Difference Between Water Lily and Lotus (With Table)

Water Lily is also called nymphaea. Lotus is called nelumbo. They both are water plants, and they are so beautiful. They both are pond blooming plants and are rich in color.

Water Lily and Lotus are easy to grow. Both the plants grow from June until October. Water Lily commonly grows in white color, and Lotus grows commonly in pink color. These colors are very distinct and colorful to observe.

Water Lily vs Lotus

The difference between water lily and lotus is that the leaves and flowers in water lily are thick, while in lotus, they are thin. The petal in the lotus is rounded, and in water lily, the petals are pointed. The growth of lotus is about 12 inches, and water lily grows 2-5 feet.

Hardy and tropical are two types of water lily. Water lily should be planted in plastic containers as it is an aquatic plant. Use topsoil for planting water lily, which is free of pesticides. The container should be huge as the rhizome spreads inside the container. Water lily flowers last for approximately a week.

If the tuberous rhizomes in the lotus dos do not freeze, it will be hard. The lotus lasts till a year. Lotus prefers warm weather and will start to grow when the water temperature rises degrees above 70. The first leaves of the lotus float on water. The older leaves of the lotus are in the air.

Comparison Table Between Water Lily and Lotus

Parameters of ComparisonWater LilyLotus
Size of the leavesWater Lily leaves are thick.Lotus leaves are thin and soft.
Color of flowersThey are commonly seen in white color.They are commonly seen in pink color.
OriginWater Lily is found in native America.Lotus is found in northern India through Northern Indochina.
FragranceWater lily has a strong scent.Lotus has a mild fragrance.
Growing areaThe Grow in muddy ponds.They grow in swamps.

What is Water Lily?

Water Lily is a beautiful aquatic plant that commonly grows in water. The seeds of a water lily grow above the water. The water lily is commonly seen in different colors, such as blue and white. Water lily contains lots of petals where the color of the petals is white or rose.

The size of the water lily is comparatively small. It belongs to the family of Nymphaeaceae. Water lily leaves have cuts in them. Leaves are green in color and are purple or dark purple. Water lily contains many petals. The growth of seed occurs inside the water commonly.

Water lily is jewels of water plants. Their leaves are round and large, which floats on water. They grow in zones of USD 10-11. Their petals are tapered towards the end. They grow in muddy water, and also they grow in a shallow stream. They are cup-shaped.

The stock of tropical water lily is the long stalk. They have more fragrances. Hardy types of water lily mostly bloom during the daytime. The lifetime of water lily leaf lasts till a week. When the lifetime of a water lily flower ends, it slowly sinks into the water. We can change the water lily to a small container.

What is Lotus?

Lotus are plants that commonly grow on water. The size of the Lotus is bigger. Lotus are commonly used for devotional purposes. Lotus prefers to grow in warm weather. The new leaves of the lotus float on water, and the old leaves are raised in the air. Lotus are commonly seen in pink color.

The lotus needs to get more sunlight for about six hours. Lotus belongs to Nelumbonaceae. The native distribution of lotus is from Northern India through Indochina. Lotus grows in shallow ponds. The leaves of flowers grow above the water. It mostly grows in zones of USD 5-10. The leaves are round.

The petals of the flower are bigger, and they are not variegated. The Lotus leaves contain trichomes, and they are blunt. The number of petals is less, and they are mostly seen in colors of white or pink. The growth of seed occurs below the water.

The flowers of the lotus are seen above the water level. The stem of the flower is the connected middle of the leaf. The waterleaf is repellent, and it bends upon the surface. The flowers grow about 8 inches. The flowers are open all day and close at night. The leaves self-clean themselves.

Main Differences Between Water Lily and Lotus

  1. The leave of both plants differs in size where the water lily leaves are thick, and lotus leaves are thin and soft.
  2. The water lily Is mostly seen in white in color, and the lotus is seen in pink in color.
  3. The origin of the water lily is Native America, and the lotus is found in Northern India through Northern Indochina.
  4. Water lily has a strong fragrance, and lotus has a mild fragrance.
  5. Water lily mostly grows in muddy ponds, and Lotus grows in swamps.


Water Lily and Lotus both are beautiful plants. They grow only on water. They can be stored in a container with water. The size of leaves and flowers differ in size. Their leaves are commonly round in shape. When the flowers die, they sink deep into the water. Both the stems go underground. Their fragrance is different from each other.

Water Lily flowers last longer up to two weeks and have notched leaves. Lotus last up to a week and does not have a notched leaf. They grow in different places and at different times. Water Lily grows in muddy ponds, and lotus grows in swamps. Water lily and lotus are in different shapes. Both the plant is special in their shape and their size.


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