White vs Yellow Corn: Difference and Comparison

Zea mays, or Maize, is one of the most important cereals in India. It is used for many essential purposes such as cornflour, making popcorn, toppings, salads, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  1. White Corn is a type of corn that has a white kernel, while Yellow Corn has a yellow kernel.
  2. White Corn is sweeter and has a more delicate flavor, while Yellow Corn is more flavorful and has a slightly firmer texture.
  3. White Corn is often used in tortillas and chips, while Yellow Corn is used in cornbread and grits.

White Corn vs Yellow Corn

White corn is a grain crop with white kernels on its ear due to absence of carotenoids. White corns are sweeter in taste. Yellow corns are light yellow colored due to the kernels possessing a pigment called carotenoids. Yellow corn possesses more nutritional value due to beta carotenoid.

White Corn vs Yellow Corn

White Corn is a robust and elongated appearance. The height of the white corn plant measured between 10-25 cm. White Corn is mainly used in making cornflakes cereals, used as pizza toppings, and can be eaten after sauteing. The sugar content present in the kernels is very high.

Yellow Corn is said to be a variety of sweet corn. The alignment of the kernels is light and uniform. They can contain up to 400 kernels in one single ear. The availability season of yellow corn is throughout the year.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWhite CornYellow Corn
 Made Up OfThey are made up of creamy white kernels.They are made up of pale yellow colour kernels
TasteThey are sweeterThey are less sweet
Used InWhite corn flour is used in less sweet, needed recipesYellow corn flour is used in sweeter recipes required.
FlavourIt does not have any taste.It has a robust and powerful flavour.   
Vitamin ContentIt has less Vitamin A and B contentIt has more Vitamin A and B content.

What is White Corn?

White Corn comes with a strong, cylindrical, elongated appearance. The plant White Corn’s average height is between 10-25 cm in length.

The taste of the white kernels is delightful, and they are very crispy and tender. But after they were ripe, the kernels became hard and doughier.

The nutritional value of White Corn is that they are a rich source of fibre and helps in improving the digestive tract. Also, they contain Vitamin E, which helps stimulate free radicals in the body, and Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

The colour of the kernels is supposed to be because of the absence of the pigment called carotenoids in them. They also have less amount of lutein present in them.

white corn

What is Yellow Corn?

Yellow Corn is one of the common varieties of sweet corn type. They are surrounded and covered with golden silk fibres and tassels extending up to the tip.

The kernels of Yellow Corn are less sweet if compared to White Corn. They are starchy and doughy in texture. They are sweetened till they are ripe. And after their ripening, they became complex and less sweet.

They have a rich nutrient value compared to that White Corn. The content of Vitamin A in them is pretty significant. This is so because of the presence of the pigment known as Carotenoids, which is responsible for the colour of the kernels.

They have a high content of lutein present in them. And is mainly popular in the Northern areas of the United States. They are primarily used in tossing because they blend very well in portions of pasta and salads.

yellow corn

Main Differences Between White and Yellow Corn

  1. It is found that White corn does not have any flavour, while Yellow corn persists of robust and powerful flavour.
  2. The nutrient content of both the corn types is also different as White Corn consists of less Vitamin content than Yellow Corn as they have larger Vitamin A and B content. 
Difference Between White and Yellow Corn
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