Theragun vs Hypervolt: Difference and Comparison

Muscle pains have attacked humans every time they aim to improve their lives through exercise. The millennials will agree with this fact more than others.

The Theragun and Hypervolt were seen as a solution to this problem. These devices are handheld and offer quick relief to these suffering individuals. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The Theragun is more powerful and provides a deeper massage experience, while the Hypervolt is quieter and more portable.
  2. The Theragun has a unique triangular shape that allows users to easily target hard-to-reach areas, while the Hypervolt has a more traditional shape that is easier to hold.
  3. In terms of pricing, the Theragun is generally more expensive than the Hypervolt, but it offers more advanced features and a more customizable massage experience.

Theragun vs Hypervolt

Theragun is a handheld massager designed for self-massage that uses percussive therapy to reduce muscle pain and improve mobility. Hypervolt is cordless massage device uses vibration therapy to relieve muscle pain, improve circulation, and increase range of motion.

Theragun vs Hypervolt

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTheragun Hypervolt
PriceThe price of this massage gun is on the more expensive side. The Hypervolt range of massage guns caters to people on a budget. 
Ergonomics and designThe design of Theraguns is very convenient. The buttons are in a region that is easy to reach while using.Hypervolt guns do not have a very ergonomic design. The controls are awkwardly present on the handle. 
Muscle GroupsTheragun can go deep into different muscle groups. It is especially effective for tighter knots but not for tender ones.The Hypervolt guns are much more gentle and good for those sore muscles. It does not target deep muscle pain.
BatteryThe battery life is quite unimpressive. It lasts for close to 150 mins (G3). It comes with two batteries,The battery life is much better in these massage guns. The battery lasts for around 180 minutes.
SoundThe sound of the Theragun can be loud. It does not make it a very comfortable product to use. The Hypervolt guns are very quiet and soothing. It does not create much discomfort to use.

What is Theragun? 

Theragun came out with a wide range of massage guns that impart strong vibrations to offset muscle pain. Theraguns are popular among athletes that suffer from deep muscle pains.


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According to the website, the motor is from Japan and can impart 16 mm amplitudes. This occurs at 40 percussions per second on the body surface.

However, the reviews claim there is not much difference between the two settings. The experience is quite forceful and requires much time to get accustomed to it. 

Most models come with two rechargeable batteries. These are Lithium-ion batteries. Each battery in the later models houses 75 minutes of battery life.

However, Theraguns are known to be the more effective massage guns, albeit slightly uncomfortable. They can relieve muscle pain quickly.

There are also claims that it helps one to sleep better. However, this is subjective. 


What is HyperVolt? 

Hypervolt was a creation from Hyperice. It is a highly sophisticated massage gun that contains several features that help create the most comfortable experience. 

The main plus of this massage gun is that it is almost noiseless while using it.  It does not cause much unnecessary rattling. 

To remove the charge from the battery, the handle has a black release button that dislodges the handle from the head. 

  1. It contains different heads that have a particular shape. A fan favourite seems to be forehead head. This can relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. 
  2. It can create vibrations at three speeds: 30Hz, 40Hz, and 53Hz. It imparts 3200 per minute or 53 percussions per second. 
  3. It also contains a patent for its pressurized sensor. This can help one understand how much pressure is applied to a given area. 

In addition to this, it is lightweight and easy to use, albeit the buttons are not present in a good area.  The most significant feature is the Quiet Glide Technology responsible for less sound.


Main Differences Between Theragun and Hypervolt Massage Guns

  1. Theraguns are much more expensive in comparison to the Hypervolt Massage guns. 
  2. Theraguns are much more invasive and attack the deep-rooted pains in muscles. The Hypervolt is better for less severe muscle pains. 
  3. Hypervolt guns have a better battery life than the Theragun. 
  4. Hyperrvolt possesses the Quiet glide technology that reduces the sound while in use. Theraguns do not possess this feature.
  5. Theraguns can only impart 40 percussions per second. Hypervolt imparts 53 percussions per second. 
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