Toshiba n300 vs x300: Difference and Comparison

Toshiba n300 and x300 are both popular and well-featured NAS hard drives from Toshiba. They both are available in capacities up to 16TB.

These hard drives have a good spinning speed which makes their performance better overall. These help people to store any kind of data or save backups properly and easily.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toshiba N300 series targets NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems, offering high reliability and scalability for multi-drive setups.
  2. The Toshiba X300 series focuses on high-performance desktop applications, providing fast speeds and large storage capacities for demanding users.
  3. Both hard drive series cater to different market segments, allowing users to select the best option for their unique requirements.

Toshiba n300 vs Toshiba x300

The difference between Toshiba n300 and x300 is that Toshiba n300 has quite a high data transfer rate compared to x300. The difference between their transfer speeds is about 150 MB per second which is a huge gap and can lead to several performance changes. The size of these two hard drives is almost the same but differs a bit. N300 is quite broader than x300.

Toshiba n300 vs Toshiba

Toshiba n300 is an efficient and reliable NAS hard drive. This hard disk was launched in the year 2017. Such hard drives are helpful to small businesses, writers, you tubers, etc.

If one cannot take the risk of losing data or games, such hard drives come in very handy. It comes in a good sturdy box which protects it from any kind of damage, unlike other hard drives.

Toshiba x300 is yet another efficient, high capacity, and reliable NAS hard drive. It comes in a capacity of 4 TB or 5 TB to 16 Tb and hence is ideal for storing a large amount of data.

It has an ultra-large buffer of 256 MB and 512 MB available. This hard drive ensures that your data is saved accurately and safely, and well as the data can be accessed within seconds.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToshiba n300Toshiba x300
CostIt is more expensive than Toshiba x300.It is less expensive than Toshiba n300
Data Transfer Rate It has a high data transfer speed.It has a low data transfer speed comparatively.
WidthIt is broader in size.It is narrower in size.
UseIt is used by gamers and business people.It is used by all digital content creators.
Launched It was launched after Toshiba x300.It was launched before n300.

What is Toshiba n300?

Toshiba n300 is a NAS hard drive that has a 24 by 7 high performance. Its high-capacity storage makes it perfectly suitable for business purposes, teaching purposes, and video storage.

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It can act as a great backup for long-run purposes as it helps to reduce data redundancy and saves your data for future use.

It has a double size of buffer compared to the ordinary-sized drives available in the market. It rotates at a rate of 7200 revolutions per minute which helps to insert and access data at a faster rate.

The hard drive consists of a buffer of 128 megabytes. The drive arrives in a box, unlike other hard drives available in the market. The box has all the detail and features of the hard drive mentioned in the box itself.

The box consists of an installation guide as well, and even according to the reviews, the process of installation is quite easy and fast like any other ordinary hard drive.

Like any other drive, it is of the standard size 3.5 inches and weight of almost 720 grams.

It has several other features that are not available in ordinary Toshiba drives have extraordinary features like an RV sensor and shock-sensor (also available in other devices).

By minimizing the rotation in n300, the drive is able to ensure the reliability and safety of data. The device is hence able to lessen the possibility of knock-on vibration, keeping the data safe.

It also makes several automatic operations for device management; one of them includes temperature increment and decrement, which keeps the device safe and working during high and low-temperature operations.

toshiba n300

What is Toshiba x300?

Toshiba x300 is another type of hard drive from Toshiba. It is very popular among gamers and streamers who cannot afford their game to stop or lose it.

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The Toshiba x300 also has great packing and comes in a box with an installation guide and warranty card along with it.

It has a large cache size helping in a better gaming experience and a revolution of 7200 every minute like that of the n300.

The massive storage provided by the drive helps any gamer to expand their libraries or any content. It has several technologies that ensure the safety of data for future use.

The large-capacity storage and faster access can help any digital content creator to keep backups of the data for future needs. The drive is able to provide better read and write operations compared to any other drive in the market.

For any gamer who wants a smooth running of the game plus has a small budget, Toshiba x300 can be a great option. However, one can find a few complaints regarding the drive, one of them being noise production.

Many users say that the drive makes a lot of noise when operated, and this can lead to irritation.

toshiba x300 2

Main Differences Between Toshiba n300 and x300

  1. Toshiba n300 is a little expensive than x300.
  2. Toshiba n300 has a high data transfer speed compared to that of x300.
  3. Toshiba n300 is more preferred by gamers and business people, whereas the x300 works great for streamers, video makers, and digital designing.
  4. N300 is wider in size than the Toshiba x300.
  5. N300 was launched after Toshiba x300 was launched.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  3. It’s interesting to note that the differences in data transfer speeds between the N300 and X300 can be substantial. The N300’s high data transfer speed makes it a more appealing option for gamers and business people, whereas the X300’s larger storage capacity is a valuable asset for streamers, video makers, and digital designers.

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