Difference Between TIA and Stroke

TIA and Stroke are types of medical conditions that happen to the body because of some causes related to the brain. Both are confused because the symptoms of both of them are mainly similar.


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Though there are many differences between the causes, treatment, characteristics, etc. The differences between them are mentioned below.

TIA vs Stroke

The difference between TIA and Stroke is that TIA is temporary, it happens for a few minutes or hours and doesn’t last longer while on the other hand, stroke is not temporary. A stroke is a medical emergency and it can last longer than a few minutes. TIA doesn’t cause permanent damage but stroke can cause permanent damage.

TIA vs Stroke

TIA is a stroke-like attack and is many times confused with stroke because it shows the same symptoms as a stroke. Though a TIA lasts only a few minutes and hours and it cannot cause permanent damage.

But TIA also needs immediate medical attention because it can be a stroke taken as TIA.

Stroke is a medical condition in which the brain cells begin to die as the blood flow to the blow is interrupted. Since the blood flow to the brain is not accurate, paralysis or numbness of the body can happen.

Stroke needs immediate medical attention as it can be severe.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTIAStroke
What is it?It is a medical condition in which a mini-stroke occurs.It is a medical condition in which the brain is affected.
CauseIt is caused because of the temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain.It is caused because the blood flow to the brain is interrupted for a longer time.
SymptomsNumbness in body, blurred vision, slurred speech, etc.Trouble walking, and speaking, Paralysis, etc.
DamageIt does not cause permanent damage.Stroke can cause permanent damage.
TreatmentTIA can be treated by medication and surgery.Stroke can also be treated by medication and surgery. Though it cannot be cured fully.

What is TIA?

TIA stands for ‘Transient Ischemic Attack’. TIA feels like a stroke and all the symptoms show that it’s a stroke but it is a temporary stroke. It is also known as a mini-stroke.

TIA is caused because of the interruption of blood flow and oxygen to the brain just like a stroke though it lasts for only a while, the blood flow returns after a temporary interruption.

The blockage happens for a while and the blood flow returns to normal on its own.

Usually, a TIA attack lasts for a few minutes to a few hours, mostly for less than an hour. The symptoms include trouble walking, blurred vision, slurred speech, numbness of the body, etc.

The TIA doesn’t leave permanent damage and can be cured up to a point. Though it can be a sign of a future stroke. So it is necessary for immediate medical attention.

TIA can occur because of health-related problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, smoking, drinking, etc. The treatment of TIA involves medication and surgery.

To avoid TIA or a stroke in the future, one has to maintain a healthy lifestyle, do some yoga, or exercise on a basic level.

What is Stroke?

A stroke is a medical condition in which the blood flow from the heart to the brain is interrupted.

And since the brain doesn’t get enough blood and oxygen, the brain cell tissues start dying due to which the functions that these cells control are affected, and the body collapses causing a stroke.

A stroke needs immediate medical attention as if not treated on time, it can be life-threatening. A stroke differs from low to high. The symptoms of the stroke include paralysis or numbness of the body.

A stroke is commonly known as ischemic stroke. Mostly, a blood clot interrupts the flow of blood in an artery which leads to the brain. A stroke can last for hours and so it leaves permanent damage to the body.

And it is fatal as it cannot be cured completely. Medication and surgery can control it but cannot cure it. Though, nowadays there are better options and treatments to treat stroke. Stroke can leave paralysis which will need physical therapy to recover.

The effects of the stroke can show improvement over time though there will always be a chance of having another attack. A stroke can grow larger causing swelling n the brain.

So, a stroke needs complete medical attention and monitoring. Stroke is a common disease, more than one million cases are recorded per year in India.

Main Differences Between TIA And Stroke

  1. In TIA, the blood flow is interrupted for a short period and returns to normal. While in stroke the blood flow is interrupted and requires medical attention.
  2. TIA is not as serious as a stroke. A stroke can be fatal for health.
  3. The symptoms of TIA don’t last longer than a few minutes or hours while Stroke has symptoms that last longer.
  4. TIA doesn’t cause permanent while stroke can cause permanent damage.
  5. TIA can be treated up to a point, not completely. Though Stroke cannot be cured, it can be controlled via medication and therapy.
Difference Between TIA And Stroke


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