Difference Between Tone Dialing and Pulse Dialing

Both Tone Dialing and Pulse Dialing are mediums of communications where prime telephone relay to register the extension phone number that you want to communicate to.


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Tone Dialing vs Pulse Dialing

The difference between Tone Dialing and Pulse Dialing is that the first still manages to be the most common and universal medium of dial communication, whereas the latter has become an out-of-date method. Moreover, Tone dialing is known for the use of numeric style, whereas the latter one used Rotary Design.

Tone Dialing vs Pulse Dialing

Tone dialing, also sometimes referred to as Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency, is described as one of the two processes through which the telephone communicates and interfaces with the primary or the basic telephone and relay to define the receiving number that the caller wishes to communicate with.

Pulse dialling is referred to as a traditional method of connection with the basic telephone that helps in transferring the call to a particular extension telephonic number that the caller wants to communicate with.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTone DialingPulse Dialing
ComplexitySimpleAbit Complicated
Time TakenExtremely swift.It can take a lot of time as it is a lengthy process.
KeypadsNumeric StyleRotary Design
FeaturesUtilizes distinct and particular tones to symbolize the number that has being Dialed or Entered.Handles several signal pulsations.
UsageA popular, universal, and ubiquitous system right now.Previously out-of-date.

What is Tone Dialing?

Tone dialing is sometimes also referred to as Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency.

It is one of the two processes by which the phone will be able to communicate with the primary telephone and will help in relaying to a specific telephone number that the caller is requesting to communicate to.

To initiate the dialing method remarkably comfortable and available for telephone users, the tone dialing telephones are manufactured with numeric keypads inbuilt in them.

The dialing method has become so easy and convenient that even kids face no difficulty in using the tone dialing telephone and by calling their parents just by dialing the phone number of their parents, or their beloved relative, or even their friends whenever they feel like or want to talk to them.

tone dialing

What is Pulse Dialing?

Pulse dialing is known to be a traditional method of communication with the primary or the basic central telephone that helps in transmitting to a specific telephonic number that the caller expects to get connected with.

The device utilized to dial the telephone number while using the pulse dialing has its foundation on turning and rotation of the dial, which, as previously mentioned, is again is a long method.

The difficulty and problems concerned with this method have made this method become an antiquated method of telephone dialing.

pulse dialing

Main Differences Between Tone Dialing and Pulse Dialing

  1. One of the main and distinct features of Tone Dialing is that it has distinct and particular tones to symbolize the number that has being Dialed, whereas, in the matter of Pulse Dialing, the distinctive feature is that it Handles several signals pulsations.
  2. Tone Dialing is an extremely popular, universal, and remarkably common system right now across the globe, but Pulse Dialing has previously become an out-of-date dialing method.
Difference Between Tone Dialing and Pulse Dialing


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