Difference Between Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado (With Table)

Toyota and Chevy have been flourishing in the market ever since they have brought out their pick-up trucks like Tundra and Silverado respectively. So, many people are beginning to compare these two trucks. There are certain differences between them and that is what makes them unique from each other.

If you are looking for a truck then choosing between these two can be a smart choice. However, a comparison between them will tell you how one is better than the other or which one has the most desirable features with the most desirable performances according to your need.

Toyota Tundra vs Chevy Silverado

The difference between Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado is that Tundra comes with a powerful engine that is a 5.7-liter V8 engine and has the capacity to tow more than 10,000 pounds while the Silverado has got various engine options but only the top-of-the-line engine beats Tundra V8 in terms of horsepower and torque.

Most of you will be looking for the horsepower specification in the truck segmented vehicles. So, you can have a look at these two trucks before you set up your mind.

Comparison Table Between Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado

Parameters of ComparisonToyota TundraChevy Silverado
Engine5.7-liter V8 engineThere are several engine types . one of them is the 6.2L EcoTec3 V8.
ComfortablenessToyota Tundra offers good passenger comfort and it is spacious enough for long trips.The Chevy Silverado, on the other hand, is comfortable and has a rating of 8.2stars out of 10.
DisadvantageToyota Tundra might seem a premium segment truck in the market today but they also have a setback when it comes to fuel economy.The Chevy Silverado, on the other hand, has a disadvantage that people had expected that their ride quality should have been better.
New Added FeatureThe latest Toyota Tundra will come with much more safe sense package and other than that no new additions are there.The Chevy Silverado, on the other hand, will come with an all new design.

What is Toyota Tundra?

Toyota’s Tundra first saw the world automobile market in May 1999 it is one of the oldest trucks in its class. It has always been dutiful and has been filled with all the capabilities also the towing capacity of the Tundra has always been the noting point. The Tundra comes in six different trim levels and configurations and they are SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition trim, and TRD Pro Trim. Interestingly, starting from its base level to the highest trim all of them come equipped with the powerful V8 version but with different Litres.

The 4.6-L V-8 engine of the base variant produces 310 horsepower and 327 lb-ft of torque. If you are looking for more power then there are other options available in the automobile market. The engine of the model accelerates from 0-60 MPH mark in just 7.8 seconds from a standstill and completes its quarter-mile run in just 16.1 seconds. Weighing over 5,000 pounds the Toyota Tundra’s towing capacity is the shining point it can tow up to 10,100 pounds which is just huge as compared to its rival like the Nissan Titan Crew Cab.

Moving to its fuel economy or MPG figures as it has been equipped with a powerful engine the engine gulps in all the fuel. Still, the pick-up truck manages to offer 15 MPG in the city, 19 MPG in the highway and 16 MPG as combined the figures are still better than few of its obvious rivals in the market.

What is Chevrolet Silverado?

The Chevrolet iconic truck which is the Silverado was also introduced back in 1999. The vehicle was first introduced as a light-duty pick-up truck in the market along with GMC Sierra its corporate twin from a different manufacturer. Chevrolet Silverado has always been one of the top choices in the American automobile market as they respect this super truck very differently. The Chevrolet Silverado comes in five different trim levels as per 2020 data and they are Work Truck, Custom, LT, RST and Custom Trail Boss. The Work Truck being the base version has been equipped with a huge 4.3L V-6 engine which outcomes 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque.

Now, that kind of engine offers a beautiful ride and handling quality and of course the acceleration power as well. The Chevrolet Silverado reaches from 0-60 MPH mark in just 7.0 seconds and completes its quarter-mile run in 15.2 seconds only. With heavy acceleration power come powerful brakes as its companion. The Chevrolet Silverado comes equipped with 13.0-inch front brake rotors and 13.6-inch rear brake rotors and they are quite huge and work impressively.  

The Chevrolet Silverado has been equipped with a less powerful engine when compared with the Toyota Tundra. It is obvious that the towing capacity of the model would not be as high as Toyota Tundra. The Silverado can only tow up to 7,400 pounds way too less than the Tundra. But, when it comes to MPG or mileage then the Silverado is a far better choice. The engine of the Silverado is capable of offering 20 MPG in the city, 15 MPG in the highway and 19 MPG as combined with a fuel tank capacity of 24 gallons.

Main Differences Between Toyota Tundra and Chevy Silverado

  1. The Chevy Silverado comes with so many types of trims and different engines.
  2. Toyota Tundra lacks behind when it comes to overall ratings while the Chevy Silverado has proved to be impressive in the market.
  3. The latest Toyota Tundra will have more safety sense package while the Silverado will come in new designs.
  4. Both these trucks are very comfortable and have a powerful engine.
  5. However, the fuel economy of Toyota Tundra was not impressive and had a setback.


Both these trucks have their unique features and performances to offer to you. But, in the end, it is up to you to decide which one suits you and your work the best.


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