of the text.

Every detail in the idea is broken into pieces and analysed thoroughly. The analysis argues and discusses the details to make the work more authentic.

But, every fact is dissected and helps in identifying the right reasons. The analysis discusses the cause and effect.

It also helps in delivering the significance of the context. The examination and interpretation of the theme can be done with sheer practice.


Main Differences Between Summary and Analysis

  1. The main difference between Summary and Analysis is the size of the text. A summary is concise and always written in a crisp and condensed fashion. The analysis is an elaborate version of the text that is always written in a lengthier fashion.
  2. Summary sketches the facts while analysis discusses the facts.
Difference Between Summary and Analysis


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