Difference Between Town and City (With Table)

Our earth is divided into water and land. Most of it is water, but the land is not less at the same time. And then human further divided the land into continents, continents into countries, countries into the state, city, town, or village. It is done to provide separate environments, and also because of historical environments.

Well, now people are well aware of how continents are different from countries, but not many know the difference between a town and a city, as both these terms are used most of the time interchangeably. But they are not the same and to explain this, the following article has detailed information about both of them including the difference between a town and a city.

Town vs City

The difference between Town and City is that town is a small area with less population and more tress, you’ll find more trees than houses or industries in a town while in cities in opposite there are more industries and buildings than towns, there is a lot of air, water, and sound pollution. People in town and city like to engage in different activities as their main professions. Except this, they differ in terms of population, facilities, and geographical area.

The town is a small area with less advanced facilities, but with almost all the basic facilities. The people in a town are mostly self-sufficient and do not import much from outer areas. People, there are mostly engaged in the agricultural profession and earn from it. People there are not highly educated in a town, but nowadays with development people are becoming more educated and well aware.

A city is an urban place where people are educated and aware of their rights. This area is mostly covered with buildings and industries. A city offers all the advanced features to their citizen. The geographical area is relatively larger, but it is more common with the town.

Comparison Table Between Town and City

Parameters of ComparisonTownCity
FacilitiesLess advancedMore advanced
PollutionLess pollutionMore pollution
Geographical areaSmallerLarger
Main activitiesAgricultural activitiesIndustrial activities

What is Town?

A town is an urban area but lies in between a city and a village. People living there earn from industry, commerce, and public service industries. Following are the main functions of a town:

  1. Trade: a town is mainly associated with trade and acts as the main for exchange of manufactured goods between two or more places. And these markets once or twice a week. These markets deal in products such as fruits, vegetables, and other household markets.
  2. Agricultural Products: dealing in agricultural products on wholesale level is a main function of town; sometimes the transportation service becomes a problem as the population is not large enough for this. They are small, and therefore, the agricultural products mostly sell inside the area.
  3. Services: there are important services like education, communication, health, among these administrations is the main as, and everything is dealt at first inside the town unless it is something big. Otherwise, every town provides basic health facilities (hospitals and dispensaries), educational facilities (schools and colleges), etc.
  4. Manufacturing and Mining: these activities do not take place in every town but only where a good source mining. These activities attract lots of people and increase the number of migrations.
  5. Transport: many towns have now come up with their transportation facilities, this is a basic necessity, also required to carry on other activities such as trade, therefore transportation such as train, and buses, etc. are also an important function of the town.

What is City?

There are several definitions of a city, but mostly it is considered as an urban area with significant size. And some believe the word city is derived from town. This is also one of the main reasons why both of them get confused most of the time.

Characteristics of a City:

  1. They are urban Areas, which means most of the area is developed with the most educated people living in the place.
  2. In this area, more are more engaged in non-agricultural activities, such as industrial activities, educational activities, and many more. People do not like to engage more in agricultural activities.
  3. In a city, people elect a person who afterward takes all the major decisions related to the administration and development of the area.

The main activities in a city are mostly as same as of town, just that the agricultural products are mostly purchased on wholesale and bulk from the town by city, as neither there is large land for agriculture nor people are interested in the process. Therefore they get the basic food from towns.

People in a city are more civilized and can afford all the basic necessities for living.

Main Differences Between Town and City

  1. The first and main difference between a city and a town is in their population size; in the case of a town, the population is relatively lower than a city. A city, on the other hand, is densely populated.
  2. When compared in terms of facilities, a person will find more facilities in a city, not only that the facilities offered by a city are much advanced as compared to a town. For example, there may be only Hindi medium schools available in a town, but a city has both English and Hindi medium schools.
  3. Geographically also, the town is a smaller area with mostly land. There are not many houses in a town, but in a city, it is a crowded area that is larger than a town.
  4. In a town, there is no or less noise pollution as there are no many industries and advanced machinery and transportation facilities. Therefore you’ll find less sound pollution and more peace while in a city there is a lot of sounds and other pollutions due to the presence of industries and vehicles on a large scale.
  5. Last but not least they also differ in terms of the occupation in which people or citizen likes to engage more. In a town, people are mostly engaged in agricultural activities, while it is the least engaged profession or activity in a city.


Therefore, now it should be easy to distinguish between a town and a city. The reason why they are confusing is that the town lies in between a village and a city theoretically. People living in both town and a city are educated mostly lives a luxury or middles class life, and the environment and structure also resemble a lot.

Some people do not find any difference in them, but when studied and noticed carefully, all the above differences could be noticed very clearly. Some people also believe this division of land, especially between the village, town, and city is not good. It somehow supports discrimination. Some might also argue with the same.


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