Difference Between Zit and Pimple

There are various dermatological and skin problems that people are facing nowadays. Zits and pimples are two such problems that require the right type of treatment. There are several treatments available that include Ayurveda as well as Allopathy.


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Zit vs Pimple

The difference between Zit and Pimple is that zit affects any age group, including teenagers, whereas pimple is a dermatological problem that affects adolescents. When Zits get damaged forcefully, then pus may affect the side areas as well, whereas when a pimple gets damaged, then pus doesn’t need to be formed.

Zit vs Pimple

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Zit is a dermatological disease that affects the forehead and the chin. It is more prominent in males and can affect an individual of any age group.

The main reasons for this condition are taking excessive stress, using local cosmetics, and unnecessary intake of fatty food.

Pimple is constant inflammation of the pilosebaceous tissues that result in scars and redness. It is very prominent among adolescents.

It is a reason why many youngsters face embarrassment and excessive teasing by their peers. Pilosebaceous tissues get blocked due to increased sebum production.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZitPimple
Age groupEvery person of any age group is prone to the influence of zits.Pimples generally affect teenagers and adolescents during their growth stage.
MeaningZits are caused due to the clogging of melanin and oil glands in the skin.Pimples are caused due to the blockage in the pilosebaceous units.
CausesZits occur as a result of intaking fatty foods, use of local cosmetics, excessive stress, and hormonal imbalances.Pimples develop as a result of mixing of shedding skin with sebum thus creating a convenient environment for various bacterias.
Formation of pusIn the event of zits being damaged, pus may come out thus affecting the adjacent parts as well.Forceful damage of pimples does not always lead to the formation of pus.
Pain The development of a zit may cause excessive pain.Generally, pimples do not always cause pain.
AppearanceZits are basically raised and pus-filled.Pimples are raised and red pustule.

What is Zit?

Zit is basically a dermatological disease that is common among men of all age groups. It only affects the chin and the forehead. It results in a raised bump with pus-filled in it.

It occurs as a result of blockage of the Sebaceous and Melanin glands. Some people consider zits as another form of pimples, but there is no clear-cut evidence that both are the same.

The main causes for Zit infections are:-

  • If a person takes excessive stress, then he is more prone to zits.
  • It also develops as a result of intaking food very rich in fats.
  • Hereditary causes are also one of the major factors giving rise to zits.
  • Hormonal changes during puberty can also give rise to zits.

These are ways we can prevent the development of zits:-

  • One needs to prevent the use of soap and use doctors recommended face cleanser.
  • An individual can also apply a yoghurt face mask so as to prevent zits.
  • People having oily skin must not use oily moisturizers.
  • Another way can be increasing the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants.

A person who zits must not take any sort of stress and pressure of embarrassment. Instead of curing the disease, it will give rise to more zits. A person having the problem of zits must lookout for a doctor.


What is Pimple?

Pimple refers to a pustule that develops due to the clogging of the sebaceous glands. The major reasons for the clogging of sebaceous glands are:-

  • Excessive formation of sebum.
  • Clogging of pores, thus giving rise to the rapid growth of bacterias.
  • The enormous development of dead skin cells is due to increased cell turnover.

Pimples generally arise on the parts of the face, neck, and shoulder. One must not try poking and breaking off the pimple as then it will take even more time to heal.

Pimples mainly develop at the time of puberty due to a large number of hormonal and chemical changes in the body.

Pimples are likely to affect comparatively more females than males. Almost all adolescents face the problem of pimples in their growing days.

Although pimples are not very dangerous, an individual affected with a large number of pimples must consult a doctor as pimples may have psychological pressure on a person as he may be concerned about social interactions.

The ways of treating pimples are:-

  • Avoid using local creams and cosmetics.
  • An individual must maintain good self-hygiene.
  • A person must avoid bursting and touching pimples.
  • Washing the face constantly and keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated.

Main Differences Between Zit and Pimple

  1. Zit is a common dermatological condition that develops as a result of an obstruction of the Sebaceous and Melanin glands, whereas pimples develop due to the clogging of sebaceous glands due to their own secretions.
  2. Zits are common among people of every group-age whereas pimples are found in adolescents.
  3. Zits are more common in males, whereas pimples are more common in females.
  4. Zits can be highly painful, while pimples are very rarely found to be painful.
  5. Zits can arise at any place on the body, whereas pimples are found on the face, neck, and back of the shoulders.
  6. Zits are treated with steroids, face cleansers, and oil-free moisturizers, whereas pimples are treated with chemicals like salicylic acids.
Difference Between Zit and Pimple
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