Difference Between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring (With Table)

Decorating houses or homes is becoming an important part of life. Everyone likes to live in a beautiful environment, and for this, several materials and innovations are done daily. One of the things that can change the entire outlook of the place is flooring. Earlier it is used to be regular cement flooring.

But there are so many options nowadays that it can be quite a difficult process to choose between them. The most common and famous types of flooring are vinyl and Lamination floorings. They are used by people due to their appearance and pocket-friendly nature. Now to choose between them, it is important to understand the difference between them.

Vinyl vs Laminate Flooring

The difference between vinyl and laminate flooring is that both of them are installed in different places due to water and heat resistance capacity. Laminating flooring cannot resist water and hence is used in a dry place and also has to be cleaned with dry methods while vinyl is good for water and heat resistance; hence can also be used for wet places and can be cleaned using any method. Laminate flooring is slightly better when it comes to environmental impact due to the natural wood content in it. It is also more comfortable, softer, and quieter in comparison to vinyl flooring. Hence, vinyl flooring is mostly used for laundry, bathrooms, etc., where water is used regularly, while laminate flooring is used in dry areas due to the absence of water.

Vinyl flooring is the type of flooring that comes in sheets. It looks vintage in appearance and is best in terms of water resistance, it can be easily clean by any dry or wet methods, and therefore stain is not struck in this type of flooring. It is also an affordable option as compared to other floorings. It can be used in any part of the house, either a wet room or dry, making it a versatile option.

Laminate flooring is also the type of flooring made from multi-layer synthetic flooring. It looks like wood in appearance and hence liked by many. It is not used for wet areas and therefore is used for dry parts of the building, such as a living room or bedrooms, etc. This can be cleaned with a dry broom.

Comparison Table Between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

Parameters of ComparisonVinyl FlooringLaminate Flooring
AppearanceComparatively lessMore
Water and Heat ResistanceBestComparatively less
CleaningEasy to clean Difficult to clean
DurableMore durableLess durable
Best forLaundry and bathrooms etc.Dry areas

What is Vinyl Flooring?

It is also a type of flooring that looks like a wooden floor. Earlier it used to be made of felt or fabric at the back and hence not waterproof. But nowadays it is fully waterproof. That has added to its value. It can resist water for a longer period and then can be washed off easily. This is the best type of flooring for a place where constant water is there. This also leads to another advantage that it is to take care of cleaning easily. If needed is can also be scrubbed off with washing products. This does not require any expensive maintenance and can be used for a good period. 

It can be installed with the same process as other floorings, but if sheet vinyl flooring can require professionals to install it. It is an affordable option of flooring and even is cheaper as compared to other floorings. It came with a warranty of at least 20 years but also survived for more than this period. When burned, it can produce some toxic chemicals and cannot be recycled as it does not decomposes. It is stain resistant as covered with the top layer of aluminium oxide.

What is Laminate Flooring?

This flooring also appears like wooden, ceramic, or stone. Wooden core used for the manufacturing of laminate flooring swelled or get softer when it comes in contact with the water, which has proven to be the biggest disadvantage, and after drying, it does not comes to its original form. It just gets destroying slowly after getting in contact with water. Otherwise, it can be cleaned with a dry cloth or broom easily, or which wet comes that is nearly dried. 

It is exposed to water continuously. The layers of this flooring get destroyed easily and hence cannot survive or be used for a longer period. Otherwise, if this can be avoided, it will last for around 20 years. It is also an affordable option when it comes to flooring. Few things need to consider while choosing this flooring; otherwise, it is one of the best options among types of flooring. Although it is not entirely environmentally friendly, nowadays, it comes with a layer that can be decomposed. Although it does not contribute much to the environment. 

Main Differences Between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

  1. Both types of flowing are good in terms of appearance, but when compared, laminating flooring is said to be better as it resembles the hand-scraped hardwood, ceramic, and other minerals, while it is not the same with the vinyl flooring.
  2. The main advantage and the reason behind choosing vinyl flooring by most people are that it is better than laminate flooring in terms of water and heat resistance, but just that it is waterproof too. This is also the reason behind its usage in areas where it is more likely to get wet while laminating flooring is not good as vinyl in terms of resistance.
  3. In terms of cleaning the floor, both can be cleaned, but with vinyl flooring, there are many methods that can be used for the cleaning, such as wet mopping, and sweeping with a dry broom, etc., whereas laminate flooring can be cleaned best using dry methods, wet methods cannot be used for it.
  4. When it comes to durability, again vinyl flooring is chosen, as it can survive both wet and dry conditions and requires the least maintenance care and it is also the reason vinyl flooring is called resilient flooring, whereas laminate flooring requires maintenance and suitable conditions, therefore, is relatively less durable.
  5. Both of them have the same life span, but there is a condition with laminate flooring that it has to be kept dry, and only then it can survive for a long time, whereas this is condition is not required with the vinyl flooring.


Therefore, with all the above information, there should not be any confusion between both types of floorings. It is difficult to tell which flooring is better overall, but if considering water resistance fact, vinyl flooring does have an advantage over laminating flooring. But laminating flooring also has certain factors that cannot be avoided.

Both types of flooring costs are similar; therefore, they don’t have a difference in terms of affordability but are definitely more affordable than other floorings. Along with it, they are also similar in terms of stain resistance. If proper care is taken, they can survive for a long duration, and the appearance and other features they have for the cost is very impressive.


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