Vodafone vs Orange: Difference and Comparison

Vodafone is a British telecommunications conglomerate located in Newbury, Berkshire, that provides goods all over the globe. Orange is a French international telecommunications firm headquartered in Paris.

France Télécom proposed in May 2000 the purchase of Orange’s worldwide markets from Vodafone at US$37 billion, which was finalized in August 2000. Following that, France Télécom renamed all of its cellular telecoms as Orange.

Key Takeaways

  1. Vodafone and Orange are major telecommunications companies, with Vodafone based in the UK and Orange headquartered in France.
  2. Both companies provide various services, including mobile, broadband, and television, but Vodafone has a larger global presence than Orange.
  3. Vodafone and Orange each have their strengths, such as Vodafone’s strong network coverage and Orange’s focus on innovation and customer service.

Vodafone vs Orange

The difference between Vodafone and Orange is that Vodafone is a British communication behemoth based in Newbury, whereas Orange is a French global telecommunications conglomerate situated in Paris. Vodafone and Orange are indeed the 2 largest companies in the cellular networking connectivity sector. These are 2 of the world’s top famous and respected mobile phone providers, plus they have created quite a reputation for themselves in the telecoms industry over the decades.

Vodafone vs Orange

Vodafone provides operations in 25 nations and has collaborations with over 45 additional providers. Racal Electronics Plc, formerly named Racal Telecom Limited, established Vodafone as a subordinate.


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In 1988, about 20% of the service provider’s equity was sold to the market on the London Stock Exchange. This is one of the world’s leading mobile phone carriers and telecommunications companies.

Orange is among the globe’s biggest mobile providers, with over 250 million users spread over 20 nations in Asia, Africa, Europe, as well as the Caribbean.

France Telecom’s cellular networking provider, telephone, as well as broadband connection supplier is known as Orange. It is a major European provider of cellular and fiber Internet access.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVodafoneOrange
Based inVodafone is a worldwide wireless communications business headquartered in the United Kingdom.Orange is the trademark name employed by France Telecom for its cellular networking administrator.
Provides Vodafone provides its operations in over 25 regions and has partnerships with carriers in over 45 nations.Orange provides its operations to over 20 countries with more than 250 million users.
Year of origin19911995
ServicesVodafone provides fixed DSL systems, broadband, as well as innovative services such as contactless banking and money transfers.In the bulk of the nations where the firm works, Orange encompasses cellular and telephone telecommunications, Web and tv offerings.

What is Vodafone?

Vodafone Group Plc is a cellular broadband company.

Speech facilities, such as cellphone broadband applications and speech roaming, messenger assistance, such as message photo and multimedia emailing on handheld phones, access technologies, such as electronic mail, smartphone penetration, Wifi on a smartphone, international roaming as well as remedied broadband assistance, fixed speech and information remedies, digital applications, and corporation infrastructure management, are all provided by the corporation. 

It offers commercial and individual alternatives, as well as premium smartphones and equipment.

The enterprise solution offers unified telecommunications, software services, efficiency solutions, phone and sending text messages, travel, and machine-to-machine remedies. 

The combined telecommunications system combines permanent and cellular telecommunications, as well as speech and information, into a single straightforward package.

Broadband internet, secure portable computing, and portable email are all available through mobility applications.

Vodafone Smart Chat, Vodafone Smart small, Vodafone Smart Tab II, Vodafone Smart III, Vodafone 575,  Vodafone Smart II, and Vodafone Chat are among the marketed smartphones and gadgets available. 

The firm was established in 1984 and is centered in Newbury, England.

The ‘Vodafone’ trademark began to evolve in 1982, with the founding of ‘Racal Strategic Radio Ltd,’ a division of Racal Electronics plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer of tactical radio equipment.

Racal Strategic Radio Ltd launched a combined company with Millicom dubbed ‘Racal Vodafone’ on Jan Stenbeck’s suggestion, which would subsequently grow into the current day Vodafone.


What is Orange?

The origin of the corporation is derived from the heritage of the Orange brand as well as France Télécom S.A. Orange’s beginnings may be traced back to the creation of “Microtel Communications Ltd” around 1990.

During the year 1994, Hutchison Whampoa purchased a majority share in Microtel Communications and rebranded it to Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd. 

The Orange trademark was introduced in the United Kingdom on April 28, 1994. During the year 1999, it established a division of Mannesmann AG, which was bought by Vodafone during the month of February 2000.

France Télécom S.A. purchased Orange from Vodafone during the month of August 2000.

France Télécom was named as the Directorate générale des Télécommunications until 1988 when it became a subsidiary for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. 

Since 1990, the corporation has operated as an independent legal entity from the government and has gained financial independence.

France Télécom began commercializing all of its goods under a unified global name on June 1, 2006, and Orange Business Services acquired the trademark for all of its professional solutions. 

The company’s name was modified to Orange S.A. on July 1, 2013. Orange S.A., with over 138 000 workers, is a member of the company of Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

Therefore is regarded as one of the largest global cellular networking providers. As per Forbes, it’s among the global highest 2000 biggest public firms.

orange telecom

Main Differences Between Vodafone and Orange

  1. Vodafone is a multinational business which is situated in the UK whereas orange is a multinational business which is situated in France.
  2. Vodafone has its connections in over 25 Nations whereas Orange has its connection in over 20 Nations.
  3. The company of Vodafone was established in the year 1991 but the company of orange was established in the year 1995.
  4. Vodafone provides unique services such as fund transfer running and contactless banking whereas Orange does not have any such distinctive services.
  5. The company of Vodafone is an independent business whereas the company of orange is a subsidiary of a larger business.
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