Difference Between Vital Proteins and Sports Research (With Table)

When you are a fitness freak, a sportsperson, and an arduous trainer, you might be in a phase where you would like to buy a sports supplement. With all the overwhelmingly promising options out there, you would confide and not sure about which one is the best. To help you decide between Vital proteins and sports research so that you can buy the appropriate one, we have come up with comparisons.

Vital Proteins vs Sports Research

The difference between Vital Proteins and Sport Research is the nutrients, vitamins, and the price. It might be helpful for you to achieve your goals and perform with never-ending energy and focus if you fill the buckets of all essential vitamins in your body by taking in the right options that better suit and enhance your performance. 

Vital protein’s main goal is to provide collagen by helping people to preserve their youth, slow and reduce the signs of aging by making them look young and healthy. Especially it is a collagen-rich supplement especially to help you age gracefully and slowly. It has been extremely popular over time due to its collagen-rich content.

Sports Research also provide you with your collagen content to reduce the signs of ageing. They are a flourished and famous organization in the field of supplements and sports equipment. The fame of their company visibly assures quality. Established in 1980, it never fails to provide the consumers with the best-suited solutions.

 Comparison Table Between Vital Proteins and Sports Research

Parameters of ComparisonVital ProteinsSports Research
Key Ingredient It uses collagen peptides rather than ordinary collagen. It is an enhanced type of collagen that provides greater benefits, results, and battles aging efficiently.  The key ingredient is collagen that retains youth and elasticity in the skin and provides strength to the bodily tissues and muscles. It also protects bones and joints.   
Cost It is less expensive and easily affordable if you choose this as a lifelong investment. It is an economical option.    It is comparatively expensive and might cost you more in the long run.
CertificationIt is not certified or authenticated by any agency or organization in particular, yet it is highly reliable and of high quality.  The ‘ paleo and keto ‘ foundation has technically verified this product and also given it a non- GMO certificate.
Bovine Collagen It lacks bovine collagen It has bovine collagen.
Side effectsThe collagen peptides while consumed in large portions might cause bowel troubles and also bloating in some people.         Bovine collagen might show an allergic reaction for a few people.

What is Vital Proteins?

It is best suited for people who are in search of an easy, less time-consuming, and valuable investment that will battle rapid aging and retain youth and healthy. Collagen supplements are the best to do this job, and if you are not happy with the pills with funky tastes and odors, then this is a wise option. They offer flavored collagen supplements that are not unpleasant in taste and motivates you to consume them more often.

Rather than conventional collagen, they offer collagen peptides that have higher efficiency and quality. This is something that makes them unique and a ‘ sought out ‘ product. It provides collagen peptides without GMOs and also promises to provide your body with the ‘ bovine collagen ‘ that is extracted from beef. In order to make it germ-free, consumable, and nonproblematic, they are also pasteurized with care.

The collagen is carefully extracted by completely discarding the fats. However, it is crucial to consume them in a moderate and composed fashion with the knowledge of the right dosage and quantity for better benefits and to discard side effects. Usually, professionals prefer two tablespoons or an amount of 20 grams for better and systematic benefit. There is no fixed quantity, and the consumers can vary accordingly without exceeding the limit.

What is Sports Research?

Sports research aims at providing consumers with an affordable and practical solution for reducing aging and enhance the collagen amount in their bodies. They are clinically researched and are carefully formulated with concern. These collagen peptides are less in molecular weight. It promotes elasticity of the skin and also integrates your body system together for better performance and a healthy body.

It strengthens the bones, tissues, muscles, and ligaments by improving your ability to love agile, be healthy and give you more energy and muscular strength so you can perform all your daily activities at ease and with energy. It claims to regenerate your body tissues for overall performance. This supplement does not taste bitter, and one need not worry about the taste ad it is quite pleasant.

The organization provides the consumers with various options to consume the powder by mixing it with any beverage, juices, smoothies, or even broth. Oatmeal and yogurts can also be flavored with these collagen supplements. It promotes healthy and young-looking skin. It significantly reduces visible signs o aging. It is easily absorbed in your body and digested at ease. The supplement is hydrolyzed and consists of around 18 amino acids to support your muscles and provide strength.

Main Differences Between Vital Proteins and Sports Research

  1. Vital Proteins contains collagen peptides, whereas Sports Research contains collagen.
  2. Vital Proteins is expensive than Sports Research.
  3. Vital Proteins is not certified, while Sports Research is certified.
  4. Vital Proteins lacks bovine collagen, but Sports Research contains bovine collagen.
  5. Vital Proteins might cause diarrhea and bloat, Sports Research might cause allergies.


Based on your personal need, necessities, and goals, you have to carefully decide on what you require. You have to go through these factors before choosing one between them. Both are of good quality and promising results. The main factor should be decided by you based on the facts provided. Calibrate your requirements and affordability.

When it comes to age with a busy lifestyle, we are often prone to ignore our body and skin, and the stress we go through might, unfortunately, speed up ageing, and this is a nontime consuming yet wonderful option to replenish your body and maintain that youthful glow.


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