Tata Harrier vs Hyundai Creta: Difference and Comparison

The Tata Harrier and Hyundai Creta are two of the most potent cars from their manufacturers. Both have comparable performance figures.


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But the Harrier comes with a slightly better engine and an additional feature, which makes it more appealing for buyers looking for an SUV. Both of these cars are similar in design but have different pricing segments.

If you’re confused between choosing Tata Harrier or Hyundai Creta, then we’ve got you covered. This article will compare Tata Harrier vs. Hyundai Creta and tell you the difference between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Tata Harrier has a more powerful engine than the Hyundai Creta.
  2. The Tata Harrier is larger and offers more interior space than the Hyundai Creta.
  3. The Hyundai Creta has a higher fuel efficiency than the Tata Harrier.

Tata Harrier vs Hyundai Creta

The difference between Tata Harrier and Hyundai Creta is that Tata Harrier  has an advantage over the Creta in engine and performance. The mileage of the Tata Harrier is 17 Kmpl, while The mileage of the Hyundai Creta is 16.8 Kmpl. Tata Harrier should match Hyundai’s standard because of recent advancements in quality, fit, and finish.

Tata Harrier vs Hyundai Creta

Tata has been on a roll with its new car, the Harrier, in India. The reason for that is that the vehicle comes with many features that are otherwise missing from a rival.

The company has taken care to offer the SUV with some elements missing in India’s SUV market till now. Creta is the most important car for Hyundai.

Over the past six years it has been a huge success and an incredible success for the car. Crete’s diesel engines are robust and the engines are powerful and reasonably quiet.

The Hyundai’s steering is quite heavy, but  ride quality can be tough over bumps.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTata HarrierHyundai Creta
Color specificationsTata Harrier is deep blue, red, grey, atlas, black, and white.Hyundai Creta is white, red, silver, and titan grey.  
Speakers The Tata Harrier boasts four tweeters and a JBL-tuned subwoofer with nine speakers.  The Hyundai Creta is equipped with a Bose premium sound system with eight speakers and front tweeters.
Engine DisplacementThe Engine Displacement of the Tata Harrier is 1956 cc.The Engine Displacement of Hyundai Creta is 1353 cc.
Maximum PowerThe Maximum Power Tata Harrier is 167.63bhp at 3750rpm.The Maximum Power Hyundai Creta is 138.08bhp at 6000rpm.
MileageThe mileage of the Tata Harrier is 17 Kmpl.The mileage of the Hyundai Creta is 16.8 Kmpl.
Gear BoxTata Harrier has a gearbox of 6 Speed.Hyundai Creta has a gearbox of 7-Speed DCT.

What is Tata Harrier?

The Harrier is Tata Motors’ first premium SUV. It was launched on 23 January 2019 to respond to the growing popularity of SUVs among Indian buyers.

The car is based on the Land Rover Freelander underpinnings and has been similar to its British counterpart. Tata Motors has positioned the Harrier as a premium product and has priced it accordingly.

The car carries a base price tag of Rs 17 lakh with a mileage of 17 Kmpl. The Harrier is Tata’s premium five-seat SUV.

It is the first car from the company to be built on a Land Rover platform and is also unique in offering four-wheel drive. For the Indian market, the Harrier gets a 1.3-liter petrol engine with 125PS of power and 190Nm of torque.

There’s also a 2.0-liter diesel version with 150PS and 320Nm of torque.

It has dual airbags as standard along with a seat belt warning sensor, electric front windows, and power steering, among other features making it one of the most value for money premium SUVs in India.

The petrol Harrier comes with a six-speed manual transmission, and the diesel gets an automatic gearbox. Both engines come mated to a permanent four-wheel-drive system with low range capability.

Apart from this, it also offers modern technologies like Push-Start Ignition and USB port. The car is built on the same platform as Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport which are known for their off-roading capabilities.

tata harrier

What is Hyundai Creta?

The Creta’s diesel engine is sturdy and reliable, and while the petrol unit is strong and reasonably quiet, it can get a little noisy at higher revs. The Hyundai’s steering is well-weighted, but the ride can be harsh over bumps.

Both models have a sporty chassis that’s fun to drive, with good grip and body control.

There are plenty of features available on the Creta – from touchscreen audio to automatic emergency braking and Apple CarPlay – and all of them are easy to use thanks to the simple, straightforward layout.

However, the lack of rear air vents means rear passengers have to suffer when cooling down. It’s longer, wider, and taller than before and offers more interior space.

There are also more safety features, including autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane keeps assist, high beam assists, and pedestrian detection, along with a broader range of multimedia systems.

The new Creta is a very effective combination of practicality, pricing, and versatility. It has raised some doubts about its safety rating, but it remains a competitive SUV that many consumers should consider.

hyundai creta

Main Differences Between Tata Harrier and Hyundai Creta 

  1. The Tata Harrier comes with a 6-speed manual transmission, whereas the Hyundai Creta comes with a 7-speed DCT transmission.
  2. Tata Harrier has a fuel economy of 17 kilometers per gallon, while Hyundai Creta has 16.8 kilometers per gallon.
  3. The Tata Harrier has four tweeters and a nine-speaker JBL-tuned subwoofer, while the Hyundai Creta sports a Bose premium sound system with eight speakers and front tweeters.
  4. Tata Harrier’s engine displacement is 1956 cc. The Hyundai Creta, on the other hand, has a displacement of 1353 cc.
  5. Tata Harrier comes in deep blue, red, grey, atlas, black, and white, whereas Hyundai Creta comes in white, red, silver, and titan grey.
  6. 167.63bhp@3750rpm is the maximum power output of the Tata Harrier. The Hyundai Creta, on the other hand, has the full power of 138.08bhp at 6000rpm.
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