Difference Between Training and Development

It is human nature to get evolve and learn new things. This nature is the main factor that gave a remarkable contribution to the evolution.


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Development and training are two different things that supplement each other in many ways. For the desired development, a reasonable duration of training is always required.

Training vs Development

The difference between training and development is that training is necessary for the progress of a particular skill of a person. While development is something that occurs naturally in certain things for overall evolution. A person enrolls for training with his consent while development is an independent state of growth.

Training vs Development

Training is a process of learning or teaching so one can improve the skills of oneself or others.

Training can be considered a facility that has been provided so a person can enhance his performance on a particular subject or maybe his present job. To master any kind of skill or art, one needs a proper amount of training.

The process of improvement in an object or person is known to be development. Development is a natural phenomenon that occurs anyways in multiple forms and can not be restricted.

But some things need to be developed by some kind of training and other sorts of things.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonTrainingDevelopment
MeaningTraining is required to increase the work capacity of a person and make him learn beneficial knowledge for better results. Development is a genuine process that occurs in the duration of learning or making something to get positive results.
DurationTraining is a structured program to achieve certain goals and has a prefixed duration that is necessary to learn.Duration of development can not be measured since it keeps happening from the start to the end.
Focused onThe main focus of training is to enhance the technical skills of the people to be prepared for performing multiple tasks. The main focus of development is on the constant progress of human ideas or any other living things.
FeaturesThe training procedure is mostly to satisfy the needs that are related to present and immediately required. Development is a procedure that keeps going on and the results are more futuristic.
LiabilitiesThe organization that provides the training is responsible for the total structure of the training program. Development doesn’t depend on organizations but is a procedure that is self-assessment and the individual himself is responsible.

What is Training?

Training is advantageous for various purposes and goals whether they are related to fitness, mental health, some sort of knowledge, sports, skill development, etc.

Good training is the key to unlocking the door to one’s most wanted goal. Training is beneficial to give required results by making people or trainees more effective than they were before enrolling in the training program.

Training is required in competitive goals such as martial arts or joining the army.

Training is a very affecting way to learn a thing, for example, if a person is told something, the great chances are he will forget it later or if a person is taught the way of doing something, he might remember them but it is not certain that he would be able to perform them.

But if he is trained to perform certain tasks with the required equipment, he would become a master of it by some time since training provides practices and practice makes a man perfect.

The 3 common learning methods or styles included in the training are audio, visuals, and kinesthetic.

The method of training tends to vary depending on the goal. There are several types of training such as mental training, physical training, occupational skill training, spiritual training, job training, etc.

What is Development?

The term development can have various definitions and meanings depending on the context. Economics is the branch that includes and describes development than any other medium.

Development can occur in things like region, nation, society, living organisms, etc. Development in economics can be measured in levels via GDP or GDP per capita. When it comes to living beings, development occurs naturally, with or without consent.

Development is the most necessary thing to get evolve to acquire higher levels. The main feature of nature is a development that keeps happening at every stage. Psychological Development leads to the mental capacity towards maturity. The present condition of human civilization has been only possible by the spontaneous flow of development where the growth of economy increased in every corner of the world year by year to reach the point where a person can travel to another planet.

The development is divided into five basic divisions that are moral, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical. Moral development is associated with the habits of the person that changes from childhood to adulthood.

Social development is considered learning the ways of an ideal society while emotional development is an increment in understanding. Intellectual development leads the person to grasp new information and practice them in his life while physical development is a change in the body shape.

Main Differences Between Training and Development

  1. Development becomes part of the life of a person from his birth. On the other hand, it depends on the desire of a person what kind of training he wants.
  2. Development is generally a natural phenomenon that can not be bought while to get admitted in a training program, the person has to satisfy the fee structure.
  3. Other words like evolution, growth, the increment can be used in the place of development. On the other hand, words like teaching, mentoring, coaching can be used to denote training.
  4. Development is not provided by organizations instead it happens automatically while training is the well-structured program offered by institutes and organizations.
  5. Development remains present for the entire life of the person while training always comes with a fixed duration that is reasonable to sharpen the skills.
Difference Between Training and Development


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