XBOX 360 4GB vs XBOX 360 250GB: Difference and Comparison

Home Video Game Console is always preferred among young adults in this era. It can be very well customized for our needs. XBOX 360 is a successful gaming platform developed by Microsoft.

Key Takeaways

  1. Xbox 360 4GB has a smaller hard drive than Xbox 360 250GB.
  2. Xbox 360 250GB has more storage capacity and can hold more games, music, and videos than Xbox 360 4GB.
  3. Xbox 360 4GB is an entry-level console, while Xbox 360 250GB is a higher-end console with more features and capabilities.

XBOX 360 4GB vs XBOX 360 250 GB

The Xbox 360 – 4GB is a video game console manufactured by Microsoft with 4GB of internal storage and supports online gaming via Xbox Live, released in 2010. The Xbox 360 – 250 GB is a video game console that came out in 2009 by Microsoft with a large 250 GB hard drive for storage. It supports online gaming via Xbox Live.

XBOX 360 4GB vs XBOX 360 250 GB

XBOX 360 4GB is an incredible model Microsoft developed with flash memory attached to it. This is an advantageous feature of this model. XBOX 360 4GB has faster-read rates.

XBOX 360 250GB, as the name implies, has more memory capacity. A Hard drive is connected to it. This enables the user to store a lot of games, movies and many media files.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXBOX 360 4GBXBOX 360 250GB
Processor3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon (45nm)CPU: 3.2-GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon GPU: 500 MHz ATI Xenos
Storage Capacity4GB250GB
External MemoryOne can connect the external hard drive to make it as competitive as 250GB consoles.Not Available
Read RatesFaster compared to XBOX 360 250GB.Not as fast as XBOX 360 4GB
PriceLess Expensive. However, flash memory is expensive compared to any memory device.It is expensive but a one-time expense though

What is XBOX 360 4GB?

XBOX 360 4GB is an excellent gaming console for people looking for the device’s looks. The amazing slim design of the device has 4 GB memory.

Not only the size of the device but also the noise levels are greatly reduced in this model. It is probably the only gaming console that has 802.11n Wi-Fi that is inbuilt.

The 4GB flash memory indeed cannot help you save more games. More importantly, not more than 2 games can be saved. However, this memory design enables faster read rates.

This model is a hit because of its low power consumption. Also, you can connect an external memory device like a hard disk to enable more memory space.

xbox 360 4gb

What is XBOX 360 250GB?

XBOX 360 250GB is one of the models of XBOX 360 that comes with an inbuilt hard drive that can help you store media files up to 250GB.

The device can help you store more games as compared to the 4Gb version. The available memory space helps the user load the games relatively faster than the XBOX 360 4GB version.

Most of the games that revolve around the market require a hard drive. This trouble is highly negated because of the console’s design.

The hardware support for all the XBOX 360 versions has stopped. Microsoft still offers software support for existing users. Launched in the year 2005, it picked up more sales only in the later stage.

xbox 360 250gb

Main Differences Between XBOX 360 4GB and XBOX 360 250GB

  1. Upgrading the memory space in the case of the 4GB model is an added benefit, while such benefits are not available in the 250GB model. It is not required as the inbuilt hard drive can be more than sufficient.
  2. The redundancy of the memory space gives another trouble to the XBOX 360 4GB model. It cannot allow you to play many games as it may have the primary requirement as a Hard drive.
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