WeVideo vs Filmora: Difference and Comparison

Video creation and editing is a new-age establishment of a brand. Many small and big businesses look for various ways to attract the crowd to use their product or services.

Not only that, but video creation can also help to create e-learning tutorials, a wise move towards the modern education system. The technology has developed in such a way that video creation has become very easy, like making coffee.

There are many video editing software and web-based applications available in the market. All offer their unique advantages over the other.

Wonderful web-based video creation and editing tools called Wevideo and a video creating and editing software called Filmora are available in the market for customers’ choice.


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Though both of them work on the same aspect with the highest quality of videos being created, there are a few differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform accessible from any device, while Filmora is a downloadable software with a more comprehensive set of features.
  2. WeVideo facilitates collaboration and sharing, allowing multiple users to work on a project, while Filmora is single-user software.
  3. Filmora requires a more powerful computer for optimal performance, while WeVideo is less resource-intensive and works on various devices.

WeVideo vs Filmora

WeVideo offers video sharing, uploading audio or video files, managing videos and images, unlimited tracks, and other features. While video editing software called Filmora is offered with a monthly or yearly subscription. It has a large selection of accessible effects and offers 4k editing.

WeVideo vs Filmora


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonWeVideoFilmora
Flexibility of usageWevideo is a cloud-based application. That means to say the user can use the application anywhere he wants. The user does not require to download any software to create enchanting videos.Filmora is a software tool that needs to be downloaded. It is not a cloud-based application; this means to say that the user is restricted to using it on one device of the choice in which the tool is downloaded.
Tools for CollaborationThis is a sensational feature of Wevideo. Being a cloud-based application, the user is allowed to share videos, templates, and much more. The user can also add multiple members to the account as a team.No such collaboration is possible with Filmora.
Library – Built-in stockUnlimited usage of more than a million licensed, professional-quality videos and audios are available on desktops. This feature is also available on mobile devices too.Filmora does not offer any such services to mobile devices.
Import and Export – Audio OnlyWevideo allows the feature of just importing and exporting the audio alone from a video file.Filmora allows services to import and export both video and audio together.
Trial VersionsWevideo is magnanimous; it offers a free trial without any required data like credit card details.Filmora requires credit card details to have an attempt.


What is WeVideo?

Wevideo is a web-based video editing platform. It works in any browser of the customer’s choice.

The company Wevideo is headquartered in the US; the application is a collaborative cloud-based application which is most sought after by the people. Wevideo came into existence in the year 2011.

Being a web-based application, the user has the freedom to use it anywhere. The user can add team members to the account and share templates, videos, and audio.

The solution offered to the world about creating and editing videos is fantastic. The application can also be used on a desktop or mobile device.

Wevideos is well known for its library stock of images and videos. The user is left with a million options like videos, footage, music, and pictures that he can choose from. 

The best part is that the stock in content comes for free for business and professional subscription plans. 

Being a cloud-based application and multiple people can work on the same video simultaneously; it has its challenges. The building page suffers some performance when multiple people work at the same time on the same video.

Of course, Wevideo saves time and the storage capacity of your hard disk. It can be easily saved and clouded, and invoked whenever it is needed.


What is Filmora?

Filmora is a video editing tool available for users to create enchanting videos of their choice. It is indeed not a web-based application.

Filmora is a tool that needs to be downloaded for its use. This limits the user from using it in one dedicated computer.

Filmora, developed by a company called Wondershare, has a wide range of users from beginner to intermediate level. The tool has a few excellent features, like the drag-and-drop interface option and the preview window.

Filmora is compatible with Windows as well as macOS. There are many versions of Filmora available in the market. Filmora itself is one of the versions.

It is considered the most straightforward video editing software with specific preset templates for the video and its effects.

FilmoraPro is the premium version of the software. There is a mobile version of the software called FilmoraGo. Filmora has a few features which are never found anywhere, like intuitive tools.

The split-screen functionality is named for viewing multiple clippings at the same time. Filmora is a tool that can be used by a beginner too. If a person wants to learn video editing can use Filmora sure. 

Main Differences Between WeVideo and Filmora

  1. The Video quality is fabulous when it comes to both of these applications. However, there are a few differences. The main difference between Wevideo and Filmora is Wevideo is a cloud-based application while Filmora is a tool that needs to be downloaded for its usage.
  2. Being a cloud-based application, the usage flexibility with Wevideo is more than Filmora. The user can use it anywhere that he wants as the video and other relevant information are stored in the cloud, and the same is not with Filmora. Filmora is software that can be downloaded in a particular system and is restricted to that system only.
  3. Wevideo allows users to collaborate the work with other team members. The application allows users to add many members as a team and work together in the same video. There is no opportunity for collaboration with Filmora.
  4. Wevideo has a whopping one million built-in footage, videos, images, and music that the user can use. There is no such library stock available in Filmora.
  5. Wevideo allows users to import and export audio only, and this feature is unique and is not available with Filmora.
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