Difference Between TV and TS (With Table)

Human body is complex in terms of emotions, desires and fantasies, someone cannot compare two different personalities on the basis of their emotions. Every person has a different mentality, and different preferences.

Predominantly there are three types of sexes that have been given importance to, those are; male, female, an transgender. Although, transgender was included later on, earlier  it was not accepted or appreciated widely.

Sex of a person is determined by their intimate body part, but their gender cannot be necessarily determined by the reproductive organ, gender is sometimes dependent on the hormones or the artificial desires of people.

It is not necessary that if a man is a male by sex, then he like to behavee like a man or have those gender stereotypes. Sometimes people do not like what god has given them likewise there are people who are maybe not satisfied with their gender or sometimes sex.

Lgbtq community is seen as bane for soceity as some people think that it is against the law of nature, although there is nothing wrong in not accepting the cliche norms of society but still there is a fear  of judgements of society prevails.

Although in the modern world people are trying to normalise the existence of several sexes and the different sexual preferences of people. Governments are trying best from their end to legitimise the other communities like transgender, transexuals, homosexuals, etc.

TV vs TS

The difference between TV and TS is their sex. TV or transvestite and TS or transsexual are often used interchangeably but both of them have huge differences. They can be somewhat similar to each other in terms of clothing and lifestyle but still, there is a difference.


Comparison Table Between TV and TS

Parameters of ComparisonTV (Transvestite)TS (Tanssexual)
Basic desiresCross-dressingChange in original body features
Acceptance by the societyNot accepted widelyLittle bit acceptance
Transformation intoPossibility of transforming in TSPossiblity of transforming in transgender
SexSex is not changedSex is changed into opposite sex (sometimes)
Type of changeChange in appearance onlyChange in body features


What is TV?

TV is abbreviation of transvestite, they are the people who like to cross- dressing which means they derive pleasure from dressing in clothes primarily associated with opposite sex.

In few cultures transvestism is practiced for religious, traditional or ceremonial reasons. Although, the term ‘transvestism’ is derived from a medical disorder ‘transvestism’. Instead of calling such people transvestite , cross- dresserr, drag queen, gender bender or trannie can be called without offending them.

Transvestites are more prominent in males, there are males who prefers dressing up like females and to adopt their lifestyle by choice.Although their sex can be male at the same time but their gender might differ.

Sexual prefernces of such people are confused with gay or lesbians but t is not necessary for trransvestite to be a homosexual. Dressing up like ooposite sex can be part of their proffesions as well which might increase their interests later on.

Being transvestite can be either by hormones naturally or people tend to develop the interest artificially. They are determined by their sex and not by their external aura. For example, if a male is cross- dresser ad dresses up like female, then also he would remain male by sex and would be determined by ‘he’ or ‘him’.

Acceptance of transvetite is still not there, people arre still not able to normalise this section and often consider them normal sex, ignorig their desires. People think that cross- dresser is certainly a choice but in reality sometimes it is natural.


What is TS?

TS is abbreviation of transsexual, they are the people who emotionally and psychologiaclly feels that they belong to the opposite sex. They desire for being the other sex is not cnfined to dressing but they also have holistic desire including the sexuality of opposite sex.

Transsexual can be a later stage of transvestite. Transexuality is determined by hormones and thus often considered natural. The desire of being the sex is sometimes gets too high that people tend to have surgeries to change their sex by changing the reproductive organs.

Sometimes people do not change their reproductive system through surgeries but try to build that appraecnec of opposite sex by enhancing some chracteristics like the external looks, for example a female growing beard, or a man growing breast.

Transsexuals have different sexual prefernces and it is not nessecary for them to get attracted towards same sex i.e. being homosexual. Theey might be interseted in opposite sex or the same sex, everything is dependent on the individuals.

Transsexuals are not appreciated by the stereotypical society due to their built and preferences, some people also think that changing the reproductive system is against the law of nature. Debates can be held but the conclusion would not be clear.

Transseeuality can be developed aetificially as well, as people tend to dress up like other sex or they behave like opposite sex due to proffesional reasons or maybe due to cultural practices which enhance their attractions towards opposite sex as they find it fasanting.

Main Differences Between TV and TS

  1. TV (transvestites)are more confined to lifestyle and dressing up whereas TS (transexual) is an internal phenomenon connected through emotions of a person.
  2. TV has given less acceptance tha TS.
  3. TV (transvestite) can be later transformed into TS (transsexual) but TS (transexual) cannot be transformed in TV but they can be transformed into transgemder through surgeries.
  4. Sex of TV (transvestite) remains the same inspitee of cross-dessing on contrary sex of TS (transsexual) is sometimes changed later on.
  5. TS (transsexual) is often associated with changes in body whereas TV (transvestite) do not need any change in body.



TV (transvestite) and TS (transsxeual) both are different from each other.

Both of them somewhere affects the appearance of the person, and they are related to attraction twords the lifestyle of opposite sex. Their sexual preferences depend upon the individual only.


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