Difference Between Toshiba x300 and WD Black

When we buy a new system, we are worried about its features and every other thing. A working professional’s concern is to buy a good hard drive so that it will help them to save their projects, and they have to get that trust from the brand.


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Toshiba x300 and WD Black are two hard drives brands that are available in the market. 

Toshiba x300 vs WD Black

The difference between Toshiba x300 and WD Black is when people who want to build more professional games and projects need more speed and space, and they will go for Toshiba x300. But WD Black is used by people who want to have more performance speed in their work will go for it. 

Toshiba x300 vs WD Black

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Toshiba x300 is considered to be a really good hard drive for internal storage because of the new features that are included in making it. But it also comes with some downsides, and we have to make sure we buy the one that suits our system requirements before investing our money.

We can double-check its reviews online, and it would be best if we buy it from a store. WD Black is a hard drive that is used by many professionals who are very much interested in its performance.

Despite the noise and the heat up, it is still considered to be the good one because of the features and the warranty they are providing in that drive. Comparing to other products in the WD brand, it is still worth buying WD Black. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToshiba x300WD Black
Used byGaming peopleProfessionals who need more performance
Heat problemVery rareOften
Brand nameToshibaWestern Digital
Existence2015 September2018 January

What is Toshiba x300?

Toshiba x300 is a gaming hard drive that is used by many people for their gaming work. It is popular in the market along with features because of all the features that it includes in its package.

The hard drive is very important whenever we create something important for our personal use, or it can be something related to company projects as well.

Whenever we create something new like this, we need a good working internal hard drive for storing all our files. Not only storing it should also take care of the speed.

Without speed, nothing will be important. No matter what kind of hard drive we are going to purchase, we should first check its features and compare it with other hard drives.

The rotational speed involved in Toshiba x300 is 7200 rpm. It is a very high speed compared with other products in the market. It will also help us in protecting our data.

The real-time performance of this product is very good, and because of all these features, it is considered to be one of the best hard drives. But besides all these features, the noise will be loud.

Also, it depends on what kind of storage capacity you buy. So before buying this, you should check out its sound features so that you can prepare according to that.

What is WD Black?

WD Black is one of the hard drives that are available in the market, and these are bought by people who are very much interested in the performance of the drive.

This gives a very high warranty as well that is up to 5 years which is very much difficult to find in other drives. It not only comes with a good warranty but it also has some good features which make it more attractive. When you look at its downsides, it has many.

But everything comes with some advantages as well as with some disadvantages, and nothing is perfect. It will heat up very fast, and you have to make sure the air conditioner in your room is switched on before you start working on it.

Because once you start working, it will get heat up, and you have to find some other alternative to slow it down. And the other concern is its noise. The noise that comes from this drive might be sometimes irritating for you. It might cause headaches and will slow down your process of working.

But these are even available in some other drives. So, these things don’t make this drive to be completely useless. Still, you can buy this for the performance and the warranty that they are providing. If you consider these things, then you will think that it would be worth the money that you are going to invest.

Main Differences Between Toshiba x300 and WD Black

  1. People who are interested in making more games and in a professional way will choose Toshiba x300. On the other hand, people who are more interested in performance will choose WD Black.
  2. Toshiba x300 will produce noise while you work. Likewise, WD Black will also produce sound while you work.
  3. Toshiba x300 will not heat up like other hard drives. But WD Black will get heated up faster, and you have to make some arrangements for that.
  4. The brand name that is used in Toshiba x300 is Toshiba. The brand name that is used in WD Black is Western Digital.
  5. Toshiba x300 first came in 2015 September. On the other hand, WD Black first came in 2018 January.
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