Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover: Difference and Comparison

A car (or automobile) is a four-wheeled motor vehicle that is used for transportation. Cars became widely used around the world during the twentieth century, and industrialized economies rely on them.

Controls for driving, parking, passenger comfort, and a variety of lighting are all available in automobiles. Vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated as new features and controls have been introduced throughout the years.

Various automobile models are manufactured by several manufacturers, which differ in their features. Jaguar, Toyota, Renault, and Tata Motors are leading car manufacturers.

The two most popular automobiles in modern times are the Range Rover and the Land Cruiser.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Land Cruisers excel in off-road performance and durability; Range Rovers prioritize luxury and on-road comfort.
  2. Land Cruisers have a more affordable price tag, whereas Range Rovers come at a premium.
  3. Range Rovers offer advanced technology and features, while Land Cruisers focus on practical functionality.

Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover

The Toyota Land Cruiser has ruggedness and durability, while the Range Rover is known for its luxury and refinement. The Land Cruiser has a higher towing capacity and seating capacity than the Range Rover. The Range Rover offers a more luxurious interior and advanced technology features.

Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover

The Land Cruiser manufactured by Toyota is an affordable SUV with a diesel tank of 93 litres. It has a 4461 CC engine with eight cylinders in V Shape and four Valves.

It is equipped with six automatic gears, manual override, and sports mode. It is fitted with five doors and has three seating rows.

Even the sunroof is electrically adjustable. It has over six speakers and supports Bluetooth compatibility. The commanding driving position gives a sense of invincibility.

The Range Rover has a 104-litre fuel tank. It has a 2996 CC engine with six inline cylinders and four valves.

It has eight automated speeds as well as a sports model. It meets the BS 6 emission standard.

The Range Rover features 707 litres of boot space. It also features six airbags and an NCAP rating of five stars.

It is intelligently compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. It is also Bluetooth-enabled on the phone.

It also has a very beautiful interior.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota Land CruiserRange Rover
AffordabilityLess expensiveMore expensive
Fuel TypeDieselPetrol
Engine4461 CC, 8 Cylinders In V Shape, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC2996 CC, 6 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC
Seating Capacity (person)Seating capacity of up to 7 peopleSeating capacity of up to 5 people
Fuel Tank Capacity (liters)93L 104L
Number of AirbagsIt has 10 airbags It features 6 airbags

What is Toyota Land Cruiser?

Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV and a series of four-wheel drive vehicles manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It has one variation and one engine choice.

Other important Land Cruiser features include a ground clearance of 225 mm and a curb weight of 2725 kg. The Land Cruiser is available in ten different colors.

Land Cruiser body types include convertible, hardtop, station wagon, and cab chassis. The Land Cruiser’s dependability and durability have resulted in massive popularity.

Since its introduction in 1951, the Land Cruiser has aided in protecting and securing its owners and passengers, allowing them to go everywhere and everywhere and return alive and unharmed.

The new Land Cruiser has matured to maintain its reputation and now boasts greater dependability, durability, and off-road capabilities.

The new Land Cruiser 300 Series’ identity has been redefined by combining cutting-edge technology with technologies collected over many years, allowing the driver to drive on every type of road in the globe without tiring. The new Land Cruiser will go on sale today.

The new Land Cruiser 300 Series replaces the outgoing 200 Series, which debuted in 2007. Its development goals include retaining and improving the Land Cruiser’s essence of dependability, durability, and off-road prowess.

Customers all across the world have adored the Land Cruiser for the past 70 years since its introduction.

toyota land cruiser 1

What is Range Rover?

The Range Rover is a four-wheel-drive automobile manufactured by Land Rover, a marquee and sub-brand of Jaguar Land Rover. British Leyland introduced the Range Rover range in 1970 and is now in its fourth generation.

The Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque are two more vehicles that have been released under the Range Rover brand.

The original Range Rover is still the company’s flagship SUV. It has virtually unrivalled off-road capabilities, and it comes standard with four-wheel drive and five-passenger accommodation.

Despite having the highest starting price, it also contains the most luxury features of any Land Rover or Range Rover SUV. It is even available with an expanded wheelbase as an option.

The car’s list of features is undeniably one for which Land Rover charges a hefty premium, even over costs typical of this illustrious class.

The Land Rover Range Rover is available with one diesel engine and one petrol engine. The Diesel engine has a capacity of 2995 cc, whereas the Petrol engine has a capacity of 2995 cc. It comes with an automatic gearbox.

The Range Rover has a range depending on the version and fuel type and a ground clearance of 295.5mm. The Range Rover is a five-seater, eight-cylinder vehicle with 5200 mm, 2220 mm, and 3120 mm dimensions.

range rover scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Land Cruiser And Range Rover

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser is less costly, however, Range Rover is more expensive, making it less accessible.
  2. The Toyota Land Cruiser is powered by diesel, whilst the Range Rover is powered by gasoline.
  3. The Toyota Land Cruiser has a 4461 CC, 8 Cylinders In V Shape, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC engine, meanwhile, the Range Rover has a 2996 CC, 6 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC engine.
  4. The Toyota Land Cruiser seats seven passengers, whereas the Range Rover seats five.
  5. The Toyota Land Cruiser has a gasoline tank size of 93 litres, whereas the Range Rover has a tank capacity of 104 litres.
  6. In terms of safety, the Toyota Land Cruiser features ten airbags, whereas the Range Rover has six.
Difference Between Toyota Land Cruiser and Range Rover

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