Difference Between Ultrasound and Sonogram (With Table)

If you are not from the medical field, you might think about this comparison because, according to us, both ultrasound and sonogram sound similar and are interchanged while mentioning them. Yes, they both are similar but not that close to being counted as one thing. 

Ultrasound vs Sonogram

The difference between ultrasound and sonogram lies in the process or procedure which generates the image of the organ, the things in the body, or the fetus, and sonogram is that image generated on the screen. We see that there are many classifications of ultrasound, whereas sonogram has no such type. 

Ultrasound is an imaging process to check for any abnormality in the fetus during pregnancy or in any tissue or organ. It provides an image on the screen, and that image is studied by a radiologist to find if there is any risk or is everything okay. Because of ultrasound, a mother can have a glimpse of the baby before birth, and there are many other uses of it in the body. 

Sonograms are pictures by computer of our body parts and tissues and as well as of the organs. These are taken with the help of high energy and sound waves in ultrasound. This during pregnancy will not only get the picture of the baby but also the picture of the placenta, amniotic sac, and ovaries. The sex of the child can also be determined with the help of a sonogram.

Comparison Table Between Ultrasound and Sonogram

Parameters of ComparisonUltrasoundSonogram
UsageMultiple timesSingle-use
MotiveA tool that is used to take the picture of a babyThis is the picture generated by ultrasound
DefinitionIt is the procedure that is used to get an imageIt is the produced image
ImportanceThis is the procedure without which the sonogram won’t be thereThis is the result that comes after the process.
FetusIt is the machine that helps to generate the baby during pregnancyThe image of the baby is produced in the sonogram

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a procedure that creates the picture of an organ called a sonogram with the help of sound waves. It can also see the moving part of the body, such as the heartbeat or the movement of blood in the blood vessels. It does not use any kind of radiation to bring out the image like the radiation used in X-rays, so it is safe. 

There are mainly two types of ultrasound. They are:

  1. Diagnostic – This provides information about the inner parts or organs of the body. 
  2. Pregnancy – This helps to see the unborn baby with its growth, health, and development.


  1. To check pregnancy 
  2. Size and position of the baby
  3. Investigation of any disease in the body
  4. Check for any trouble in the heart or the flowing of blood in blood vessel
  5. Check any complications in the stomach or kidney 
  6. See if there is any cancer in the breast because of the finding of a lump there
  7. When there are extra bleeding during periods, ultrasound is done to examine the reason behind it
  8. Search for any problem with the thyroid gland
  9. Assist needles during the process of biopsy 

There are no such risks as harmful rays are not used in the process of radiation.

Result – The images are seen, and a radiologist studies them and sends that report to the concerned doctor. The Doctor reads the file and tells whether there is any problem or not, and if any kind of issue occurs, he starts further treatment.

What is Sonogram?

It is an image produced from the procedure we call sonography or ultrasound. With the help of sonography, we can see the shape and size of the structure or part of the body. 

Any problems in the organs can be easily detected with the support of a sonogram. We get a brighter result of the image if there is harder tissue and dense tissue as well. When the bone is hard, it bounces the sound waves back to the transducer, and thus we can see a brighter image.


  1. It is used to check the advancement of the uterus and the fetus at the time of pregnancy.
  2. Evaluation of lumps in the breast.
  3. Find if there are any bone diseases.
  4. Assist needle during the process of biopsy.
  5. Examination of conditions of joint.


  • It is non-invasive 
  • There are no such complications in the process.
  • We get to see the picture of our baby before delivery.
  • If there are any complications with the baby, proper steps would be taken.

Earlier, only 2d views were available, but now there are both 3d and 4d views available because of advancements in technology. The hard tissue is represented by solid colors and soft tissue by grey color, and the black areas are amniotic fluid.

Main Differences Between Ultrasound and Sonogram

  1. Ultrasound is the main product, while sonograms are a by-product.
  2. Ultrasound can be harmful if done multiple times, while a sonogram isn’t that harmful.
  3. Pregnant women get to create a sonogram of the fetus, whereas a sonogram gives detail about the baby.
  4. Ultrasound can be done by any technician who does such procedures, while sonograms are generated by some medical sonographers.
  5. Ultrasound is something like scanning, while sonogram is related more to gynecology.


Often thought of as different, but they are both included together. A sonogram is a part of ultrasound. The whole process of seeing things inside the body and examining them is called ultrasound, while the image of the process received on a machine is called a sonogram. We get to see this word often if we are related to medical terms.

Whether it be the stone in the kidney or the fetus in the womb, an ultrasound is a must. Both go hand in hand because, without an ultrasound, we cannot get the image which is called a sonogram. Many of us go through this test in our life and having a simple knowledge about them is nothing bad. Whenever we get an appointment with the doctor for an ultrasound, we must not get confused with the terms ultrasound and sonography. We talked about the ultrasound and Sonogram and how they both are so interrelated but still different.


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2D vs 3D