Difference Between Toyota J150 and Toyota J200

Four wheelers are the crush after two-wheelers. Thousands of models introduce daily in the market.


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But it is vital to get the knowledge on the four-wheelers before buying. Depends on Company and production, the properties of models vary.

The Toyota is a famous four-wheeler producer. The Toyota J150 and Toyota J200 are popular selling models.

Toyota J150 vs Toyota J200

The difference between Toyota J150 and Toyota J200 is their engine type. The Toyota J150 is an inline diesel engine, and the Toyota J200 is V8, 1VD-FTV. The Toyota J150 has a 4-valves inline engine, and the Toyota J200 is 4-valves V shape cylinders. Both run on diesel engines. The Toyota J150 and Toyota J200 run in the drivetrain of AWD. They both are turbocharged.

Toyota J150 vs Toyota J200

The Toyota J150 is the fourth generation available from October 2009. It has two types. It is three doors and five doors model.

The five-door model is available in two different grades. It is a midsized SUV with weaker engines.

Both the driver and passenger side has sun visor with vanity mirror. The black antenna in the upper gives a touch with actuality.

The rear door child protection looks with an anti-theft system that gives you safety and your Toyota J150.

The Toyota J200 is a jeep-like vehicle in the Toyota’s version. It designs with a convertible, station wagon, and cab chassis.

It is the best-selling body frame in Australia for its popularity. It is the king of 4wd models.

It is famous for its comfort and durability. It is a nine-seater that combines your entire family.

The engine is one of the assets of Toyota. The high design and quality standards make it’s as a king of four-wheelers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota J150Toyota J200
Engine typeInline 4-valves cylinderV shape 4-valves cylinder
Number of cylindersToyota J150 has four cylinders.Toyota J200 has eight cylinders.
Max powerToyota J150 has the power of 171 bhp.Toyota J200 has a power of 262 bhp.
Max torqueToyota J150 has a torque of 410 Nm.Toyota J200 has a torque of 650 Nm.
Number of gearsToyota J150 has five gears.Toyota J200 has six gears.
Fuel tank capacityToyota J150 has 87 liters.Toyota J200 has 93 liters.

What is Toyota J150?

The Toyota J150 is the Toyota land cruiser Prado platform. It has under-floor mounted and rears floor-mounted doors to spare wheels.

It has 8-11 speakers space to give a feel in stereo. It makes the same clear music for the driver seat, first and second rows.

The Toyota J150 offers higher quality in high volumes. It is suitable for people who go with high-volume music.

The Toyota J150 has a double-wishbone in the front suspension and 4link type rear suspension. Both the front and rear brakes are disc.

It has five doors with seven seats. The seat is designed with fabric to give more comfort.

The engine coolant is power-assisted steering. The front and rear seating type is the bench.

It is about 5010mm in length and 1885mm in width. The height of the Toyota J150 is 1845mm.

The Toyota J150 is an all-rounder and best for heavy terrains. It is a perfect vehicle for urban usage.

It provides the style and comfort you need. The power and efficiency of the Toyota J150 make you feel incredible.

The tyre type is radial that makes it travel on heavy roads. It has about 12v accessory power output.

The rubber floor mats are perfect for your feet. The seat belt warning buzzer gives a safe journey.

What is Toyota J200?

The Toyota J200 has a powerful engine which gives the speed up to 6. The front suspension is a double-wishbone, and the rear suspension is four links.

Like Toyota J150, it has disc front and rear brakes. The Toyota J200 is a nine-seater with five doors.

Unlike Toyota J150, the seat material is interior specs which are highly comfortable. The transmission of the Toyota J200 is manual with automatic five gears.

The Toyota J200 is a 1VD-FTV engine model with a displacement of 4461. The engine has an air cleaner which is square with a pre-cleaner and snorkel.

The engine coolant with the intercooler acts as a protector for the motor. It has four high and four low selector switches with a central full-time sensor.

The fuel tanker has a sensor to detect the amount of fuel left and the amount used. The engine works on a power steering system.

The Toyota J200 has separate front seating with parallel rear seating. The Toyota J200 is a length of 4950 with a width of 1980.

The height of the Toyota J200 is 1970. It has 230 as ground clearance. The tyres are radial with 245 in both front and rear.

It has a high mount stop lamp with an idling control button. The floor mats are carpet, and it has cup holders.

The door ajar warning and dash silencer provide safety to your travel.

Main Differences Between Toyota J150 and Toyota J200

  1. The Toyota J150 has an inline 4valves cylinder, and the Toyota J200 has V shape four-valve cylinder.
  2. The Toyota J150 has four cylinders, and the Toyota J200 has eight cylinders.
  3. The Toyota J150 has the power of 171 bhp@380 rpm, and the Toyota J200 has a power of 262 bhp@ 380 rpm.
  4. The Toyota J150 has a torque of 410 Nm@380 rpm, and the Toyota J200 has a torque of 650 Nm@380 rpm.
  5. The Toyota J150 has five sprockets, and the Toyota J200 has six gears.


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