Toyota Tacoma vs Nissan Titan: Difference and Comparison

Transportation has made life a lot easier, especially via road; gone are the days of ships carrying loads or items being lost at ports. Now, things are being purchased and shipped on the very day. For individuals traveling or a family having a personal car is always very helpful.

Whether from the office and back or picking the kids up from school, a personal car saves time and money if used wisely. Many car companies, from the high end like Audi and Mercedes to more reasonable ones like Toyota. 

Two major companies making affordable and good cars are Toyota and Nissan. Toyota is a Japanese manufacturer best known for their cars like Highlander, and Fortuner, which are on the higher end and are known for their spectacular specs and smooth performance.

Nissan is also a Japanese manufacturer, and its most famous models are GTR, Rogue, Versa Note, and even the Tacoma.


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Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Tacoma is a midsize pickup truck, while the Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup truck.
  2. The Toyota Tacoma is known for its off-road capability, fuel efficiency, and reliability, while the Nissan Titan is known for its towing capacity, powerful engine, and spacious cabin.
  3. The Toyota Tacoma offers a variety of trims and configurations, while the Nissan Titan is available in fewer trims and configurations but offers more standard features.

Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Titan

The difference between Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Titan is in their engines; the Nissan Titan has 5.6L V8 gas while the Nissan Titan has 2.7L Inline-4 gas. The Horsepower is different on both, 400hp @ 5800 rpm on the Nissan Titan, and the Toyota Tacoma has 159hp @5200 rpm. 

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota TacomaNissan Titan
HorsepowerIt has a 159hp @5200rpmIt has a 400hp@5800rpm.
SafetyIt has two extra features: the rear parking aid and a blind-spot monitor.There are no standard features.
Seating Capacity4 seater capacity.6 seater capacity
Transmission6-speed automatic9-speed automatic 
Fuel EconomyIt gives 21 miles per gallon combined.It gives 18 miles per gallon.

What is Toyota Tacoma?

There are three models of this car, the SR, TRD off-road, and limited, all of which have an 18/22 mileage on average and an Inline-4, V-6, and a 5 feet-short bed.

All of these models have  LED headlights and backlights. The colors of the body range from charcoal grey with a chrome finish to Dark gray and gray grille and silver grille as well. 

Coming in the Limited edition, it has a few extra specs available, like Panoramic View Monitor and an Auto-dimming day/night rearview mirror.

The other standard features include ac, an automatic air filter at the front, a wireless smartphone charging transmission pad,  remote keyless entry, and power windows and doors.

The safety features on these models include an Anti-lock brake system, brake assist, pedestrian detection technology, and more. Not only these but there is also the feature of Toyota’s safety sense which includes a Pre-collision system, Lane departure alert, etc.

A few extra options are available as add-ons, for example, Led headlights and Fog lights, Nightshade special edition package, TRD premium off-road package,  and much more.

The most basic warranty includes 36 months/36,000 miles. There are other options like powertrain etc. as well.

The drawbacks include less space on the passenger side, the automatic transmission is not the smoothest, and the ride can sometimes feel stiff. 

toyota tacoma

What is Nissan Titan?

The two major models of Titan are the King Cab and Crew Cab, and then there are various versions of these models like the S, SV, Platinum Reserve, etc. These major features are a 5.6-liter direct injection gasoline V8 engine and a 400 Horsepower drive. 

They also have brake assist and a 4-wheel anti-braking system, coming to the steering wheel, which has a front and back stabilizer.

There are features for driver assistance like Intelligent Cruise control, Lane department warning, intelligent driver alertness, intelligent forward collision warning, and much more. 

The Blind spot warning, rear sonar system, high beam assistance, and active grille shutter aerodynamics are all features to make the job of the driver easier and safer.

These have a 6-person seating capacity, with heated front seats and airbags in the two front seats. The fuel economy is slightly weaker than its counterpart and averages around 18 MPG.

Though there is enough interior space, the design itself of the interior is outdated and not that impressive. Also, the infotainment center is not as beautiful as it could have been. 

nissan titan

Main Differences Between Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Titan

  1. The Nissan Titan has a capacity of 6, while the Toyota Tacoma has a capacity of 4, thus making the former a better choice for utility.
  2. On the other hand, the fuel economy is better on the Toyota Tacoma, with 21 MPG, while for Nissan Titan is only 18 MPG.
  3. The Horsepower on the Nissan Titan is better. Thus, it makes Nissan a clear winner for transporting heavy loads.
  4. The warranty on the Nissan Titan is more economical and better as compared to the Toyota Tacoma.
  5. The Nissan Titan is a bit more on the expensive side as compared to the Toyota Tacoma.
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