Tatkal vs Premium Tatkal: Difference and Comparison

Technology has played a vital role in society. Government should take the responsibility to protect the people. Sometimes Passengers who are travelling face issues.


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The government had introduced different systems to solve the passenger issues. Tatkal and Premium Tatkal are the ticket reservation processes people use for their travelling purposes. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Tatkal is a reservation facility provided by Indian Railways for last-minute travellers, whereas Premium Tatkal is an active fare-based service.
  2. Tatkal bookings open one day before the travel date, whereas Premium Tatkal bookings open two days before.
  3. The fare for Tatkal bookings is fixed, whereas the fare for Premium Tatkal bookings is dynamic and changes based on ticket demand.

Tatkal vs Premium Tatkal  

Tatkal is a reservation system where a person can reserve a railway ticket fifteen days before the trip. Offline service is provided by Tatkal. This service is available for different types of classes. Premium Tatkal is a reservation system for last-minute travellers. Ticket reservations can be made online in premium tatkal. 

Tatkal vs Premium Tatkal

Tatkal is the quota that railway passengers use to book tickets. Tatkal is a scheme introduced in 1997 when Nitish Kumar was the Railway Minister of India. Railways introduced the Tatkal scheme to book railway tickets for every class on a train.

Tatkal Scheme is available for all the trains where an individual can book tickets in a different class. Passengers can book their tickets one day before through the Tatkal scheme offline. The word tatkal gives the meaning ‘immediately’.  

Premium Tatkal is a scheme introduced by the railways similar to the Tatkal scheme. Premium Tatkal is a scheme that provides only online services. Premium Tatkal does not give services offline.

The fare of the ticket in the Premium Tatkal is double compared to the Tatkal. The Premium Tatkal scheme consists of a few seats in reserved trains. Premium Tatkal scheme does not provide services for all trains. Passengers who have a short time choose the Premium Tatkal scheme.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison     Tatkal  Premium Tatkal   
Meaning    Tatkal is a scheme introduced by railways for ticket reservation.  Premium Tatkal is a scheme introduced for ticket reservation online.   
Introduced     The Tatkal scheme had introduced in 1997, where Nithish Kumar was the railway minister of India.  Premium tatkal is a new scheme introduced in 2014 October.  
Difference     Tatkal provides services offline.  Premium Tatkal provides only online services. 
Passengers can book tickets for every train.  Premium Tatkal scheme is available only for few times.  
Availability    Tatkal can be available for different classes.  Premium Tatkal consists of few seats in trains and, the fare had double charged.  

What is Tatkal?  

Tatkal is a scheme introduced by the Railway of India in 1997. The Tatkal scheme was used to reserve the tickets in a short time. Tatkal provide services offline and online. The Tatkal scheme is available on every train in India.

Every passenger can book their tickets a day before through the Tatkal scheme. Nitish Kumar, the railway minister of India, introduced Tatkal. The word tatkal gives the meaning ‘immediately’.

Tatkal Scheme is different from Normal. Normal can reserve tickets 15 days before the journey, whereas Tatkal can book the tickets 2 days before.   

The Tatkal scheme had available for all trains and different classes. Passengers can feel secure in booking tickets through the Tatkal scheme. An individual can reserve the railway ticket a day before by providing journey details and originating station.

The fare of the railway ticket is less compared to other Schemes. Tatkal ticket fare is different from the Normal ticket fare. Tatkal ticket fare had fixed and had 10 per cent of the basic fare on second class tickets and 30 per cent of the basic fare on other classes.

When the passengers cancel their journey, the booking tickets had provided to the waiting list people. Tatkal ticket bookings are open at 10:00 AM for AC class and 11:00 for NON-AC class.   


What is Premium Tatkal?  

Premium tatkal is a scheme introduced by the railways in 2014. Premium Tatkal is a new scheme introduced after the Tatkal scheme. Premium Tatkal prefers to provide online services, whereas Premium Tatkal does not provide offline services.

Passengers who had a short time for reservation choose the Premium Tatkal. Premium Tatkal consists of limited seats for a reservation. The ticket fare is double compared to Tatkal. Premium tatkal had does not available for all trains.

Premium tatkal quota consists of dynamic fare charges for passengers. Premium Tatkal does not provide services for agents to reserve tickets. The fare is dynamic for confirmed passengers.   

Premium Tatkal is a scheme introduced by the railways similar to the Tatkal scheme. Premium Tatkal tickets can book by login into the IRCRCS website. Passengers who book the tickets initially can get the seat by having dynamic fare.

Dynamic fare stands that the charge should have increased according to the available seats. The Premium Tatkal scheme had helpful to the passengers, who had less to reserve a ticket.

An individual can book the ticket at the last minute with dynamic fare in the premium Tatkal quota. Ticket charges may range from 10 per cent to 30 per cent turn on the classes.

Premium Tatkal open the services after 10 AM. The Advance Reservation Period had the same Tatkal and Premium Tatkal schemes, where Premium Tatkal prefers to provide online services. An individual can book 2 tickets by using a single User ID.   

premium tatkal

Main Differences Between Tatkal and Premium Tatkal  

  1. Tatkal is a scheme introduced by Nithish Kumar in 1997, whereas Premium Tatkal is a new scheme introduced in 2014.  
  2. Tatkal booking may be available for all the trains, whereas Premium Tatkal was available for a few.  
  3. The Tatkal scheme provides offline services, but Premium Tatkal only provides online services.  
  4. Both are railway schemes, but Tatkal and Premium Tatkal had varied in ticket prices.  
  5. Tatkal is available for different classes with different fares. In contrast, Premium Tatkal had few seats and consisted of dynamic fare.  
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