Difference Between Twitter and Tumblr (With Table)

People are continuously on the hunt for alternative techniques to socialize with other people via the internet, as seen by the rapid expansion of social media sites. Twitter is an example of a service that enables users to access their ideas with each other. Tumblr, on the other hand, is a social network that shares Twitter’s mission but seeks to span a lot broader ground than Twitter does. And hence, we must dig deep into the comparable differences between both social networking sites.

Twitter vs Tumblr

The difference between Twitter and Tumblr is that Twitter has 280 characters, forcing people to condense their thoughts in order to accommodate more into one single Twitter post whereas there are no world restrictions on Tumblr, so individuals can put whatever they want and keep it for as long as they want.

Apart from written postings, Tumblr lets people upload images, videos, and a variety of other material, which can all be found on the main page. As a result, Tumblr is regarded as a much more comprehensive publishing platform than Twitter and hence, Tumblr allows blogging whereas Twitter enables users to do microblogging.

With 100 million monthly users and 500 million retweets posted daily, Twitter, a social media website started in 2006, is without a question among the most popular platforms associated with the web. Twitter may be used to remain in contact with former school pals, get legitimate updates and news, and follow high-profile personalities. Twitter is a microblogging medium that, because of its versatility and API, may be used for a variety of purposes.

Tumblr is a blogging and social media website based in the United States that was started by David Karp in 2007 and is now managed by ‘Automattic’. Users may submit images and other information to a short-form weblog using the platform. Users can read and comment on other people’s blogs. Bloggers have the option of making their blogs hidden. Several of the website’s capabilities are available through a “home dashboard” layout for bloggers. Tumblr hosts over 529 million blogs as of July 2021.

Comparison table Between Twitter and Tumblr

Parameters of ComparisonTwitterTumblr
Launch DateTwitter was launched on July 15 2006.Tumblr was launched on February 17, 2007.
UsageTwitter is a social networking platform with the main objective of connecting people and allowing them to express their ideas with a mass audience.Tumblr is a social media platform that connects millions of people through personal blogs which can consist of text and multimedia.
OwnerJack DorseyDavid Karp
No.of Users206 million + active users according to 2021 counts.29.4 million users according to 2021 counts.
Type of ApplicationMicroblogging and marketing tool for business firms and organizations.Blogging and social interaction. Allows media like audio, gifs and videos to be uploaded.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking platform with the main objective of connecting people and allowing them to express their ideas with a mass audience. Users may use Twitter to find out about today’s top latest happenings, follow individuals or organizations who tweet material they like or just chat with their friends. Furthermore, PR and marketing teams may utilize Twitter to raise brand recognition and please their target audiences.

Twitter can be a great tool for building a reputation and giving good material to your followers before they can transform into your content’s consumers. The character count can also help you build quick-and-effective adverts, such as a mention of a seminar or a free ebook that your company is hosting.

It’s worth noting that you can utilize Twitter to promote your goods or services, but only in moderation. Your central emphasis, as with any social media strategy, should be on drawing an audience with relevant content and increasing brand exposure.

One advantage that comes as a result of Twitter’s minimalism is its relatively swift widespread adoption and practically simultaneous integration with pre-existing mobile networks. Tweets may be sent or received by almost anybody with a mobile phone. Users are a little sluggish to accept Tumblr since it is fresh and a little more difficult. Organizations have less motivation to enable connection with their services if there are fewer users.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social media platform that connects millions of people through personal blogs. It’s a combination of a blogging platform similar to WordPress with a social media feature that allows users to produce and share unique material. Textual posts, images, film clips, and connections to other Internet sites are all options for sharing with fans and acquaintances. Users can subscribe to as many other individuals’ pages as they choose, and these pages will appear in their feed or Dashboard.

You may also send “messages” to other users in a variety of ways: you may reblog somebody’s material on their Tumblr website, “like” it, or comment on it. Authors can choose to post their Tumblr entries concurrently, or at the minimum link to them, on other new media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, to add to the social element.

Tumblr’s key distinction from those other social networking sites is the web’s free-form structure and individuals’ ability to fully customize their page. It differs from other applications in that most social networking sites have identical user profiles with limited customization options.

Tumblr includes a built-in online messaging tool that allows users to communicate with those other Tumblr members. Its posts allow users to post questions privately or as themselves to the weblog for a reply. It also has a function called “fan mail,” which allows users to send comments to bloggers they follow.

Main Differences Between Twitter and Tumblr

  1. Twitter is a microblogging platform whereas Tumblr is a much more extensive social network site.
  2. Twitter is more optimized and recognized by people whereas Tumblr has a smaller user base and yet to gain recognition when compared to Twitter.
  3. Twitter is owned by Jack Dorsey whereas Tumblr was founded by David Karp.
  4. Twitter has a simple UI whereas Tumblr has a complex UI.
  5. Twitter has a word limit of 280 characters whereas there isn’t any specific textual limit in Tumblr.


All social media sites have benefits and drawbacks that distinguish them from one another. This also presented consumers with a number of options about which platform they felt very much at ease and the amount of UI experience counts a lot too. Twitter and Tumblr are two of the most popular social media platforms.

Tumblr is frequently mistaken for a Twitter replica. Since both platforms support microblogging, this is the case. Tumblr, on the other hand, can be thought of as a short diary web blog. This is due to the fact that you may post lengthier stuff on it than you can on Twitter.


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