Difference Between Teaser and Trailer (With Table)

Advertisement is a really important part of any promotional activity. Whether it’s a movie or a product, everything needs to advertise. When it comes to entertainment, there are different ways to advertise a movie. Teasers and trailers are one of them. They are the pre-launch advertising campaign that gives an overview and sneaks preview of the film.

Teaser vs Trailer

The difference between Teaser and Trailer is Teaser is a shortened version of the trailer which is released months before the actual Trailer. Teaser just gives clues or hint for the movie. On the other hand, the Trailer is longer than the teaser and gives a fair idea of the plotline of the film.

Teaser usually lasts for less than a minute. Just like the name, It is used to tease the audience and is released to create a buzz, and excitement among the people. It is filmed during the initial stages when filming gets started and contains only some of the rousing parts of the film with minimal content.

The trailer can be anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It gives the outline of the movie and also has snippets of the movie. It has a three-act structure which is the beginning, middle, and end part of the story. It is released closer to the date for the coming movie.

Comparison Table Between Teaser and Trailer

Parameters of ComparisonTeaserTrailer
DurationThe duration of the Teaser is generally less than a minute. It can be anywhere between 20-30 seconds.It is longer than Teaser and the duration varies from 1 minute to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
PurposeIt is released to intrigue and creates anticipation among the targeted audience by just giving some clues and hints.It is released to tell the plotline of the story by giving details about the movie such as music, cast, etc.
Creation and Release timeIt is created earlier than the Trailer. It is made during the filming of the movie and released at that time.It is created very close to the release date of the film generally after the filming and editing of the movie.
ContentIt contains only the amusing parts of the movies and gives no idea about the storyline of the movie.It is released to inform the audience about the movie and contains details of the plotline and contains relevant hints
StructureIt has no structure and no certain details about the film.It follows a three-act structure which is the beginning, the middle part, and the climax part.

What is Teaser?

A shorter-length Trailer, Teaser is used with a purpose to excite the audience and just contains some exciting hints and clues of the upcoming movie. It is filmed during the shooting, during the initial stages of the movie. Lasting up to less than 1 minute, users were first used in the year 1920, seven years later than Trailers. 

Unlike Trailers, teasers follow no structure and just leave the audience curious making them eagerly waiting for the trailers to come out. It provides no details, no plotlines, just some intriguing scenes from the movie which can create anticipation among the audience.

Today, Teasers can be seen released way ahead before the movie comes out and even before the release dates of the movies.

What is Trailer?

A Trailer is a way of advertising a movie that gives a brief and better insight into the movie. It contains the plotline, the casts, directors, the casts, and the twists. Generally following a three-act structure which tells the audience about what to expect in the film. The three-act structure follows the beginning, middle, and climax parts of the movie giving a fair idea of the movie outline.

It is of duration 1 to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It can also contain some high movie snippets which are used to entice the audience more. The trailer is released to inform the release dates and inform the audience about the movie. It was released just before the actual release date of the movie. It is created only after the completion of the shooting and editing of the movie. Trailers have an older history than teasers. It was first used in the year 1913.

Main Differences Between Teaser and Trailer

  1. The first main difference is the duration of the Teaser and Trailers. Teaser lasts up to less than a minute whereas Trailers can last up to 1 minute to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  2. Although they serve the same purpose of advertising the film, there is a major difference in their purposes. A teaser is just to stir up or can say to tease the audience without giving many details, on the other hand, Trailers are made to give a detailed idea of the storyline of the movie.
  3. Trailers contain many details about the film including directors, casts, release dates, the plot of the movie whereas teasers just consist of hints and clues about the movie.
  4. Teasers are not structured as it has no intention of giving the details, but the Trailers have a three-act structure to give proper details about the movie story-line.
  5. Released earlier in 1913, Trailers can be seen a few days before the movie release whereas Teasers was first introduced in 1920 and is released at the starting of the movie or during the filming of the movie.


Both Teaser and Trailer are useful for the advertisement but have some slight changes in their purpose. The slight difference between them is of their time and length as well as the contents. Unlike the Teaser which contains only some hints of the movie, Trailer shows you a major part of the movie. They help drive the audience for the upcoming movie and have a long history of use. These two promotional features are used to advertise movies, music, and albums on a larger scale.


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