Difference Between To Have Faith and To Have a Belief (With Table)

To have faith and to have belief sometimes overlap each other, but they are completely different.

The words can be used interchangeably, but they have differences in their definitions.

People say that faith and belief are the same things, but the trouble is that they have very close meanings, which makes them interrelate, and that leads to more confusion.

There must be a clear distinction between faith and belief.

To Have Faith vs To Have a Belief

The main difference between to have faith and to have belief is that to have faith is to have an irrational belief without nay reason which cannot be proved like having faith in God, whereas to have belief is to have an opinion with a reason that can be proved using scientific methods like newtons belief in gravitational pull.

Faith has a belief without any reason. It is irrational. That is, it lacks reason, but this does not make it unethical or evil. For example, faith in God is a belief that is done without any reason.

Belief is something that is defined by opinion or confidence. Belief is an idea of knowledge or understanding that can be used to verify using scientific methods. Belief can be shown either true or false using evidence or scientific methods.

Comparison Table Between To Have Faith and To Have a Belief

Parameters of comparisonTo Have FaithTo Have a Belief
DefinitionTo have faith is having an irrational belief.To have Belief is an idea defined by opinion or confidence.
Can be Proved?To have Faith lacks a reason, thus cannot be proved.Have Belief can be proved using scientific methods.
Knowledgeable/ impeccableHaving Faith in someone or something is impeccable.Having belief in someone or something is having knowledge.
Relationship between themTo have Faith in someone or something is a belief but without any evidence.Having a Belief in something is the foundation of having faith.
CommitmentTo have faith is to have a commitment towards someone or something.Belief says nothing about having a commitment.
ExampleHaving faith in God. Newton believed in gravitational pull.

What is To Have Faith?

Having faith may be a bit old-fashioned. To have faith is an idea of knowledge. It can motivate one to do or achieve something out of the ordinary. It is a form of trust or loyalty without any reason or without expecting anything back.

Having faith is investing someone’s energy in whatever they believe without any reason, but it is not only for the weak-hearted.

It has our beliefs; it is an extension of what we believe.

It requires actions. It is not faith if it does not produce any good deeds. If it is not producing any good, then it is not faith.

When one believes truth with confidence and then acts, then that person exercises faith. And then sometimes even miraculous things can happen.

It includes confidence to achieve goals. It removes worries and makes way for optimism.

The faith must be strong and centered on achieving heights.

Faith is having a belief and confidence in someone or something. It is centered on trust.

Faith cannot be proved like belief.

Faith is having an irrational belief in someone or something; thus, it cannot be proved. It needs no questions to be asked as it has no reason behind it.

Faith is something that includes belief but without any evidence.

For example, having faith in God. This is a faith with belief but without any evidence. 

What is To Have a Belief?

To believe is to accept something. Belief is not bad or evil, but it is a foundation of faith. It paves a way to strengthen faith.

Belief cannot be understood without making connections with faith. Thus, belief is centered or is a part or is a subset of faith. Belief is the seed of faith.

To have belief is to speak about it.

Belief is accepting something which exists. It is accepting an idea or knowledge which can be proved using evidence or scientific methods, though it may not seem logical.

Belief is a judgment made by a person in which he/she fully accepts. To Believe is to have ideas that someone is convinced of.

Beliefs can change over time as one gains more knowledge and experience.

Belief can be proved using scientific methods, unlike faith.

For example, newton believed in gravitational pull.

Main Differences Between To Have Faith and To Have a Belief

  1. Faith is having a belief without any proof or evidence, whereas belief is a part of faith that can be proved using evidence.
  2. Faith includes belief, whereas belief is the foundation of faith.
  3. To have faith is like having a belief without any reason, whereas belief can be proved using scientific methods. 
  4. To have faith is going beyond the power of knowledge, whereas to have belief is to have knowledge about something or someone.
  5. To have belief is saying that one has knowledge about something, but to have faith is to commit to something or someone.
  6. Belief rests in someone, whereas faith is something that takes someone ahead in life.
  7. Faith is impeccable, whereas Having belief is having knowledge.
  8. Faith is having trust, whereas belief is opinion.
  9. Belief is centered in faith, whereas faith is centered in trust.


Faith is different from belief though they have similar meanings. People use faith and belief interchangeably.

After the New Testament, it is seen that people can have false faith and incomplete belief in someone or something.

Belief is agreeing to something, while faith has a wholehearted commitment.

It is important to have a distinction between these words because they are different when it comes to definition.


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