Toyota Glanza G vs Baleno Zeta: Difference and Comparison

When buying a car, people want to be as thorough about the available models as possible.

Buying a car is a long-term plan, and it also claims a lot of money, so if you do not research before choosing and buying a model, then you might end up selecting the wrong car for yourself.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota Glanza G has a mild-hybrid system, while Baleno Zeta lacks this feature.
  2. Baleno Zeta offers telescopic steering adjustment, which is absent in Toyota Glanza G.
  3. Glanza G comes with a 3-year warranty, whereas Baleno Zeta offers a 2-year warranty.

Toyota Glanza G vs Baleno Zeta

The Glanza G has a more prominent Toyota badge on the front grille, while the Baleno Zeta has a more curvy and sporty design. The Glanza G is also available with a mild-hybrid engine option, which is unavailable in the Baleno Zeta. The Glanza G is more expensive than the Baleno Zeta.

Toyota Glanza G vs Baleno Zeta

Toyota Glanza G is a model that is packed with advanced features and comes with the trusted brand of Toyota.


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Its engine provides efficient service, its safety features are top-class, and its innovative features will fascinate you.

Baleno Zeta by Maruti Suzuki can be said to be a former model of Toyota’s Glanza. It can be categorized as a standard model that offers standard features and comes with a two-year warranty.

For smart connectivity, it uses an exclusive app named ‘Suzuki Connect’, presented by Maruti Suzuki.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota Glanza GBaleno Zeta
Engine It has a 1.2L K Series engine.It has a 1.2L VVT engine.
Brake assist safetyThis model of car has this feature.A brake assists safety feature is not available in this car.
Height adjustable seat beltThe front seat of this car has a height-adjustable seat belt.This model of car does not retain a height-adjustable seat belt.
Remote trunk openerIt has a remote trunk opener. It does not have it.
ExpenseThis car is more expensive than Baleno.It costs less comparatively.
Air conditionerIt has an automatic climate control feature built-in.The air conditioner needs to get set manually.
Keyless startIt can get started without the use of a key, it has a button start feature.It does not have a button start facility.

What is Toyota Glanza G?

This model is loaded with some advanced features that will give competition to many expensive cars. And Toyota’s goodwill in offering the best after-sales service makes it more trusted and popular.

It has two BS-VI-compliant engines, and it also has a CVT automatic transmission.

The Glanza G comes with the 90hp, 1.2-litre K12N motor. It has a mild-hybrid system. The car offers smart connectivity and works with both Android and Apple.

It has a button start facility. It does not need a key to get started.

Toyota Glanza is a relaunched model of the Baleno, although it possesses many more features than Baleno. Its front seat has height-adjustable seat belts, which is a huge convenience for drivers.

As mentioned before, it is loaded with great advanced and smart features. It does not need manual help always to get things done in the car.

It has a remote truck opener as well as a brake assist safety feature. However, some people complain about its stiff low-speed ride.

toyota glanza

What is Baleno Zeta?

Baleno Zeta is a well-built car that costs less than other almost same models of car. This model is known to have great value for money.

Its engine offers good performance, and people do not have much objection to its efficient performance. The cabins of this car are spacious and broad.

If you ride the car at low speed, the drive might seem stiffy. Also, the fit and finish of this do not seem to be at their best.

It is compact with safety features such as a child safety lock and 2 airbags.

A speed-sensing door lock is also present, and smart connectivity is available through the exclusive app by Maruti Suzuki, ‘Suzuki Connect.’


Main Differences Between Toyota Glanza G and Baleno Zeta

  1. Nowadays, every product is attaining the tag of smart before their name, and when it comes to cars, smart connectivity is a requirement nowadays. Toyota Glanza G has this smart connectivity with both Android Auto and Apple Car Play, but Baleno Zeta has none.
  2. The headlights of the Toyota Glanza G have an LED Projector, whereas Baleno Zeta has halogen.
  3. When it comes to security, Toyota Glanza G is more advanced. It has brake assist with many other important features. However, Baleno Zeta does not have brake assist.
  4. The air conditioner of Toyota Glanza G gets changed automatically, but Baleno Zeta needs to get set manually.
  5. Toyota Glanza offers a longer warranty, which is a 3-year/1,00,000km, while Baleno Zeta only offers a 2-year/40,000km warranty, which is standard.
  6. Toyota Glanza offers you a keyless start feature. It has a button start installation, so you will not need to insert the key to start this car. But Baleno does not have this feature. It does not have a button start attribute. One needs keys to start it.

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