Difference Between ZipPay and PayPal (With Table)

As technology is advancing day by day, everything is done digitally and online. It has many benefits, and the person doesn’t need to have a physical presence. In the case of payments, one doesn’t need to have debit or credit cards, and they can use net banking and many other options available.

To make the payments easier, PayPal and ZipPay are multinational companies that have started to let the customer do the transactions with ease. They both do the same work, but they have different benefits and offers.

ZipPay vs PayPal

The difference between ZipPay and PayPal is that ZipPay doesn’t charge any extra fees for their services to use but Paypal charges. Paypal is more popular and widely used all over the world due to its best services and flexible use. They are more secure, fast, and easy to use. Zippay provides a flexible payment schedule and also pays your business on the day of sale.

Zippay is a multinational company that helps in easing the process of payments and transactions by letting them do online without the need for a card. They have pros and cons. Zippay allows customers to have their payments schedule and are easily integrated with the checkout. Also, it comes with the choice of choosing the credit limits according to the needs.

Paypal is the faster, secure, and easy option that is most popular for online payment. Without revealing the details, they allow us to make payments and accept money digitally. They are in the top 10 K sites in the entire world. They have many coverage areas and are located in more than 158 countries.

Comparison Table Between ZipPay and PayPal

Parameters of ComparisonZipPayPayPal
DefinitionAn e-commerce service providing company that lets us do payments and any types of transaction online but interest-free.Just as ZipPay, it is also used to do online transactions but charge money.
UsageIt is not that widely used like Paypal is used.It has got leads over many websites categories such as games, technology, electronics, etc.
CoverageIt has not got lead in coverage areas in many countries.It is well based in more than 158 countries which includes Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, etc.
HeadquarterThe headquarter of ZipPay is in New South Wales, Australia.The headquarter of PayPal is in San Jose, California, United States.
Fee or extra chargesThey are free of cost and don’t have any extra or hidden charges.They are not free to use and charges fees for their usage of services.

What is ZipPay?

Established in 2013, Zippay is headquartered in New South Wales, Australia. Buy now and pay later with Zippay. They are a multinational company that provides the same services as PayPal, of doing online transactions securely and free of cost. They are not popular as PayPal and do not even have coverage areas. They are behind PayPal when it comes to market share segments.

Apart from this, they don’t have any leads on the websites in different categories. Along with this, there is no lead in any of the major countries. But, Zippay is seeing recent growth and is expanding. They have various pros such as choosing a flexible payment schedule, free to use, great repaying options. It doesn’t charge any interest for the customers, but they have some penalty amount after 21 days for not paying minimum money.

What is PayPal?

Headquartered in San Jose, California, PayPal was established in 1998 and is the international company for providing eCommerce services of making online payments securely. Without the hassle of converting the currency, they are widely used across the world, expanding in more than 203 global markets.

You just need to signup, which is totally free, download the app also, and start sending and receiving the money. They are helping in paying recurring bills and subscriptions in a simpler way, and it gives a faster service. Keeping the financial details secure, Paypal is used to do speed checkouts at any store. Along with this, they provide extra security and fraud protection for your payments. The extra fees are cut only when you pay for businesses and not for sending money to family and friends.

Main Differences Between ZipPay and PayPal

  1. ZipPay was founded in 2013 and headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, whereas PayPal was found in 1998 and has its headquarters in San Jose, California.
  2. ZipPay is free to use and doesn’t charge any extra fees, whereas PayPal charges extra fees for the usage of its services.
  3. ZipPay is not a leading company and is not so widely used everywhere in the world, whereas PayPal is used widely and is the top and popular company known for its services.
  4. ZipPay has fewer coverage areas and is available in only a few countries whereas PayPal is widely used and have their location in more than 158 countries.
  5. ZipPay has no lead over top websites used in different categories, whereas PayPal is used by leading top websites of different categories such as Games, Electronics, Technology, etc.


These both above multinational companies are the easy and fastest way of online transactions and payment. These both have made the online process very flexible, and now people don’t have to wait anymore. They can make payments online anywhere and anytime they want.

Though these companies have made it easier, they also come with disadvantages such as extra costs. PayPal charges extra fees for their usage, whereas ZipPay is free of cost. Paypal is a more popular and leading company than Zippay and is more widely used.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages that can be seen above, and thus you have got to know which has more benefit to use. Before choosing, take certain factors into consideration like the costs, the benefits, the offers, etc., and they will help to make better decisions.


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