Difference Between XP Home and XP Professional

The XP takes networking to the next level with its new editions. Windows XP Home and XP Professional are the first released editions.


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The XP Home is designed for home users, and the XP Professional is designed for professional work. Microsoft is the manufacturer of both editions.

Windows XP is the operating system of both Home and professional editions.

XP Home vs XP Professional

The difference between XP Home and XP Professional is that their networking features. The XP Home is lacking in domain membership support when compared to XP Professional. The domain membership will increase the security of the desktop. By using the membership, users can easily access the domain resources. Since XP Home edition has no domain membership, it can not access the group policies. The XP Professional has the default advantage of Kerberos authentication.

XP Home vs XP Professional 1

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The Windows XP Home is principally for home using. The XP Home is a basic package with primary features. It has only limited networking support. Windows XP will not be allowed its users to access the domain names.

The XP Home is strictly for home uses. It has only a peer to peer networking. The XP Home will only act as the client. XP Home has a wireless network feature.

The Windows XP Professional is for professional services. It has every feature included in the XP Home and more. By using pro edition, you can access the domain support.

The IPsec in XP Professional allows for authentication and encryption for the traffic from the computer. IT is easy to implement and connect across the computers.

XP Professional lets you connect to the remote desktop.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXP HomeXP Professional
Domain MembershipXP Home can’t access domain supportXP Professional has domain membership
Group PolicyXP Home has no group policyXP Professional has a group policy.
IP SupportXP Home has no support for the IP sectionXP Professional will support the IP section.
Offline filesXP Home does not hold the offline filesXP Professional can support offline files.
EncryptionXP Home does not have EFSXP Professional has an encrypting file system.
File sharingXP Home can not enable SFS.XP Professional has the feature of simple file sharing.

What is XP Home?

The Windows XP Home Edition is an operating system for x-36 based personal computers. It has a streamlined interface that gives better performance in personal computers.

The XP Home comes with integrated CD/ROM playback features. It has a restriction to download only in one system, and you need to buy extra licenses for more computers.

It is a worthy upgrade for personal home use computers. The home edition can not have multiple logins, and it needs heavy requirements.

Microsoft is the manufacturer with box pack as license and shrinkwrap as license category.

The system requirements are 233mhz min processer speed, 64 MB min RAM size,1.5 GB min hard drive space, and additional requirements od CD/ROM. The operating has the same features in Windows GUI.

It gives stable speed in networking and provides a better experience for home use.

The Home edition did not allow to access multiple systems at a time. It is a disadvantage for Home edition users. The XP Home edition can not have a backup option by default.

You need to install it additional after bought it. It does not have basic security features for professional work. It is suitable only for personal use. Unlike Pro, it does not have a remote desktop to switch between systems.

What is XP Professional?

The XP Professional is a combination of XP Home with numerous features. The XP Pro allows users for remote desktop.

If your computer has a stable internet connection, you can connect to any windows desktop through the internet.

The domain membership is the next-level feature provided by the XP Pro edition. The domain support helps you to connect to the administrator.

The XP pro has a group policy that can connect and work as a team in the organization. The PRo has administrative shares folders that offer to share folders across the computers.

The Pro didn’t allow the employees to access all the types of folders which helps to prevent the deletion of essential files.

The remote installation service(RIS) in Pro edition can install the software directly from the internet without visiting physically.

The XP Professional edition has the feature to acknowledge the high processor chips, and it exploits them. The offline files are available in the XP Pro edition.

You can edit and work in the offline files. The roaming profile feature in the XP Pro can make to login other desktops through the internet.

You can use other desktop-like yours without opening your own. The group and local policies are connected to various network domains by the internet.

Main Differences Between XP Home and XP Professional

  1. XP Home can’t access domain support, and XP Professional has domain membership.
  2. XP Home has no group policy, and XP Professional has a group policy.
  3. XP Home has no support for the IP section, and XP Professional will support the IP section.
  4. XP Home does not hold offline files, and XP Professional can support offline files.
  5. XP Home does not have EFS, and XP Professional has an encrypting file system.
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