Difference Between Tesla Insurance and Geico

The program was dispatched in August 2019 fully intent on making Tesla a one-stop supplier for vehicle administrations, beginning with protection.

Geico is the country's second-biggest accident protection organization, known basically for low rates offered straightforwardly to buyers on the web and via telephone.

Comparison Table Between Tesla Insurance and Geico

Parameters of ComparisonTesla Insurance Geico
Coverage PlanTesla's insurance will give the essential inclusion types you'd like responsibility, crash, exhaustive, rental repayment, and uninsured driver inclusion.The greater part of the inclusion choices that Geico offers are practically following what is accessible with other accident coverage organizations, even though they might differ by state or by vehicle.
Accessibility The inclusion is accessible for proprietors of Tesla's Model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and Roadster models.It is accessible for new or rented vehicles that are under 15 months old and with under 15,000 miles.
Repair FacilityTesla will fix tesla models inside for a portion of what the business is as of now charging which might prompt lower crashes and far-reaching protection rates.Geico Auto Repair Xpress provides the repair facility in case if the vehicle faces any repair issues.
PriceExpensiveLess Expensive

What is Tesla Insurance ?

Tesla Insurance is presently simply accessible to drivers in California; however, it should come to other U.S. states soon.

The program was dispatched in August 2019 determined to make Tesla a one-stop supplier for vehicle administrations, beginning with protection.

Tesla extraordinarily comprehends its vehicles, innovation, well-being, and fix costs, and dispenses with expenses taken by customary protection transporters.

Most significant vehicle insurance suppliers offer inclusion for Tesla, yet since they order it as an extravagant vehicle, they will charge a very good quality expense to coordinate.

What is Geico ?

Geico is a decent insurance agency that offers its clients good rates, positive client care, and an advantageous client experience. Specifically, Geico's collision protection rates for drivers with no new mishaps were reliably low.

Geico gives normal to low rates and genuinely great client assistance. Generally, it is equivalent to different backup plans as far as protection contributions and limits.

This inclusion pays for specific fixes to vehicles that are under 15 months old and have less than 15,000 miles. In particular, it covers fixes to mechanical parts, like the motor, transmission, or climate control system.

Main Differences Between Tesla Insurance and Geico

  1. Tesla doesn’t have any specific breakdown insurance strategy whereas Geico has an MBI strategy.
  2. Tesla has not yet come up with a mobile app for drivers whereas drivers can utilize Geico's versatile application for all parts of dealing with their collision protection, from getting a statement to documenting a case.


It is currently very easy to purchase a vehicle in the nation, and with higher dispensable wages, most families can manage the cost of more than one vehicle, as well.

Having one's vehicle builds one's versatility and disposes of reliance on an open vehicle. Thinking about these elements, get vehicle protection just after one purchases a vehicle.

In addition to the fact that cars are costly, paying for their fixes is exorbitant, as well. Once in a while, your vehicle might be harmed because of another person's carelessness.

A vehicle crashing into yours or steering to stay away from a jaywalker and colliding with a divider, or even a wanderer cricket ball-breaking your windshield can hamper you by a lot of cash.


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