Difference Between USB Keyboard and Bluetooth Keyboard

The computer is an important part of our life as it is used in almost every field. It has many parts like a monitor, mouse, CPU, keyboard, etc.


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USB Keyboard vs Bluetooth Keyboard

The difference between a USB Keyboard and Bluetooth Keyboard is that USB Keyboard is a wired keyboard that needs to be connected to a computer in its USB port. On the other hand, Bluetooth Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that is connected to a compulsory without any physical wire. It uses Bluetooth signals to connect.

USB Keyboard vs Bluetooth Keyboard

It can be easily put into the USB port of the computer. It is a conventional input device that is used to give a command or type something.

This keyboard has a Bluetooth receiver that is put into the USB port of the computer, and the keyboard is connected to the computer using a Bluetooth connection.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUSB KeyboardBluetooth Keyboard
Definition It is a type of keyboard that connects with the computer using a USB cable.It is a type of keyboard that connects with the computer wirelessly.
Power SourceIt uses electricity from computers for working.It requires batteries for its work.
RangeIt has limited range due to connected wires.It has more range as there is no binding of wires.
Connection MethodIt is connected using a wire that needs to be put in the USB port of the computer.It connects using Bluetooth, which receiver needs to be put in the USB port of the computer.
Usability It is less flexible as wires put limitations on movement.It is more flexible, as being wireless removes limitations on movement.

What is USB Keyboard?

A USB keyboard stands for Universal Serial Bus Keyboard. It is a normal keyboard that connects with the computer using a wire.

It is an input device as it only gives input to the device by pressing a key. It has alphanumeric keys to type anything, and it also has many functional keys for giving commands to the computer.

In a USB keyboard, ‘U’ stands for Universal, as any device can connect to the same USB port. As it put limitations on movement due to connected cables, it is ideally useful in the office, colleges, schools, etc.,

usb keyboard

What is Bluetooth Keyboard?

A Bluetooth Keyboard is a different type of keyboard that can connect to the computer by using a Bluetooth connection.

In a whole computer system, it works as an input device. It has many keys of different types, some of them are alphanumeric, and some are functional keys. It is used to type anything.

As it is very flexible to use this keyboard. It is preferred by many users who want to use their computer in any comfortable position according to them.

bluetooth keyboard

Main Differences Between USB Keyboard and Bluetooth Keyboard

  1. A USB Keyboard has a low range of working due to wires, whereas a Bluetooth Keyboard can work in a wider range.
  2. A USB Keyboard is comparatively cheaper. On the other hand, a Bluetooth keyboard is more expensive.
Difference Between USB Keyboard and Bluetooth Keyboard


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