Tofu vs Eggs: Difference and Comparison

Proteins act as a fuel source for the body. It is an important nutrient for humans as it contains the composition of amino acids. Like other nutrients such as lipids and carbohydrates, proteins are necessary to power up the body.

Proteins are the polymer chains linked by peptide bonds. While going through the process of digestion, proteins are broken down into smaller polypeptide chains with the help of hydrochloric acid and protease actions.

Proteins are available in our body in abundance. Meat, dairy, whole grains, eggs, soy, fish, tofu, and cereals are sources of protein.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tofu is a plant-based protein made from soybeans, while eggs are animal-derived.
  2. Tofu contains fewer calories, less cholesterol, and more iron than eggs, making it a heart-healthy option.
  3. Eggs have a higher protein content and more vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, which is not found in tofu.

Tofu vs Eggs

Tofu is a versatile, protein-rich food made from curdling soy milk and pressing the curds into blocks. Eggs are nutrient-dense food items produced by birds, most commonly consumed from chickens, which contain protein, vitamins, and minerals.


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Tofu vs Eggs

The word ‘Tofu’ is borrowed from Chinese or the Mandari8n language, meaning bean ferment or bean curd.

In the English language, ‘Towfu’ was first documented in the year 1770 by James Flint, a merchant who wrote a letter to Benjamin Franklin. Tofu has been used in the United States since 1840.

The making of tofu was first recorded in China some 200 years ago by the Han dynasty. The production technique of Tofu, however, was developed in Japan.

Tofu is prepared by coagulating soy milk and pressing the curds to make it a solid white block of softness like a silken, soft, firm, extra firm, super firm.

Eggs are considered very valuable for human beings. Since pre-historic times, bird eggs have been eaten as foodstuffs.

Chickens were the first to be domesticated by humans for eggs before 7500 BCE. Chickens were brought to different places in the world for their eggs. In ancient Rome, there was a custom to preserve eggs.

Often meals in Rome started with an egg course. Scrambled eggs were very popular in France in the 17th century. Dried egg industry developed in the 19th century.

Eggs are a versatile food product that can be used as an ingredient in cooking.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTofuEggs
OriginChinaSoutheast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
TypesFirm, medium-firm, soft tofu, extra firm tofu, silken unpressed tofu.Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled, baked, steamed, omelette, egg noodles.
FibresMore dietary fibresFewer fibres
SourceIronVitamin D

What is Tofu?

The tofu was discovered in China during the Han dynasty some 2000 years ago. But it didn’t become popular until the song dynasty came to China in 960 AD. Tofu in China is traditionally used as an offering for the deceased person.

Because the Chinese believe that tofu is the only soft food that can be consumed by the elders, spirits or ghosts. Before refrigeration, tofu was sold only during the winter times because it could be stored for a longer time.

But in summer, without refrigeration, it gets spoiled in a day. In Japan, Tofu was used by the Zen Buddhist monk who called it Chinese curd.

The tofu was used in east Asia widely, mostly by the monks, as a substitute for fish and meat.

In Southeast Asian countries, Tofu is used as a local dish and is available widely. In different countries, tofu has been given different names. In Indonesia, Tofu is cooked as a fried snack. In Philipines, Tofu is eaten as a breakfast snack.

Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines have become some of the major producers of Tofu.

Tofu has many varieties. It has a very subtle flavour. It can be used in sweet as well as in savoury dishes. Because Tofu has a spongy texture, it absorbs the flavours very well in it.

It can be marinated or seasoned according to the dish. It is very low in calories. It is considered a good source of iron, magnesium and calcium.


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What is Eggs? 

Eggs are the most versatile food that can be used as an ingredient while cooking. It is an important food for the modern food industry. Most commonly, the eggs of birds include chicken, goose and duck.

Eggs are so important for humans that since the prehistoric period, we have been eating them. Eggs form an important part of everyday food in Asia like Thailand and China.

Asia constitutes the major per cent of the production of eggs. According to 2017 egg production, china was the number one producer of Eggs, followed by the United States, India, Mexico and Japan. Eggs are consumed mostly by Americans.

Eggs are candled to check the quality. They are washed sometimes before being packed into the egg cartons. Chicken eggs are very popular around the world. It is used in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Most eggs are used for baked goods. Types of eggs include scrambled, fried, poached, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, omelettes, and pickled.

Eggs are considered as the rich source of proteins and Vitamin D. When the eggs are cooked, it becomes more protein-rich than raw eggs.

Eggs contain a high amount of fat, and they can sometimes pose a health risk. Studies have shown that eggs are responsible for increasing the levels of cholesterol.

Cultural significance is also related to the eggs during the Easter tradition, where hard-boiled eggs are decorated.


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Main Differences Between Tofu and Eggs

  1. Tofu originated in China. It was developed by the Han dynasty. Eggs have been originated in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
  2. Tofu is a plant-based protein made up of soy milk. Eggs are animal-based protein that mostly comes from chickens, goose and ducks.
  3. Types of Tofu include firm, medium-firm, soft tofu, extra firm tofu, silken unpressed tofu. Types of eggs include scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled, baked, steamed, omelette, egg noodles etc.
  4. Tofu contains more dietary fibres and has fewer amino acids. Eggs contain fewer fibres and have more amino acids.
  5. Tofu is a rich source of iron, magnesium and calcium. Eggs are a rich source of proteins and Vitamin D.
Difference Between Tofu and Eggs
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