Difference Between Twitter and Facebook (With Table)

Social Media has become a significant part of everyone’s life, from sharing their life updates, keeping in touch with friends and family, and getting happenings worldwide. Facebook and Twitter are the two most used and early established social media platforms that are well known worldwide. 

Twitter vs Facebook

The difference between Twitter and Facebook is that Twitter is a hub of topics, discussions, opinions, and ideas, while Facebook is a digital social hangout place where people meet new people, connect and share about their life simultaneously knowing about others. Both of them function in quite a different manner.

Twitter is a well known and widely used social networking platform where people share their opinions, have discussions on various topics, get the fastest updates about things, and express their ideas. Whatever the people want to do, they have to compile it in 140 characters for a single post.

Facebook is the very first and most popular social networking platform among people of all ages. It can be used to connect with new people as well as the people you already know. Everything from text messages, status updates to images, videos and gifs can be shared here and is all saved on the user’s account to revisit their memories.

Comparison Table Between Twitter and Facebook

Parameters of ComparisonTwitterFacebook
AboutIt is a social networking site where users can share their ideas, opinions, and discussions topics with a limit of 140 characters per post or tweet.Social networking site with features of connecting, chatting and sharing images and videos with friends or family.
LaunchTwitter was launched in the year 2006.Facebook was launched in the year 2004.
User baseIt has more than a 560 million user base around the world.It has more than a 1.15 Billion user base around the world.
Content SharedThoughts, opinions, ideas, news, etc.Personal life updates, images, videos, status, old memories, texts, etc.
User Age and Gender RatioTwitter has a user base of 65% people above 35 and a 68:32 male to female ratio.Facebook has a user base of 35% people above 35 and 56:44 male to female ratio.

What is Twitter?

With so many people with different and similar perspectives around the world, Twitter gives a platform to everyone over the age of 13 to express their views and thoughts to the whole world. Twitter can be regarded as a social networking site where a user can sew their ideas in 140 characters for a single post. Interestingly, a post is called ‘tweet’ on Twitter, and it also has a blue coloured tweety bird as its logo.

It is also the quickest platform for broadcasting the latest happenings, trends, and events taking place in any corner of the world. All that is required is, to sum up, the information in 140 characters. Also, to reach a broad group of people, the user can include hashtags in their tweets so that they will gain an audience even quicker. Users can also retweet which means, post the tweets of others that they liked on their account. 

Twitter is the result of Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams combined and was launched in the year 2006. It has an enormous user base of more than 560 million people, including males and females, in a 68:32 ratio. 

What is Facebook?

Facebook was a tremendous change in everybody’s life by creating a digital space where people can connect with anyone around the world. The founder, Mark Zuckerberg, was just 18 years old when he found Facebook and astonished the world with his extraordinary creation in 2004. It is a social networking platform that can be used to connect with people who are registered on it and are above the age of 13 years. 

The idea of Facebook was to create a ‘book’ of memories with people we are close to or even connected over the platform. It allows sharing story status, images, videos, memories, events, and anything that is on a user’s mind. It is a massive community and is constantly growing. With a user base of over 1.15 Billion people and a gender ratio of 56:44, Facebook is continuously gaining even more users with its varying features. 

People of almost all age groups above 13 years are present on Facebook, and therefore a broad spectrum of content is shared daily on the platform. Facebook has even grown to take Whatsapp as well as Instagram under its territory, making it the head hub of networking.

Main Differences Between Twitter and Facebook 

  1. Twitter was founded in the year 2006, whereas Facebook was founded in the year 2004.
  2. Twitter has a limit of 140 characters per post. On the other hand, Facebook doesn’t have any such limitation.
  3. With a user base of over 1.15 Billion, Facebook is a vast networking hub, while Twitter has a user base of over 560 million.
  4. Twitter is a platform where people can share their views, opinions and discuss topics, while on Facebook,  users can share their daily lives via thoughts, images, videos, etc.
  5. A post on Twitter is called a tweet, and on Facebook, people share posts on their ‘wall’.


With the ever-increasing users of both Twitter and Facebook, social networking sites are becoming a significant part of everyone’s life. People use these to connect with new people and maintain touch with people they already know via text messages, sharing photos, videos, and many more things.

Twitter and Facebook both have strict rules and policies when it comes to using the platforms n a healthy way and maintaining decorum. If any user is found violating the platforms’ policies, immediate and strict actions are taken against them, which include but are not limited to – temporary or permanent suspension of the user’s account, taking down the account, and restricting them from signing up again forever.


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