Xenon vs Zephyr: Difference and Comparison

We all are fond of gadgets, video games, the latest smartphones, laptops but what we don’t know is what’s the heart of all these devices, its motherboard, and CPU of the device.

Xenon and Zephyr Xbox 360 are different code names used for different models of motherboards. Xenon is the first codename found in the core version.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Xenon is a noble gas with the chemical symbol Xe, while Zephyr is a light wind or gentle breeze.
  2. Xenon has lighting, medical imaging, and space propulsion applications, while Zephyr is a term used in meteorology and poetry.
  3. The word “xenon” is derived from the Greek word for “stranger,” whereas “zephyr” comes from the Greek word for “west wind.”

Xenon vs Zephyr

The difference between xenon and zephyr is that the Xenon does not have an HDMI port whereas the Zephyr has an HDMI port. The HDMI port is considered a major difference if you have other HD equipment. The Zephyr seamlessly connects to an HDTV and can display great graphics and videos in HD quality. Xenon can handle the same resolution but does not have an HD interface so it cannot broadcast HD video.


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Xenon vs Zephyr

Xenon is the name of both processor and motherboard which is developed by different companies with collaboration in totally different years and purposes were also different.

Xenon is the processor was developed by the intel team back in 1998 and the motherboard was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with IBM in 2006 for the first release of Xbox.

The Zephyr Xbox 360 was modified primarily for the motherboard and case. Originally it was found with the Elite console. This is the first modification of the Xbox 360 to include features such as HDMI and HANA.

Along with this, its board has been given a new look. In this, the die size of the GPU has been reduced and eDRAM is also built based on the GPU.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonXenonZephyr
DefinitionXenon is a type of CPU which is codenamed by Microsoft which is named XCPU. It is used in the game console of XBOX 360.The Zephyr Xbox 360 was modified primarily for the motherboard and case.
Original designXenon was originally designed in November 2005Zephyr was originally designed in May 2007.
FeaturesThere is no HDMI port in the xenon.Zephyr gets features like an HDMI port, better GPU cooler.
Xbox 360Xenon is found on the core Xbox 360.Zephyr is found on premium Xbox 360. 
GPU heatsinkXenon GPU HEATSINK is of normal qualityZephyr’s GPU HEATSINK is of superior quality

What is Xenon?

Xeon is a type of microprocessor brand designed, manufactured, and marketed by Intel. It was first introduced in June 1998.

Many features are available to Xenon processors such as RAM support, higher core count, higher PCI Express lanes, ECC memory, etc.

The Xeon brand is continued by two processors for two generations, the IA-32, and x86-64 processors.

All older desktop processor models added the xenon moniker to the end of their names, but more recent models use only xenon.

Xenon CPUs have multiprocessing capabilities as well as more cash than their desktop counterparts.

The first Xenon brand processor was the Pentium II Xenon, code-named Drake. It was released through Intel’s server lineup to replace the Pentium Pro. Then in 1999, this Xenon was replaced by the Pentium III Xeon.

It later became the first Pentium III xenon named Tanner, reflecting further changes from the “Deschutes” core to the “Katmai” core.

Until 2013, Xenon processors continued to be used only in supercomputers. This processor was used in more than 80% of the machines in the top 500 in 2013.

Intel was also introduced in the market through this, which is known for being the fastest machine. It came from the name of Xenon Phi.

The machines using it came in 2012 and 2013 it was used in the fastest computer.

What is Zephyr?

As we saw the use of xenon processor on Xbox motherboard and issues with it in the above section, Zephyr was built as a replacement for xenon in Xbox 360 motherboard.

The most basic visual difference we could identify between Zephyr and Xenon was it had an HDMI port. A new revision of the Xbox360 was only exclusively available for the elite consoles.

Zephyr was the first Xbox 360 to have a HANA chip HDMI port and redesigning of the board which also led to reducing the size of the GPU to 80nm from 90nm, depending on which GPU model is integrated into the board the size of EDRM was also reduced.

Adding the HDMI port might look very minimal but the basic idea behind adding a port was to support the HD applications.

The Zephyr has a three-pin fan connector. It houses the heat pipe as well as the new extended GPU heatsink. It also gets the 120 GB high drive of the new elite model.

Apart from this, its motherboard layout has been updated. Also available shipping with Hitachi 78 or 79 and BenQ DVD drives. Along with this, if it is further upgraded, then it may also have a light-on-drive.

Main Differences Between Xenon and Zephyr

  1. Xenon is an older codename used for both processor and motherboard. It was discovered by Intel as a processor and by Microsoft for the motherboard while Zephyr is a new and updated layout motherboard used in Xbox 360.
  2. Xenon was originally designed in November 2005 whereas Zephyr was originally designed in May 2007.
  3. There is no HDMI port in the xenon while Zephyr gets features like an HDMI port, better GPU cooler.
  4. Xenon is found on the core Xbox 360 whereas Zephyr is found on premium Xbox 360.
  5. Xenon GPU HEATSINK is of normal quality while Zephyr’s GPU HEATSINK is of superior quality.
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