Wacom Intuos vs Intuos Pro: Difference and Comparison

Today, drawing is related to drawing flowers or scenery on paper, but today’s picture has evolved dramatically. It is used for many purposes, like designing logos and drawing digitally.

The new name for modern drawing is graphic designing, done on select devices and software called graphic tablets.

Without a doubt, Wacom is the best brand in the market that manufactures quality tablets and graphic tablets and the best styluses for better grip and calibration.

Wacom’s Intuos and Intuos Pro are the best graphic tablets that the company manufactures.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Wacom Intuos is a beginner-level graphic tablet suitable for hobbyists and students, while Wacom Intuos Pro is a professional-grade graphic tablet suitable for professional graphic designers and artists.
  2. Wacom Intuos has a smaller drawing area and lower pressure sensitivity than Wacom Intuos Pro, which has a larger drawing area and higher pressure sensitivity.
  3. Wacom Intuos Pro has more advanced features, such as tilt recognition and multi-touch gesture support, while Wacom Intuos has fewer features and is more affordable.

Wacom Intuos vs Intuos Pro

The difference between Intuos and Intuos Pro is that Intuos is more of a hobby tablet for newbies who have joined the world of graphic design. Still, Intuos Pro is for Professionals as it Provides excellent features packed in a single tablet.

Wacom Intuos vs Intuos Pro

The Intuos also provides a great pressure sensitivity so that the creator can quickly fill in the shade or darken particular areas in drawings, which is the essential feature of the design. Still, Intuos doesn’t offer any pressure sensitivity.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWacom IntuosWacom Intuos Pro
MeaningIntuos is a base model for graphic designing with standard features like a small area. Which also offers a bundle essential for beginners with the purchase.The Intuos Pro is for the Professionals. The features it provides are used by prominent graphic designers, like the tilt and pressure sensitivity for filling up places in drawings.            
Working AreaIt offers two options in terms of a working area that is small and medium.It offers two options that are medium and large, which are ideal for working and drawing.
Stylus QualitiesThe Intuos offers a basic stylus that is cordless and battery-free with standard pressure sensitivity.The Intuos Pro offers the same cordless and battery-free features but also provides an eraser at the end and improved pressure sensitivity.
Head-Up DisplayThis feature lets the user keep a small menu opened up for quick access, which is not present in Intuos.Intuos offers a very advanced and easily accessible HUD that can drag from the top and be used.
Express KeysAlso known as the quick buttons that help change tools, Intuos offers only four keys.The Intuos Pro offers eight express keys for easy tool access and change.

What is Wacom Intuos?

Wacom Intuos is one of the bestselling graphic tablets for beginners who want to make their way into digital drawing.

It is one of the bestselling tablets because of its features.

With it working space is one of the number one priorities for every creator so that they can create the most out of a small area, but Intuos offers a small or medium working space option that can be difficult for some users.

It also comes with a cordless stylus and a battery-free pen that doesn’t need to be charged; it can be used without hassle.

It offers a fundamental sensitivity level not to fill in or shade in the required places.

It doesn’t offer any head-up display option that some creators require but not for everyone. Wacom Intuos also offers four express keys Programmed by the user.

One of the bestselling features of the tablet is that it Provides you with bundled software that can be easily downloaded on your PC without paying the user can use the software.

wacom intuos

What is Wacom Intuos Pro?

Wacom Intuos is one of the bestselling graphic tablets for Professionals who have achieved a particular level of graphic design because of its features. Working space is the number one priority.

The tablet provides a large working area, so big drawings can be made quickly.

It also offers a cordless stylus and is battery-free to go to, not cause any hassle. It Provides an excellent pressure sensitivity for easy filling up on areas and an eraser to rub your mistakes easily.

It offers a tremendous head-up display menu where all the functions and tools can be easily accessed by dragging the menu from the top right corner.

It offers a massive number of the express because it can be used easily and Programmed to do a feature like a zoom, scrolling, or customizing strokes.

It also offers a Bluetooth option connected to your computer via Bluetooth and gives you a cordless free experience.

The tablet’s features are great for Professional designers looking to upgrade the working or the style.

wacom intuos pro

Main Differences between Wacom Intuos and Intuos Pro

  1. The Intuos is a basic graphic designing tablet for those about to enter the graphic designing world, as it Provides easy-access features. In contrast, the Intuos Pro is made for advanced and Professional graphic designers.
  2. The Intuos only offers four express keys as a beginner tablet; it doesn’t require much up-gradation. In contrast, the Intuos Pro offers eight express keys in the Pro tablet, a basic necessity for Prominent creators. The keys are customizable.
  3. The Intuos Provides a basic stylus that is cordless and also battery-less. In contrast, the Intuos Provides an advanced stylus that is cordless and battery-less, but it also provides an eraser at the end to give the actual drawing experience.
  4. The Intuos Provides less pressure sensitivity, making it unable to fill shade or strokes in a particular area. In contrast, The Intuos Pro Provides a very high-pressure sensitivity that makes it reliable for specific strokes.
  5. The Intuos is a corded tablet that needs to be connected to the computer via cords, whereas the Intuos Pro has Bluetooth to Provide a cordless experience.
Difference Between Wacom Intuos and Intuos Pro
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