Uniswap vs Crypto.com: Difference and Comparison

There are quite a few cryptocurrency exchange platforms available these days. Most of them are centralized and operated by the platform owners. At the same time, there exists a few decentralized platforms that facilitate trading as well.

These platforms involve a book ordering system and have some shortcomings that the decentralized platforms would cover. The two popular platforms, Uniswap and Crypto.com, work on this aspect. They work similarly in a few areas, but there are a lot of significant differences between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Uniswap and Crypto.com are cryptocurrency exchanges allowing users to buy, sell, and digital trade currencies.
  2. Uniswap is a decentralized exchange operating on the Ethereum blockchain, while Crypto.com is a centralized one.
  3. Uniswap charges lower transaction fees, while Crypto.com offers additional features such as staking, lending, and a debit card.

Uniswap vs Crypto.com

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to trade ERC-20 tokens directly from their wallets without the need for an intermediary. Crypto.com is a centralized exchange that offers a wide range of services, like buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Uniswap vs Crypto.com

Uniswap is a decentralized crypto exchange platform that helps you create tokens as well as trade by paying a nominal fee. As it is unique when compared to centralized platforms, it has many benefits when it comes to trade. Also, the fee is completely null when it comes to new coin introduction too.


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Crypto.com is a crypto trading platform that supports investors in investing in cryptocurrencies. As a user, one can trade and invest money to earn interest as well.

It is a Switzerland-based company that facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies effectively. The best part is you can also get an instant loan from the platform and buy digital assets as well.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUniswapCrypto.com
Coin RatesUniswap is a bit higher on the Dollar as well as GBP ratesCrypto.com has a lower value when it comes to Dollar and GBP values
Coin RankThe cap rank is 10The cap rank is 37
Saving RatesUniswap can help you earn up to 7% every yearCrypto.com helps you earn up to 6% every year
Exchange FeesExchange Fees is more when compared to Crypto.comThe trading and exchange fee is less in Crypto.com
Transaction TimeIt is the fastest and more secureTransaction time is a bit slow but highly secured

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a unique crypto trading platform that uses an automated liquidity protocol. It is a decentralized platform. That means to say. None controls the transaction. More importantly, it is not operated by a single entity.

Uniswap was developed on Ethereum Blockchain. It is completely compatible with

  1. MetaMask and
  2. MyEtherWallet

As such, the centralized platforms are profit-driven. If you have to list new coins, then there is a fee involved in it. However, Uniswap being decentralized, a user can create his decentralized exchange.

It is mainly because the platform is open-source. A user can copy the code easier to create his/her exchange. Also, the user can list the tokens for free.

As against the centralized pattern, the merchants or the traders must give up control over the funds, while here, you have complete control over it. Uniswap works on two important smart contracts.

  1. Exchange
  2. Factory

The Factory contract helps you to create new tokens, while the exchange contract facilitates trade. The more prominent liquidity problem with the centralized platforms is easily overcome in this platform.

As against other exchanges, Uniswap works on an Automated market maker system to determine the price of the token. The main problem of the user waiting for the buyer to approach the seller is overcome in this platform. The platform does not care about the depth of the orders.


What is Crypto.com?

If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies, the platform suggested will be Crypto.com. While many platforms work on the same structure, crypto.com is more secure and lucrative for traders, investors as well as users.

As a user, you can

  1. Buy
  2. Sell
  3. Trade
  4. Invest
  5. Pay bills

Using this platform. With a whopping 10 million app installers to date, the platform offers you to buy and sell products with cryptocurrencies. The app, as well as the website, is incredibly safe to trade.

The best part is there are no hidden charges for the transactions. It is estimated that you can earn up to 6.5% on your cryptocurrency. At the same time, you can still earn 12% on stablecoins.

You can track the cryptocurrency using the application and convert the crypto to fiat funds. The cryptocurrency deposit earns you interest annually, and this is an excellent move by the platform developers.

The best part about the platform is it has numerous cryptocurrencies in it, and you can transact using any currency. The difference amount is also indicated, and the platform charges a minimal amount as a fee for the transaction.

crypto com 1

Main Differences Between Uniswap and Crypto.com

  1. The main difference between Uniswap and Crypto.com lies in their coin rates. Uniswap has a higher dollar and GBP value when compared to Crypto Coin.
  2. The saving rates of Uniswap are impressive. You can earn up to 7% annually while Crypto.com is not way far, but you earn a bit less when compared to Uniswap.
  3. Uniswap is the fastest in its transactions, and Crypto.com is a bit slow.
  4. Uniswap offers transactions at a higher speed, but the exchange fee is more when compared to Crypto.com.
  5. The number of cryptocurrencies in the Uniswap platform is less, while Crypto.com is seasoned and has numerous currencies to transact with
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