Trust Wallet vs Difference and Comparison

Cryptocurrency is one of the famous terms that is used very popularly in the post-human world. It is a digital asset in which money or coins are stored in the form of a ledger.

A cryptocurrency wallet stores private and public keys for cryptos transactions. It is a physical medium. It doesn’t exist in physical form like paper currency, and it is also not issued by legal authority.

Trust Wallet and are two wallets where you can keep your crypto safely.

Key Takeaways

  1. Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to securely store, send, and receive a variety of cryptocurrencies, featuring a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features.
  2. is a platform that offers a range of services for cryptocurrency users, including a wallet, exchange, and debit card, as well as features like staking and lending.
  3. While Trust Wallet is primarily focused on providing a secure mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies, offers a wider range of services for cryptocurrency users, including exchange and other financial services.

Trust Wallet vs

Trust Wallet is a mobile and open-source wallet that supports over 160 cryptocurrencies and allows users to securely store, send, and receive their assets. is a multi-functional platform that offers a wide range of services, including a wallet, exchange, and debit card.

Trust Wallet vs

Trust Wallet is a private and secure wallet where you can buy cryptos with a card. In the Trust Wallet, one can easily earn interest if they are keeping currency in their wallet.

Trust Wallet directs you to a third-party interface if you have to buy a cryptocurrency, and it charges a high fee if we compare it to other wallets in the market. Cryptos can be kept safe from spammers and hackers in the Trust wallet.

Prices can be tracked, and charts can be seen within the app. is a Chinese company that started in Hong Kong in 2016. It is a digital currency brokerage where a user acts as a custodian and keeps track of its Cryptocurrencies.

From, you can easily buy cryptos at a lower price. You can handle it as you like, but the Crypto app holds the private keys. It has quick access to various products that can help you grow, trade, and spend cryptos.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTrust
CurrenciesIt has more than 1.6 lakh currencies.It has 137 currencies.
TransactionsIt can buy and sell coins.It can buy, receive, withdraw, sell, send, and exchange. 
WalletIt is a multi-coin wallet.It has Multi-factor authentication.
DocumentationIt has no documentation.It has documentation.
BlockchainsIt has 40+ blockchains.It has at least 4 of them.

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is open-source, which allows cryptocurrencies to trade safely. The wallet provides you with a key which in turn keeps your assets safe from unauthorised access.

It is a multi-coin wallet where you can swap and exchange lakhs of coins. It has more than 40+ blockchain types as well.

From the coins in your Trust Wallet, you can even buy credit cards with it. It is available for installation on both Android and iOS devices.

Both individuals and business owners for software development, accounting, and financial services use it.

It has the following features interest can be earned, a credit card can be exchanged, it comes with Decentralized apps(D apps), has secure access and multi-coin support.

It is completely free and doesn’t charge any transaction fees. It is a very user-friendly app. It has a wide range of coins. It offers free software, and its app is completely transparent.

It has local key storage, which has been appreciated because it stores keys logically and not on the cloud. It is very easy to sell and buy cryptocurrencies in a Trust Wallet.

Transactions are very faster, and multiple assets can be tracked from a single location. The trust Wallet (D Apps) directory is very useful as it helps to find other merchants of crypto.

It gives you access to many coins, and it teaches you how to invest in a coin.

What is is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a native coin. It is very different from the cryptocurrency companies of the USA. It allows users to trade, sell and buy cryptos.

It also provides high-class security and a digital wallet. It also has its coin by the name coin(CRO). If users have higher stakes in, then they will receive more benefits.

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It is very popular and cheaper, unlike Trust Wallet. has such a trading structure that it rewards users if they have a high trading volume. It also rewards if you earn an interest in deposits, but their access levels are quite different from U.S. investors.

It has very limited educational resources, and customer services are not very responsive if we talk about its cons. It offers more than 100 cryptos.

It has a two-step verification process, multi-factor authentication and encryption as well.

It has a maximum trading amount of almost $1 million. It also has a mobile app that runs on both Android and iOS offers various products like crypto pay at checkout, Visa cards, and several ways to earn crypto.

It doesn’t offer any free educational materials, unlike Trust Wallet. It has Crypto Pay, Crypto Credit, and Crypto Earn. supports 60 flat currencies like EUR, GBP, USD etc.

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Main Differences Between Trust Wallet and

  1. Trust Wallet has more than 1.6 lakh cryptos and digital assets. has 137 currencies.
  2. Trust Wallet can buy and sell coins, and it is very secure and fast in can buy, receive, withdraw, sell, send, and exchange, and it is safe. 
  3. Trust Wallet is a multi-coin wallet. has Multi-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption.
  4. Trust Wallet has no has available documentation.
  5. Trust Wallet has 40+ has at least 4 of them.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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