Youtube Shorts vs Youtube Stories: Difference and Comparison

Short recordings are effective video platforms that offer a scope of capacities and a mind-boggling method for interfacing with the users.

YouTube thought of its variant of short-type content called YouTube Shorts and Youtube stories. This choice came after the accomplishment of such content on stages like Instagram.

Key Takeaways

  1. YouTube Shorts are short, vertical videos lasting up to 60 seconds, while YouTube Stories are collections of short clips that disappear after 24 hours.
  2. YouTube Shorts are designed for quick, easily consumable content and can be discovered through the Shorts shelf on the YouTube app, while Stories are accessible from a creator’s channel page and subscription feed.
  3. YouTube Shorts can gain wider exposure and engagement through the Shorts algorithm, while Stories primarily aim to update and engage a creator’s existing audience.

YouTube Shorts Vs YouTube Stories

YouTube Shorts is a short-form vertical video format, while YouTube Stories is a horizontal video format.YouTube Shorts can be up to 60 seconds, while YouTube Stories can be up to 15 seconds.YouTube Shorts allows users to add effects, while YouTube Stories allows text, stickers, and filters.

YouTube Shorts Vs YouTube Stories

Youtube Shorts is a new youtube addition similar to Instagram reels. They are vertical short video media and permit an assortment of elements.


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The well-known highlights comprise melodic overlays, application-based video recordings to draw in and communicate with the crowd, and video fragments.

They help to grab the attention of expected individuals and gain more support from the people.

Youtube Stories are brief recordings accessible on the youtube application. It can be posted and seen on the top of your feed for the people following you.

It is additionally accessible in different areas such as the watch page and your landing page. Supporters get to know you personally and truly.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonYoutube Shorts Youtube Stories 
Duration of the videos Permits you to deliver and plan as long as 60 seconds recordings.You can create and fragment 15 seconds recordings or photographs with Stories.
How long does it last?It does not vanish and remains in the feed.The youtube stories last 7 days.
Who can use these features?It can be accessed and used by every YouTuber-Big and Small. 
Youtube stories are restricted to makers with 10,000 supporters.
Possibility to earn money There are potential outcomes of getting monetary aid with shorts.There’s no likelihood to bring in money on youtube stories.
Searchability You can navigate shorts on your feed and watch page.You can not navigate and explore stories through the search bar. 

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube declared a brief video design called YouTube shorts in 2020. It is an element like the generally existing video designs on TikTok and Instagram.

In its first beta testing stage, it showed praiseworthy advancement across the stage.

It was completely sent off worldwide in late June in the year 2021 in more than 100 nations. The short-video design started to draw in and urge more people to use and be a segment of YouTube.

It has now progressed into a medium to permit people to utilize their cell phones in a positive direction and publish high-quality videos.

It is not difficult to make youtube shorts recordings with the youtube application. All you want to do is to tap on the ‘In addition to-Plus’ symbol situated in the navigation pane in the center. 

  • The camera screen will open which you can use to record your recordings.
  • You can likewise transfer any pre-made recordings on the stage.
  • Change the video speed, set a clock, and transfer the video with intelligent channels or stickers, if necessary.
  • Add tunes or voice notes as backdrop sounds.
  • Add the text.

These basic trails are all you require to upload your shorts to the YouTube platform effectively and see its effects. 

youtube shorts

What are YouTube Stories?

YouTube announced Stories as YouTube Reels to their platform. The name was refined to YouTube Stories as it was known to individuals and users are more familiar with calling it Stories than YouTube reels.

It is unchallenging, permits you to offer important information share data on the way. Your crowd feels associated with you through youtube stories.

You can share anything with your followers informally and gather their attention. The comments moderation in youtube stories follows the same set of algorithms as the comments moderation on youtube videos. 

The YouTube stories are a restricted element for some YouTubers. Makers with minimum required subscribers can approach and utilize this feature.

This limitation represents the distinction between Instagram stories and youtube stories as youtube centers around what it prioritizes for its platform.

The essential benefits of youtube stories it to advance channels, refine their engagement with the people and build a powerful community.

YouTube stories are an effort to allow youtube creators to connect with their audience without heading to other social media platforms that may include Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

It is an attempt to keep the youtube community in one place without parting towards other platforms. 

Main Differences Between Youtube Shorts and Youtube Stories 

  1. Youtube Shorts target a wide range of people and are not confined to subscribers only. Youtube Stories targets the existing subscribers and focuses to interact with them. 
  2. Youtube Shorts is currently at the Beta level in a lot of countries. It can be retrieved and added by everybody to the platform. Youtube stories, on the other hand, are available to everybody on the platform.
  3. Youtube shorts are provided to gather the attention of new people and require high-quality videos with musical overlays. Youtube stories can be personal without the requirements like in youtube shorts.
  4. The comments on the youtube Shorts never vanish and remain until the end of time. The comments on youtube stories stay for 7 days and an additional 30 days on the Youtube Studio.
  5. You can check the performance of youtube shorts in the Video Analytics section. You can check the performance of youtube stories from the stories themselves.
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