Waterloo vs Bubly: Difference and Comparison

Water is the most important thing that a human body needs to survive. Now, not only are there numerous packed water companies, but new products and businesses are taking this vital source to different levels. Sparkling water has been among the most popular water beverages for years.

Since sparkling water is similar in calories to normal water, it is considered a nice alternative to basic water. Waterloo and Bubly are a type of these sparkling waters. There are many companies that are in the business of carbonated water, and it totally depends on the taste of the person on which company’s product they like the best.

Key Takeaways

  1. Waterloo and Bubly are both brands of sparkling water.
  2. Waterloo has a slightly larger range of flavors than Bubly.
  3. Bubly is owned by PepsiCo, while Waterloo is an independent brand.

Waterloo vs Bubly

Waterloo is a brand of flavoured sparkling water that is naturally flavoured, free of calories, sugar, and sodium, and is a popular choice for those who want a healthy and refreshing beverage. Bubly is also a brand of flavoured sparkling water that is free of calories, sugar, and sodium.

Waterloo vs Bubly

Waterloo is a sparkling water company based in Austin, Texas, in the United States. There were six flavours available of sparkling water at the start of the business, but now there are in total 12, including the original sparkling water.


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Bubly is a company that produces sparkling water for people. A well-known company itself owns the business that is Pepsi. Though the company launched in 2018, it became popular in 2019 after Michael Bublé unveiled its AD during the Superbowl.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWaterlooBubly
Company owned byFlexis CapitalPepsi
Year of discoverySeptember 2017 Early of 2018
Discovered bySean Cusack, Clayton Christopher, Brandon Cason, Daniel Barnes, and CAVU Venture Partners.People at PepsiCo
Flavors available11, the number of flavors is lesser than the number of water produced by Bubly.Bubly currently has 15 choices of sparkling water to choose from.
Packages available in 8 pack & 12 pack available.8 pack, 12 pack, and 18 pack available.

What is Waterloo?

Waterloo is a company that has a wide range of sparkling water, making the choices of the customers better. Earlier, when the company started, it had only 6 fruit flavours alongside the normal sparkling water. Now there are currently 11 flavours available.

The water by Waterloo is free of sweeteners, sodium, and any sweeteners or any other unwanted additives. The beverage can be drunk on its own, or one can add juice or fruit into the water or use it as an ingredient in different types of cocktails.

The cans used to store and ship the water are BPA-free. The water is free from some of the major allergens, which are wheat, nuts, and dairy. The inner layer of the cans is of aluminium, making the inside water not affected in its taste.

waterloo sparkling water

What is Bubly? 

Bubly is a company that sells sparkling water of various kinds. It is said that their products are unsweetened and caffeine-free. Since the ingredients are water and natural flavour, and there are no added sweeteners or sugar, it is a nice choice for people who want to have the flavour of sweet water but can’t or don’t want to.

There are currently eight flavours available by Bubly to offer its customers: lime, grapefruit, strawberry, lemon, orange, apple, mango, and cherry. People can drink these waters just as they are or mix some of the flavours and make a mocktail out of them.

Bubly sparkling water is considered one of the healthy waters in the carbonates water list. Having no sugars and no calories is liable for people on a diet like keto, etc. The packaging of the sparkling water is quite cool and takes the attention of the people, especially the new generation because they have emoji-like faces and small sayings like textspeak, yo, etc., that keep the interest of the users.


Main Differences Between Waterloo and Bubly

  1. The range of products by Waterloo is lesser than the number of products by Bubly. Waterloo currently has 11 flavours produced for the customers, while Bubly currently has 16 different ranges of sparkling water flavours.
  2. Waterloo has the name of the flavours inscribed on the cans and bottles like in normal packaging of products. But Bubly has taken a new take into their packaging, that is, writing the flavour names like mangobubly, cherrybubly instead of the ordinary Mango and Cheery names.
  3. The sparkling water of Waterloo is caffeine-free, while Bubly Bounce, a range of Bubly sparkling water, has caffeine in its sparkling water. To be approx, a can of Bubly Bounce would have 35 gm of caffeine in it.
  4. Waterloo was formed by a number of people and CAVU venture partners and then sold to Flexis Capital, a private investment group. On the other hand, Bubly was formed by PepsiCo and is still under that company.
  5. Bubly offers up greetings on the tabs of its cans. This gives people a sense of happiness and adds quirkiness by making a fun play on the marketing. Waterloo, on the other hand, Waterloo has the name of the flavour on the packaging.
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