Wacaco Nanopresso vs Minipresso: Difference and Comparison

No day can start without our daily dose of espresso. But we do not have the leisure to stay and make our coffee every day, or we may be on a trip or just on the go and be craving a cup of coffee; we need an express solution.

This is where the Wacaco Nanopresso and Minipresso come in.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nanopresso is lighter and smaller than Minipresso, making it more portable.
  2. Minipresso has a semi-automatic piston, while the Nanopresso has a manual operation.
  3. The Nanopresso has more accessories, including a barista kit, while the Minipresso has fewer accessory options.

Nanopresso vs Minipresso

The difference between the Nanopresso and the Minipresso is that Nanopresso is an upgraded version of the portable coffee maker machines than the Minipresso. The Nanopresso is also more compact than the Minipresso. The Nanopresso is also much lighter and more convenient to clean than the Minipresso.

Nanopresso vs Minipresso

Nanopresso is the latest technology in the portable coffee maker market. It comes with a pressure of 18 bars, is non-electric, and works with various types of ground coffee.


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It is one of the most advanced coffee makers and the first choice of all caffeine enthusiasts.

The Wacaco Minipresso is a one-of-its-kind compact portable coffee maker. It is easy to use and works with varieties of ground coffee.

Whether you are travelling or not, the quality of your coffee will not decline at the hands of this non-electrical coffee maker.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNanopressoMinipresso
HeightIt is 15.5 cm in height.It is 17.5 cm in height.
WeightIt weighs 336 g, which is 24 g less than Minipresso.It weighs 360 g.
Water Reservoir CapacityThe Nanopresso has a reservoir level of 80 ml.The Minipresso has a reservoir level of 70 ml.
Maximum pressureThe maximum pressure that can be reached is 18 bars.The maximum pressure that can be reached is 8 bars.
Compatible with capsulesThe Nanopresso is compatible with NS capsules.The Minipresso GR is incompatible with capsules, but the Minipresso NS version is.

What is Nanopresso?

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a much better or, shall we say, upgrade of the Wacaco Minipresso. It has all the advantages of the Minipresso, only better.

It is more compact and lighter as it weighs only 336g and is only 15.5 cm tall. But this new advancement hasn’t brought down the quality of the brand.

On the contrary, it has expanded its water reservoir level to 80 ml and a portafilter size to 8g.

The Nanopresso protects your hands from heat as a heatsink pattern lines them. It also provides a maximum of 18 bars of pressure with its pump system that enables you to manufacture that perfect shot of espresso.

As much as one would love this version, it is also delightful to adapt to attachments and advancements. The NS adaptor is a great accessory when travelling, and the need to make coffee with capsules arises.

Since it is not based on electricity, one can operate it quickly as and when one wishes. The Nanopresso parts are easily detachable and thus make it easier to clean and store in your kitchen.

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What is Minipresso?

The Wacaco Minipresso was one of the best introductions to the portable coffee maker market and has shown to be quite a promising and cheap alternative.

It has an optimum pressure of 8 bars or 116 PSI and is a compact and versatile coffee-making option. It weighs 360 grams and is 17 cm in height. It has a 70 ml water reservoir capacity and 8 grams of ground capacity.

Once the piston is unlocked, it is easy to operate and pump it to the optimum pressure to get that eye-opening shot of espresso in the morning.

Since it is operated by hand, it requires no electricity or N2O cartridges. It has a built-in espresso cup and scoops, working best with super-fine grind coffee.

The Minipresso is of two types, the Minipresso GR and the Minipresso NS. The only difference is that Minipresso GR cannot work with NS capsules, while Minipresso NS can.

The Minipresso is not capable of boiling the water. Thus, you have to put hot water into it. Its cleaning is a bit messy at times, but other than that, the Minipresso is efficient, quick, and easy to use for your “espresso time”, regardless of whether you are at home or travelling.

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Main Differences Between Nanopresso and Minipresso

The main difference between the Nanopresso and the Minipresso is that the Nanopresso is a newer, updated version of the Minipresso. The Nanopresso can be called a Minipresso, only better. Other small yet significant differences include:

  1. The difference in height and weight is that the Nanopresso is smaller (15.5 cm) in height and lighter (336 g) in weight. The Minipresso is 17.5 cm in height and weighs 360 g.
  2. The water reservoir capacity for the Nanopresso is 80 ml which is higher than the Minipresso capacity of 70 ml.
  3. The optimum pressure for a Nanopresso is 18 bars, whereas a Minipresso can only reach 8 bars.
  4. NS capsules are compatible with Nanopresso. The Minipresso GR version is not compatible with the NS capsules, but the NS version is.
  5. The Nanopresso provides a smoother experience while cleaning it than the Minipresso.
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