Difference Between Super Glue and Epoxy (With Table)

Wooden components cannot be stuck easily. We need some special glues to stick them. Also, building components and industrial applications need some special glue. To meet these requirements, people use two different types of glue-like Super Glue, and the other one is Epoxy. As they are stronger and will stick on the surface effectively. 

Super Glue vs Epoxy

The difference between Super Glue and Epoxy is that super glue will be in the form of a liquid-like type. But epoxy will be in the form of hard gel. If you want to clean super glue, you can use the special liquid assigned for cleaning super glue. But cleaning epoxy will be hard if you allow them to get hard and leave them for a long time as they will be dried faster. 

Super Glue can be used for fixing any broken surfaces, or you can even attach anything with the help of them. For different materials, you have to use different super glues. You cannot the use same super glue to stick different materials. It will not produce the same result. You can determine the type of super glue to use based on the thickness of the materials that you are going to use.

Epoxy is a glue used for bonding materials as they are stronger, and even people use them for their DIY projects by mixing them. But these are expensive because the materials used in the making of epoxy resins are very high. Also, they are sold only in large quantities, and they cannot be sold in small packets. Also, epoxy is non-toxic, which makes it even more famous. 

Comparison Table Between Super Glue and Epoxy

Parameters of ComparisonSuper GlueEpoxy
Shear strengthIt has a very low shear strengthIt has a high shear strength
CleaningSuper glue can be easily cleaned with the help of liquidOnce epoxy gets hard, cleaning will become difficult
UseIt is used for wood finishIt is used for industrial and electronic applications
FormIt will be a thin liquidIt is a hard gel-like agent
SettingIt can be used directly on a compoundIt cannot be used directly and will be mixed with other components

What is Super Glue?

Super glue is used for sticking strong materials such as metal, rubber, and other plastic surfaces. To give a better finish and smoothness, you have to use sandpaper and steel wool on top of it so that it will stick to the surface well. There are many types of super glue available in the world. Some light, super glue will be used on surfaces where it does not require heavy glue on them. They can be stuck easily. The strongest super glue in this world is Loctite super glue. 

This is considered to be the strongest one as it is fast and provides reliable bonding solutions. It can be used on everyday products as well on a variety of materials. Super glue will be made up of a chemical called acrylic resin. For plastic purposes, there is a separate super glue available that will melt on the plastics. The plastic version will heat the super glue so that they can stick to the product stronger. There is even permanent super glue available.

Based on some factors, super glue can also degrade because of the moisture and solvents in them. If you store the product in ambient conditions, then it will stick forever and will remain permanent. The best thing about using super glue is it is waterproof, and you can use it for repairing any products on your bathroom surfaces, and they will remain stronger. But you have to give them the correct amount of time to get dry and set, or else they will start to get weaker. 

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is used for building and construction purposes. It is also used for the manufacturing purposes of adhesives, paints, and sealers. Epoxy does not come under the glue type as some glue needs hours to get dry. But epoxy will be mixed with hardeners, and they are very strong. It is mainly used in DIY projects. Epoxy is made up of organic compounds and some other chemical elements. When you use two-part epoxy, the combination will make the product stick stronger.

Epoxy will work best when you mix it with some other resin or hardeners. Epoxy also acts as a waterproof component and can seal the product well. It will give good anti-corrosive layer protection. But the thing about epoxy resin is that they are made of plastic. When you use epoxy mixed with some other hardeners, it can last on the floor for up to 10 to 20 years. It can last even more than 20 years if you maintain them with a good touch-up. 

If you are thinking of replacing your floor, you don’t have to remove the old floor and use epoxy. You can use the epoxy on the same floor itself. If people are not able to find epoxy, then they will use gorilla glue as both of them will make the wood and other material stronger. But people prefer epoxy as it will bond well with materials because gorilla glue will find it difficult to bond with the material sometimes.

Main Differences Between Super Glue and Epoxy

  1. The shear strength of super glue is very low. On the other hand, the shear strength of epoxy is high.
  2. The cleaning of super glue can be done easily when you use the proper liquid assigned for cleaning. On the other hand, if the epoxy gets hard, then it will become difficult to clean.
  3. Super glue is mainly used for wood finishing purposes. On the other hand, epoxy is used for industrial and electronic purposes.
  4. Super glue will be available in the form of a thin liquid. On the other hand, epoxy will be available in the form of hard gel.
  5. Super glue can be used directly without mixing with other components. On the other hand, epoxy will be effective only if you mix it with components like resin and hardeners. 


Both of them are used because of their strong quality, and they will last longer if maintained properly. People will use them depending on the type of product or material they are going to construct so that they can find the super glue type according to them. Because using the same super glue will not give the result they wanted. 

For using epoxy, they need to find the correct component to mix with them. There are many components available, but mixing the correct component will stick on the surface longer. Also, they are expensive, so mixing them with some other components will help us to use them longer. Both of them are water-resistant, which makes it easier to use them in water surface areas as well. 


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