Difference Between Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu MUX

Even though cars are generally expensive, they are gradually becoming a necessity. However, it is not easy to select a car in a jiffy.


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One needs to go through some research and decide on a budget to jot down the perfectly fitted cars. There is nothing called an ideal car.

The best car for you often depends on the requirements of the buyer.

Toyota Fortuner vs Isuzu MUX

The difference between Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu MUX is that Toyota appears to be a better model than the latter. Toyota Fortuner needs petrol to be driven, and Isuzu MUX needs diesel to get driven. Even in terms of safety features, Fortuner holds more features than MUX. Fortuner has a more stylish look, while MUX is more spacious internally than Fortuner.

Toyota Fortuner vs Isuzu MUX

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Toyota Fortuner is an updated version that brings along a host of advanced features that will definitely entice the buyers. It comes with the trust tag of Toyota and brings prompt after-sales service.

It serves a good long 7 years warranty, and it appears to be cheaper compared to all the attributes it consists of.

Comparatively, Isuzu MUX is the latest model, and it holds some great advanced features. The safety, as well as entertainment features of this car, is smart and enough to make the buyers tempt to buy it.

It runs on diesel and is more expensive than Fortuner.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota FortunerIsuzu MUX
Engine type It has a 2TR-FE I4 Dual VVT-I engine.It has a Ddi VGS Turbo Intercooled engine.
Fuel typeIt uses petrol as fuel.It uses diesel for its fuel.
AirbagsFortuner has 7 airbags.Isuzu MUX has 6 airbags.
Parking sensorIt has two parking sensors, one at the front and the other at the rear.Isuzu MUX has one parking sensor at its rear.
Tail-light It has LED as a tail light.It has halogen as a tail light.
WarrantyIt has 7 years/100000km warranty.It has 5 years/150000km warranty.
ExpenseIt is cheaper.Compared to Toyota Fortuner, it costs more.

What is Toyota Fortuner?

The look of the Toyota Fortuner can be marked as muscular, and its tough exterior adds to the label. The capacity of this model car is a 4×4 variant.

And as Fortuner got the brand name of Toyota, the customers already put their trust in it. The beguiling after-sales offered by Toyota makes it even more popular.

The list of this car’s modern equipment includes 8-inch Digital Infotainment Touchscreen Display, and for connectivity, it offers Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, as well as Bluetooth.

This model serves Wireless Smartphone Charging with a 6-speaker Audio System. All front seats, including the driver’s seat, can get adjusted.

Although it has some drawbacks, such as the quality of the material that gets used in the making of the inside of the car is not up to the mark.

Also, the size of it is not very convenient to handle in a tight space. However, its two parking sensors with a camera makes parking a little more convenient.

What is Isuzu MUX?

Being the latest launch, it has a very modern exterior look. Isuzu MUX included cabins that are spacious and wide. The car is capable of making your riding experience good in quality.

This model of the car has two options available, one is 4×2, and another is 4×4. Buyers can choose one according to his/ her convenience and need.

Although the size of this car is broad and the interior is spacious as well, the design might seem to be not very stylish for most people. Also, the modern and advanced smart features are not much present in this model.

This price range can fetch far better cars with loads of advanced features.

The interior of this car is very comfortable and modern in appearance. It has a 7-inch Digital Infotainment Touchscreen Display that comes with USB and Bluetooth Connectivity.

It also retains a Live Surround Sound system that includes 8 speakers. The air conditioner of this car comes with a climate control feature.

With its adjustable driver seat facility, it takes care of the driver’s comfort as well.

Main Differences Between Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu MUX

  1. Toyota Fortuner has a 2TR-FE I4 Dual VVT-I engine, whereas Isuzu MUX has a Ddi VGS Turbo Inter-cooled engine.
  2. Car is useless without fuel, and these two models use a different type of fuel in order to drive. Toyota Fortuner needs petrol as its fuel, while Isuzu MUX uses diesel as its fuel.
  3. When it comes to warranty, Fortuner serves better warranty offer. Fortuner gives 7 years warranty, whereas MUX has a 5 years warranty to offer.
  4. Fortuner got LED as its tail light, but Isuzu MUX uses halogen in its tail light.
  5. In Fortuner, a buyer will get 8-inch Digital Infotainment Touchscreen Display and a 6 speakers sound system. On the other hand, Isuzu MUX brings 7-inch Digital Infotainment Touchscreen Display and an 8 speakers sound system.
  6. For safety measures, Fortuner offers 7 airbags, and MUX provides 6 airbags. Fortuner has an anti-theft alarm included in it, but MUX does not come with this modern safety feature.
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