Surfshark vs NordVPN: Difference and Comparison

Surfshark and NordVPN are virtual private network service providers. Both belong to the same parent company Nord Security (Nord Sec Ltd), a company that creates cybersecurity software. Both networks are lauded internationally for their reliable and encrypted internet access and are among the top VPN services available in the market.

The difference between the two is that Surfshark offers one the facility to connect an unlimited number of devices, while NordVPN only has a limited connectivity capacity of six devices. Both VPN services have almost the same price package with a difference of only a few bucks. While Surfshark offers compatibility with Android TV, NordVPN is compatible with Fire TV.

Surfshark is a very popular VPN with 3200 servers in more than 60 locations across the world. It offers split tunneling and multi-hop features. Along with that, Surfshark provides unlimited connected devices simultaneously. It offers plans on a monthly and yearly basis along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN is available for businesses as well as individuals. It is very easy to install and use. It offers monthly and yearly plans, which are mostly offered at highly discounted prices. It has 5000 plus servers globally. It also offers a dedicated IP add-on along with a 24-hour customer support service.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Surfshark VPN is an affordable option with unlimited simultaneous connections, making it suitable for families or small businesses.
  2. NordVPN offers advanced security features, a larger server network, and faster connection speeds than Surfshark.
  3. Both VPN providers support various platforms, but NordVPN has a more established reputation and a wider range of features.
Surfshark vs NordVPN

Surfshark vs NordVPN

Surfshark’s VPN service encrypts users’ internet traffic and hides their IP address, making it difficult for anyone to track their online activities. NordVPN‘s VPN service encrypts users’ internet traffic and hides their IP address, making it difficult for anyone to track their online activities or access their personal information.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonSurfsharkNordVPN
Price$56.76 per year$59.88 per year
OS CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Fire TVAndroid, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android TV
Maximum no. of devicesUnlimited6
Server Locations60 plus55 plus
Dedicated IP add-onNot offered$5.83 per month or $70 per year

What is Surfshark?

Surfshark is a VPN service under the umbrella of Nord Security. Its headquarters are based in the Netherlands, and it was released for the use of the general public in 2018. It offers a virtual private network service, a data leak detection system, and a private search tool.

In September 2019, Surfshark launched an Android application called Trust DNS. It works as a DNS resolver, providing access to websites in highly restrictive countries. Since the country of its origin has no agreements with other countries for data sharing, the service has an additional layer of security.

Its VPN has a split tunneling feature called Whitelisted. This feature splits the internet traffic in two ways, some of it is directed through the internet provider, while the remaining is hurled toward the VPN. This allows the user an automatic connectivity service for the VPN rather than manually connecting and disconnecting the VPN.

Another feature of Surfshark is called MultiHop. This offers simultaneous connectivity to two different VPN servers. This not only enables users to hide their current location but also adds an additional layer of security along with providing better internet speed.

In 2021, Surfshark was named Best VPN by Trusted Review Awards. Currently, the entire server network is running on RAM-only servers. Currently, IKEv2, Open VPN, and Wire Guard are the protocols used by Surfshark.


What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a VPN service developed by Nord Security. Its establishment has big names, including Tomas Okmanas. It was initially released in 2012. The service works under the jurisdiction of Panama. It has Android, iOS, Microsoft applications, etc., and also offers manual setup for wireless routers and NAS devices.

For the security of its users, NordVPN offers a direct connection to Wi-Fi routers so that all the activity is safe from external intrusion. It also offers a wide variety of payment options, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The no-log policy of NordVPN ensures that the company is storing no information and complete security is provided to the users. The Quick Connect feature of this VPN automatically connects the user to the best VPN server with more than 5000 servers in countries including the U.S., Canada, and several countries in Europe.

NordVPN ensures a fast and stable internet connection while hiding the user’s IP address. It has a Kill Switch, which means that once the connection is gone, the internet will become inaccessible for the device, which saves the user from a potential breach of data if the internet stops working.

Another service provided to online businesses by NordVPN is NordLayer. This service makes it easy for businesses to manage and encrypt the accounts and activity for everyone working for them. Another worth mentioning feature of NordVPN for the security of its clients is called NordPass, which is a password manager. NordLocker, on the other hand, is a feature that encrypts files on a computer or cloud.


Main Differences Between Surfshark and NordVPN

  1. Surfshark has OS compatibility for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and FireTV. While NordVPN is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android TV.
  2. Surfshark comes for fifty-six dollars and seventy-six cents for one year. NordVPN, on the other hand, has a slightly higher price of fifty-nine dollars and eighty-eight cents for one year.
  3. Surfshark offers connectivity for an unlimited number of devices, while NordVPN’s connectivity is limited to only six devices.
  4.  Surfshark does not offer any additional IP services, whereas at NordVPN, a dedicated IP add-on is available for five dollars and eighty-three cents a month or seventy dollars a year.
  5. Surfshark has over sixty server locations, while NordVPN is a little short with some fifty-five server locations.
Difference Between Surfshark and NordVPN

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