Toyota Glanza vs Swift: Difference and Comparison

The two vehicles mentioned are at the top of the market and have their importance. The two vehicles can be compared on various bases, and the preference can be decided on the comfort of passengers as well as the driver.

The choice of car may depend on the range and size of the car needed.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Glanza is a rebadged version of the Maruti Suzuki Swift.
  2. Glanza offers a hybrid engine option, while Swift does not.
  3. Toyota provides a longer warranty period for Glanza than Maruti Suzuki’s Swift warranty.

Toyota Glanz vs Swift

Toyota Glanza is a hatchback model that offers a more premium feel, a premium look which also comes with better features and a more refined driving experience. Swift is a compact car with a sporty design and a hatchback style. It has a rear liftgate that provides access to the cargo area.

Toyota Glanz vs Swift

Toyota Glanz is a model of car produced by Toyota and has a powerful engine that is VVT which gives more power because it uses the maximum speed of the engine as well as a low torque to provide comfort while driving. The vehicle has an elegant exterior and is available in 5 colors red, blue, grey, silver, and white. 

Swift is one of the best-selling cars produced by Maruti Suzuki, with a 1.2L Dualjet engine that performs well.

It has higher thermal energy, which has enabled the engine to have higher fuel efficiency. The car is said to have a classic, spacious, and beautiful structure.

The car is available in many different colors like red, silver, black, and white and can also be customized according to the requirement.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota GlanzaSwift
CompanyThe producer of the car is Toyota, and it is one of the most trusted companies by users.The producing company of swift is Maruti Suzuki, one of the brands which produce rough and tough vehicles.
Engine It has a 1197cc, 4-cylinder engine. The engine is called a VVT that uses maximum engine speed. It also has a 1197cc, 4-cylinder engine. It is called 1.2L Dualjet that has high fuel efficiency.
Max Power and MileageThe max power of the car is 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm, and the mileage gives in 21.01KM/LThe max power of the engine is 89 bhp @ 6000 rpm, and the mileage is quite high, that is 23.2Km/L
DimensionsThe dimensions of the car are 3995*1745*1510, which is comparatively bigger.The dimensions of the car are 3845*1735*1530.
SafetyThe car is not tested for NCAP rating but comes with an overspeeding warning as well as 2 airbags.The car has a 2-star NCAP Global rating and comes with other features.
ComfortIt has additional features like automatic temperature control, a co-driver vanity mirror, and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel.It has manual AC and comes with no vanity mirror, and has a tilt-only steering wheel but has a single-speed as well as a common fan control.

What is Toyota Glanz?

Toyota Glanz is a car made, sold, and designed by Toyota, which is known as one of the best companies for cars.

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It has a VVT engine which has the specialty of using high engine speed, giving more speed and power to the car. It also has low torque, which helps increase the car’s handleability and drivability.

The car also has certain safety and comfort features, making it ideal for buying. The safety features of the car include 2 airbags for the driver’s seat, and it also comes with an overspeeding buzzer.

The cafe’s comfort features include ACs that are adjustable according to the temperature outside and comes with one common fan, and it also has power steering and windows, anti-glare electric and internal glass, vanity mirror, etc.

The driver’s seat is 8-way adjustable, whereas co-drivers and rear seats are 6v way and 2 ways adjustable, respectively. 

The car is comparatively expensive and gives less mileage which is 21.01Km/L. The ride at a low speed is quite stiff and not comfortable.

It could also have brought more features to distinguish it from other cars. It also has a radio, a touchscreen display, and a proper 6-speaker sound system. 

toyota glanza

What is Swift?

Swift is a hatchback model owned and designed by Maruti Suzuki and has had a great market for itself in the past years.

It is said to be one of the best selling and rough and tough car which has come on the road. It contains a 1.2L Dualjet engine which is known for having high thermal energy, which helps in higher fuel efficiency.

The car has a beautiful and elegant exterior and many different colors like blue, grey, silver, white, red, etc.

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The car comes with power steering and has other safety features. The car comes with two airbags, a global ranking of 2 stars, and an overspeeding buzzer that continuously rings after 120 km/Hr. 

There are various features in the car that are very unique and add to the fact why you should buy this car.

The features include power windows, all windows on one click on the driver’s seat, the higher models come with a music system, inwardly adjustable ORVM, etc. 

 The car could improve in various aspects, like the features. The rare view mirror is black in lower models, and they also do not have a music system.

It is also pricier than most of the vehicles which have the same features and fit could have better. 

maruti suzuki swift 1

Main Differences Between Toyota Glanz and Swift

  1. The producing and designing company of Glanz is Toyota which is said to be a great company, whereas Swift is done by Maruti Suzuki, which is known for rough and tough vehicles. 
  2. The engine of Glanz is VVT which uses the maximum speed of the engine and gives high power, whereas Swift uses a 1.2L Dualjet engine which has high thermal energy that gives high fuel efficiency.
  3. The maximum power of Toyota Glanz is 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm and gives a mileage of 21.01, whereas the maximum power of Swift is 89 bhp @ 6000 rpm and has higher mileage.
  4. The Glanz is not tested for the NCAP rating, but it comes with two airbags along with an overspeeding buzzer, whereas Swift has a 2-start global rating for safety alongside other features. 
  5. Glanz has additional features like automatic temperature control, a vanity mirror for a co-driver, and a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Whereas Swift has manual AC and comes with no vanity mirror, and has a tilt-only steering wheel but has a single speed as well as a common fan control.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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